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Ρanayotis ADMIN August 15, 2016
Before adding your photo to the pool, you must vote on all the pics in the pool, and keep voting until your photo is removed from the pool. No need to tag the votes, just keep the numbering in the comments correct :-)

Group Description


SPOM #42 Winner:
Bad Company-
Bad Company by @kopi

IF YOU ARE NEW TO THIS GROUP- PLEASE READ THESE RULES! Or we'll call you a roguish crook-pated puttock!


Copy & Paste the official DeleteMe! tag / footer with your votes :

-voted as "deleteme" (from the <a href="">DeleteMe!</a> group)

-voted as "saveme" (from the <a href="">DeleteMe!</a> group)

OR you may use these bookmarklets / voting scripts : Compatible with flickr's current layout from j / f / photos

(Old scripts : Aprevit and romanedirisinghe)

WHAT IT'S ALL ABOUT----------------------------------------------------------------------------
On flickr we are all nice and sweet... always with a tender word for a flickrbuddy...


It's time to be nasty, mean, selfish and arrogant, time to dare to say what we think .. and nobody can complain because all DeleteMe! members accept the rules of this GAME.

We only accept incredible pictures, amazing, astonishing, just dare to submit your photos and see how we appreciate them OR how quick we remove them from the group (for new flickrists, your pictures are not removed from the site, only from this group).

Please feel free to join.

Losers : Show your battle scars in the U got me! thread. (Or slink off and stay forgotten)
Winners : Check them out in The Safe

THE SAFE - the official Delete Me! pic keeper - View this group's photos on Flickriver
HOW TO PLAY-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
1 photo per day (24 hours)
-You must vote on *all* of the photos in the pool before submitting one of your own.
-A vote is a comment AND a tag. Comments without tags DO NOT COUNT, neither do tags without comments.
-You may not remove a vote comment or a tag while your photo is in the pool for ANY reason.
-You may not block any other member of the group from commenting on your photos.
-Please do not post your photo to this group at the same time you have it in any other voting group. It makes the votes and tags confusing.
-You may not use the "Replace Photo" feature once a photo is in the pool. You must keep the same version of the photo in until it has reached its 10 savemes or deletemes.
-Please DO NOT "fix" other people's tags. If there are tags missing then those votes do not count. Members MAY fix tags on their own photos, but if they do they must add ALL missing tags, not just the savemes. Admins may fix tags.
-Adding notes is permitted, but the poster may remove them during voting. Notes with images are not allowed.
- call out cheaters in the unfair play thread
- What to do once you win
- Any questions, check the FASQ (Before you start a stupid thread, please check this to see if the subject was not treated already)
- Any group advertisements will probably be deleted.
- The Gods reserve the right to remove any pic, thread, or member they see fit. Most noteable examples: sunset bombs, dog bombs, trolls, fake accounts, double accounts, "look at me" threads, and sometimes just stupid stuff at random. New members with very few photos may be removed. You need to have pics to play.

And most important: don't get offended. It's just a game !

Join the D e l e t e M e ! Photophlow room.

AND if you're still lost after all that extra reading, or have a DeleteMe! related problem, then flickrmail the following admin only:

view profile

Group Rules

Warning: The group’s mission is to find amazing photos and collect them in The Safe, but also to have an opportunity to say what we really think about photos, instead of heaping glowing praise upon them like all of the other groups. DeleteMe! was NOT designed as a critique group, nor as a forum for exposure to a wider audience, though these may be unintended side effects of participation.


1) Vote on all of the photos currently in the pool before submitting a photo of your own.
You must vote on *all* photos that are currently available before posting your own. Failure to comply will result in, at best, "no vote" autodeletes from all other members, and at worst, removal from the pool.

2) Your votes must include A COMMENT.
A comment is text typed into the comment box. IT MUST include text to inform everyone that your comment is a DeleteMe! vote. You are encouraged to always use our official comment footer, on the group's front page, with your votes.

Read more about commenting in the etiquette section.

3) Tagging is no longer required.

4) If you accumulate 10 deleteme votes, you lose. <<- you must remove your photo from the pool!

If you accumulate 10 saveme votes, you win.
If you think you have won, you must wait for an admin or moderator to validate the votes and add the “savedbythedeletemegroup” tag. DO NOT remove your photo from the DeleteMe pool and add it to the safe yourself! DO NOT remove your photo and assume that a psychic admin will then somehow find it! Leave it in the pool and be patient. Your fearless leaders DO, occasionally, have lives outside of Flickr, and we will get to you when we can.

5) You may not delete comments or tags from your photo while it is in the pool.
You may get rude comments. You may get raunchy comments. You may be shocked and appalled, but such are the risks of participation. If you get a comment you feel you really must delete, you must also delete your photo from the pool. The comments are required for your fearless leaders to validate voting. Notes, however, may be deleted if you wish.

6) You may post only one photo per 24 hour period.
The timing is measured from when you add the photo. If you added a photo at 8 AM today, and it gets deleted at 10 PM today, you may add another photo at 8 AM tomorrow (assuming you have also followed #1 and 2).

7) You may not use the “replace photo” feature once a photo is in the pool.
For example, if a voter points out that your photo is crooked, you may not replace it with a straightened version until voting is finished.

8) You may not block any DeleteMe member.
We don’t care if they are mean. We don’t care if you have a restraining order against them. If you are blocking any DeleteMe members, you must remove the blocks while your photo is in the pool. If you do not, we will kick you out or ban you. No excuses will be accepted.

9) No DeleteMe outside of DeleteMe.
This means do not add mean-spirited remarks or deleteme tags to any photo that is not currently in the deleteme pool. Such behavior is for trolls and sore losers, and could get you banned. Also, while voting, restrict your comment to the photo that is in the pool – don’t put down a member’s entire set or photostream.

If you observe a violation of the rules, report it in the Unfair Play thread.


Presented in alphabetical index format for your searching pleasure. Most of these guidelines relate to voting standards that have been established by the group over time.

Cats and other boring subjects
If you post a photo of a cat, sunset, or flower macro, it has to be amazingly wonderful to get saved. So your cat is cute. Yippee for you. There are only a million other cute cat photos on Flickr. We are looking for unique photos. This is what we mean when five of us delete your photo with the abrupt comment, “cat. deleteme.”

To a lesser extent, the same goes for dogs, children, photos of tourist attractions, etc.

Though DeleteMe involves voting, it is not a complete democracy. As your gods, we make a concerted effort to be fair and benevolent at all times, but we must occasionally make decisions to remove offensive material and spam from discussion threads, remove members who are repeatedly breaking the rules (scroll down to bottom of page for ejections & bannings), or refuse photos entry to The Safe when our experience indicates that such would be the will of the group. If you have a personal problem with an admin or moderator, please discuss it directly with the person involved.

Comment Quality (or lack thereof)
If you receive a comment on your submission that is rude or unhelpful, know that this is normal. Though members often leave meaningful critique, they are not required to do so. Members are encouraged to be witty or put some sort of thought into their comments, however, even if this thought leads to a scathingly sarcastic put-down of your dear old grandma.

Particularly clever comments may be recognized here.

If you leave a comment that simply reads “deleteme” or “saveme” with no explanation, other members will likely complain that you are lame and retaliate in kind.

Deleting Comments and Tags
After removing the photo from the pool, most players leave the deleteme comments on their photo and clean up the tags (example: leave “deleteme10” and “saveme4” while deleting deleteme-deleteme9 and saveme-saveme3). However, you are free to do whatever you like. Of course, while your photo is in the pool, you may not delete any comments or tags.

Discussion Threads
Starting new threads to ask questions that have already been answered elsewhere is a great way to piss people off. Before starting a new thread, do a discussion search to ensure the topic has not already been discussed. Asking the same questions over and over is a waste of everyone’s time, including your own!

Randomly bumping old discussion threads is another great way to piss people off, and this one can even get you banned. This behavior is disruptive to members who are trying to participate in current discussion threads.

Starting new threads to promote groups outside of DM may be viewed as spamming. Please check with the admins first to see if it's okay to do so.

DeleteMe hates frames, which are unnecessary at best and distracting at worst. If you put a frame on your photo, be advised that you will most likely receive several deleteme votes by default. Consider using a link to On Black instead. This is also a great way to display your photo in a larger size.

HDR and other postprocessing
In general, the group is biased against heavy postprocessing gimmicks such as HDR. If you must indulge in these methods, use them tastefully, or be forewarned that we won’t be very tasteful when deleting your entry.

Large Size
A large size photo is not required by the rules. However, if you post only a small size, members will likely assume you have something to hide. Being unable to prove the photo is of high quality, they will vote deleteme by default. If you’re concerned about theft, you can always disable viewing of the large size later.

If you don’t know how to enable viewing of a larger size, see Flickr Help.

Other Groups
Do not enter your photo in other contest, comment, or GIF groups at the same time as DeleteMe. This behavior makes it difficult to validate votes and also makes you look like a shameless attention whore. Just don’t do it. Egregious offenders may be removed by the admins at their discretion. NOTE : Your photo will be removed from the pool. If you'd like to resubmit it, you should then remove it from all other voting groups immediately. If the admod is satisfied, you may resubmit it to the pool.

Rebuttals and Retaliations
Though many times, voters may be interested in what your intentions were when taking or posting a photo, many other times a rebuttal from you is not needed. If you consistently insult people or discount their remarks, they won’t want to leave meaningful comments on your photos again.

If you retaliate for a deleteme vote by posting the same vote on someone else’s photo, you’ll look like a sore loser. If you retaliate by making a nasty comment on a photo that’s not in the pool, you can get yourself banned. Just take your comments like a man, even if you are actually a woman. (Or dog.)

If you want to resubmit a photo after making some changes, it’s a good idea to post a completely new copy to avoid confusion. If you use the “replace photo” feature instead, you must remove all deleteme and saveme tags and ensure that you wait at least one day after replacing to add the photo to the group.

Signatures obscure your photo and distract viewers from your composition. (See also “frames.”)

Soft Voting
If you complain that something is wrong with a photo, such as a crooked horizon, bad crop, etc., yet proceed to vote saveme, you will be mocked mercilessly in the Soft Voting thread. Group standards are that you vote saveme only on photos that cannot be improved upon in any way.

U Got Me(h) Thread
If you want people to be able to see your photo after you’ve lost, post it to the U Got Me thread (in small size).

Ejections & Bannings : Every so often the group encounters socially retarded misfits bent on destruction.

Trolls and fake accounts will be banned. (If you want to keep your friendly troll around for friendly purposes, let us know).

"Proper" accounts may get banned. If we want to make you cry, we'll ban you - you were already bitter and twisted before you came here.

The gods will use their amazing powers of discretion to decide whether the banned are merely human after all. Except for the trolls, you're welcome to a chance at forgiveness by pleading your case via flickrmail. You get 1 shot only IF allowed back in -life's too short!

We may kick you if you're really annoying and/or disrespectful; if you break any unwritten rules. Sometimes without warning! You're always free to return after you've done some soul searching.

If you have any questions about this information, please click here to search our discussions and see if your question has already been addressed. If it has not, post to this thread.
Historically, this group was started up by Vodkamax.

Additional Info

  • This group will count toward the photo's limit (60 for Pro members, 30 for free members)
  • Members can post 1 thing to the pool.
  • Accepted content types: Photos, Images
  • Accepted safety levels: Safe, Moderate
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