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Group Description

This Group Pool is for anyone interested in the Peregrine Falcons living and breeding at Derby Cathedral in England, and who wants to share their photos or screen shots they've captured from our four cameras, or from around Derby Cathedral. We may then incorporate some in our Peregrine Project Blog.

Follow these instructions if you're not sure How to capture webcam screenshots on how PC and post them to Flickr.

Screenshot: Unless a member has cropped out the date and time from a webcam screenshot, this information can be found on the narrow black bar above each image.

Please read and agree to the Group Rules rules before joining and posting pictures, screenshots or comments.

The Derby Cathedral Peregrine Project is jointly run by Derbyshire Wildlife Trust, Derby Cathedral and Derby City Council's Museums Service. Because of the way peregrine falcons feed, please be aware that some images appearing in ths pool may be a little gruesome in nature.

Our homepage is at:
Our three webcams are at:
Our blog is at:

Disclaimer: The nature of Flickr means that neither the Project Team nor their partner organisations can control or be held responsible for the images or any remarks that may be posted here, or on individual's own photostream. Use of this pool is subject to the group rules. Non-related images or comments may be removed.

Apart from this Flickr group and our blog, there are currently no other internet sites run by staff involved with the Peregrine Project. However there are peregrine information pages on the three partner websites at: Derby Cathedral, Derbyshire Wildlife Trust, Derby City Council.

Group Rules

This Group Pool is controlled by the Derby Cathedral Peregrine Project - a partnership between Derby Cathedral, Derbyshire Wildlife Trust and Derby City Council.

In joining this Group you agree to the following Rules:

You will only add photos and comments directly relating to Derby Cathedral, England, and its peregrine falcons.

You will only add photos for which you hold the copyright or our webcam screen grabs, which are free for anyone to use, irrespective of how you set your own image rights.

You may, of course, save and post webcam screen-shots (but please try to caption them with date, time or a brief description which others may find helpful.)

You agree not to add images or leave comments that others might find offensive or inappropriate to the topic of peregrine falcons and their environment around Derby Cathedral and you agree to delete any offensive or inappropriate comments that others might leave on the images you have posted to this Group Pool.

You agree not to post photos of individual or small groups of children in the vicinity of Derby Cathedral (e.g. having fun using Watchpoint telescopes) unless you have obtained the permission of their parent or carer.

You are willing for the Derby Cathedral Peregrine Project Team or partners to add, embed or link your pictures to their website, blog or similar. (We will give credit to any picture we use in this way)

You accept that the Project Team and its partners can’t control how other people use images posted on Flickr. Out of fairness we ask anyone wanting to use an image to seek permission from the copyright owner and to give full credit to the photographer or to the Derby Cathedral Peregrine Project, as appropriate. Just help yourself to webcam screenshots, though!

You accept that inappropriate postings may result in blocking or banning from the Group.

These Group Rules may be revised from time to time by the Project Team, such revisions being effective upon posting on the Group site. Your continued use of the site will be your acceptance of the revised Group Rules.

Additional Info

  • This group will count toward the photo's limit (60 for Pro members, 30 for free members)
  • Members can post 20 things to the pool each day.
  • Accepted content types: Photos, Images, Art, Screenshots
  • Accepted safety levels: Safe, Moderate
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