Savannah, GA

[¯Ô¯] Andy C PRO 2:59am, 5 March 2009
I'm leaving for Savannah tomorrow and being invited to this group gave me the perfect idea on how to spend my free time there...

My question. What cemetery would be best to visit in the Savannah area if you only had time for one? This is assuming that anyone here has even visited cemeteries in Savannah, GA.

Bonaventure Cemetery‎ looks interesting.

Dollymae Dagger 9 years ago
Dude, Bonaventure is cool... however, I just recently discovered another cool cemetery. I forget if the name is Catholic Cemetery, or something else. Laurel Grove is also a very close competitor of Boneventure.
Go to, and you can get the exact addresses of these cemeteries.
For examples, you may check out my collection called "Graveyard Central." Plenty of Savannah stuff there.... or just do a seach of my photostream, using the tag Savannah.
Have fun!
johnmartine63 [deleted] Posted 9 years ago. Edited by johnmartine63 (member) 9 years ago
I was there for the AGS Convention in 2002. Wonderful City! I would really love to visit again. Ya know, I loved Bonaventure, but I was REALLY charmed by Laurel Grove. There are some great monuments there and the large number of girl scouts was only a mild annoyance.

Bring water, Bring mosquito repellent... I was seriously attacked, I imagine they are there all the year, waiting for me to return.....

Bonaventure has daily tours now.

check out the shop for the Corine Paddle Fan... oh, it is so creepy!
Dollymae Dagger 9 years ago
I did not know that they have a shop... thanks for the info.
Can you believe on of the security guards booted me off of a cemetery bench. I was sitting down to load a camera. I thought that dead people put benches near their graves, so people could come & hang out? They are very uptight in Bonaventure, so people use caution there......
Laurel Grove, not so. But be prepared to enter the projects. I always took my mastiff with me for protection.
Summer Grace1986 9 years ago
Savannah, GA was where the Garden of Good and Evil was set. The statue on the cover of that book used to be in Bonventure cemetery, they removed it after the book came out for fear the statue might get damaged with so many visitors and possible vandalism. The book also mentions Bonaventure Cemetery, and has a quote about it being peaceful. It's a good book to read if you visit Savannah, and are interested in cemeteries.

I've never been to Savannah, but my aunt was married there last year on Tybee Island, she is a big fan of the book, so went there to get married, although she's from MN. I defintely hope to see Savannah one day when I'm out of college and have the money to travel. Right now, I am a very good armchair traveler.
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