Mecortolon N [deleted] 7:34am, 27 April 2009
I will be spending a lazy holiday-ish week in Denmark in few days. I hope to be able to spend most of the time wandering around with camera. I will be based in Hornbaek, north of Copenhagen, I plan to visit the capitol and other places on the island.

Is there anything specific about Danish streets that I should know regarding to photography, other than general "street photo rules"? Any taboos, things I should/should not do? Has the "photo-terrorist-paranoia" taken over there, like, sadly, in some other places?

kind regards from Krakow, Poland
Lyvemaskine PRO Posted 8 years ago. Edited by Lyvemaskine (admin) 8 years ago
Hi Mecortolon
Just follow general street photo rules, and you should be golden. Especially when you're a tourist people won't mind you taking their picture. Perhaps you will get a lot of puzzled looks but the general attitude towards street photography is very relaxed. People may not be crazy about being photographed, but they recognize your right to take pictures in public.
So don't worry and shoot away.
I hope that you'll have a great stay in Denmark and I'm looking forward to seeing your photographic take on the Danish Streets.

Mecortolon N [deleted] Posted 8 years ago. Edited by Mecortolon N (member) 8 years ago
Thanks, K.
Really looking forward to this trip.
One more question if I may: are there any specific restrictions regarding photography in certain places (in some countries there are various (and pointless) restrictions about train stations, shopping centres, government buildings, police units etc.)
Denmark seems to be relaxed enough not to bother restricting photography of shop windows, but it's always better to ask than get harassed by overzealous and bored security :)

Lyvemaskine PRO 8 years ago
Hi Tomasz
I don't think you're allowed to take pictures in the metro, but I have done it lots of times and have never been asked to stop.

I don't know about shopping centres etc. but just play the tourist card, if anybody asks you why you are photographing.

As long as you don't look creepy and have a friendly look about you I can't imagine anyone being bothered with your photography.

Only once did someone take offence to me taking his picture but I just deleted the shot and we parted on friendly terms (I'm pretty sure he was a gang banger, so that's why he didn't wan't his picture taken).

The general attitude towards photography is very relaxed so just shoot away :-)
Shoot first, ask later:-)
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