job_earth 6:37am, 14 October 2008
a story to share…

I had a wonderful chat with mama today. She replied to me with regards to the letter I sent her about telling me stories on how I was raised as an unborn child.

At first, she remembers that she wondered why her fertility cycle was delayed then she realized that she was pregnant. She got worried because she was dancing in the beach without knowing she was carrying a baby in her womb. Mama told my dad that she was pregnant and dad hoped that the unborn child would be a boy.

I was raised normaly in my mother’s womb and she ate many vegetables and fruits to stay healthy and also for the unborn infant to feed on nutritious foods. She said that she craved for foods too that the father would hopefully give these. Mama cared for me carefully as an unbron infant for many months in her womb.

She mentioned that her delivery to me, as other deliveries for my siblings, truly required courage to offer one’s life. Because for pregnant women delivering a baby could also affect their life. But mama did not really wish if the child would be a boy or a girl, for as long as the child would be born normal and healthy. That is why she was very careful with her health in caring for an unborn infant. When she delivered me into this life, it took many hours but she was glad for visitors who came to give her comfort and welcomed the new-born baby.

Mama said that I was a very happy baby – always smiling and laughing - always obedient to eat the foods required. Mama breastfed me for many months because she believes that it is a must for a baby to grow healthily. She also advises the fathers to protect the mothers during pregnancy as to protect the baby and the health of the mother – with respect and chastity. And that as a baby that I enjoyed sleeping soundly with much affection from loved ones.

Mama advises that pregnant women must watch carefully what they eat – to eat lots of fruits and vegetables. And that they must watch their steps wherever they go and whatever they do – so as to care for the unborn children in their womb. And also mama advises that if pregnant women work, that the health of the unborn child must be given utmost importance.

Grandma advised mama to care for the unborn child and also to ask for the support of the father. That the home be filled with peaceful silence to keep the baby comfortable. There were times when fresh fruits and vegetables were blended to feed me when I was a baby – instead of using artificial baby foods.

Mama advised that even in a society that usually allow fathers not to partake in childrearing for the unborn infants and babies – but mama recommends that fathers would rather know how to care for the babies as to help mothers. Though she felt hurt when in any instance if the father disliked to care for a needy infant – like cleansing the baby and sleepless nights in nurturing a crying helpless infant - but hopefully that fathers would care for babies as an expression of love in the marriage and also in the family, so that the baby would have equal love for the father. Mama said that hopefully for married couples, that the father would rejoice happily to hear the good news for the mother to be pregnant.

Mama believes that love means sacrifice and caring. And that she had seen the heartfelt meaning of love in caring for a baby – as well as caring for an unborn infant in her womb. Mama mentioned that when gradma was pregnant to her during war, grandma went somewhere safe to protect the life of the unborn. Grandma was then a hero – for protecting the life of the unborn infant – who was my mother.

When she mentioned that as much as childlike love is complete dependence upon one’s parents like the unborn, babies, and children – but childlikeness is important for everyone especially for grown-ups to listen to the good advice of parents with regards to family life.

Mama thanked God for the blessings of children and that everything went well everytime she got pregnant and also in caring for all the babies that she brought into this life.

I was very touched to have this personal talk with mama. And I believe that I just received a beautiful gift today - of how life must indeed be protected and nurtured through the example of a loving person in my life…who is my mama. Mama thank you because you saved and protected my life when I was a helpless unborn infant! And that of my siblings also! I love you!

truly Mother's Love helps bring peace and order for an equal voice amongst the people!

Love, “the little one”

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