Burnt Pixel PRO 3:29am, 2 May 2005
The Washington Post Magazine is launching a new feature for D.C. area photographers. It will be called 'Blog City - Seeing Ourselves Through the Lens of Washington's Photobloggers.'

Anyone in the metro D.C. area who regularly posts photos to their own photoblog or flickr site is welcome to submit photos for consideration. You can send in 3 photos per month and they should be at least 300 dpi and 8x10 inches in size. You should also include a brief description for each photo submitted. We also require that you send us the URL for you photoblog or flickr site. While you won't receive any fee if you photo is selected, we will publish your work along with the URL of your site.

A couple of words of caution; since both your photo and your site's URL will be appearing in the Washington Post Magazine, we will be screening for 'family friendly' content. Also, if you photograph people in public places, you don't have to get their permission for us to publish their picture; however, when it comes to submitting photographs of children, only do so when you know you have the parent's consent. We won't be able to publish the photo without that.

Email your submissions to - blogcity@washpost.com.
Thanks and Happy Photoblogging!

Keith W. Jenkins
Photography Editor
The Washington Post Magazine
Eric_Petersen PRO 12 years ago
This is great. thanks for the update and good news. When will this start?
Burnt Pixel PRO 12 years ago
The intro to the column will be published in a couple of weeks.
dcJohn 12 years ago
Congratulations on getting the green light for this at the Post! I'll certainly be submitting stuff, and I'm really looking forward to opening the paper some day and seeing photos by flickr friends.
justindc PRO 12 years ago
I may have to subscribe to the Post just to make sure I don't miss any of the Magazines! I can't wait to see some of these photos in the paper.
excellent news.


too bad my computer went belly up this weekend.
Eric_Petersen PRO 12 years ago
so will the photos that we sent already are ok for now? Or should we send you new photos?
Burnt Pixel PRO 12 years ago
If you have already sent in photos, consider your clock re-started...you can send in 3 more for the month of May!
aqui-ali PRO 12 years ago
Quick question: why only the DC area?
yakusha 12 years ago
Awesome. I assume that you want JPGs, not TIFFs, even for printing purposes?

aqui-ali: Probably because it's the Washington Post Magazine...?
Well, as far as I know, the Post is distributed widely throughout the US and beyond. Much in the same way The New York Times is not only about New York...

Having said that, I don't mean to come across as critcial. I just wondered what the objective of the aforementioned project was, especially since many photos will probably be generic in nature, in terms of specific location?

Unless of course the objective is to clearly depict the DC area by showing neighbourhoods, people, monuments etc?

And what about out-of towners who take great shots of DC on a visit? Would those be apt?
TomasG 12 years ago
I used to be a long time college student in DC and I have a bunch of pics of DC. But since I am not in DC anymore, I suppose I can't submit anything.
Personally, I'm really glad to see the focus on local photoblogs and images. The Post may be read nationally, but it's still our local paper, and I think this is going to be a great new "hook" into the DC community.

If folks in other areas think this is a good idea, then why not talk with your local paper about following suit or finding other creative ways to accept and feature images by local photographers.
Burnt Pixel PRO 12 years ago
dcJohn has hit the nail on the head. Even though many people view The Post as a national paper, our mandate is very much local; its just that 'our' local includes the federal government!

This new section,then, is really designed to give people in our local community a vehicle for sharing their online art with their neighbors.
aqui-ali PRO 12 years ago
gotcha. just wondering. *hums back to work* ;)
stevegoldenberg.com 12 years ago
Keith - do you want the full size pics emailed to you or can we send you the URLs of the full-sizers from a flickr account?
Burnt Pixel PRO 12 years ago

It would be best to email the jpg to the blogcity@washpost.com address.
lounytoon 12 years ago
Just an FYI, I checked with the WP concerning reprints. The Sunday Magazine edition is $10, and the others are $8...so it may be time to map the nearest locations of your favorite WP retailers!
Burnt Pixel PRO 12 years ago
It's Alive!

Blog City makes its debut in this weekend's Washington Post Magazine!

Take a look!
very interesting :)
does annapolis count as local, or no since we are--well, another state?
Burnt Pixel PRO 12 years ago
Annapolis IS local, as are most points in MD south of Baltimore. Send us some images!
hot_tea 12 years ago
this is wonderful!
stevegoldenberg.com 12 years ago
Keith, will the Post Magazine be running this feature every week or only intermittently?
Eric_Petersen PRO 12 years ago
I've seen it the last 2 weeks, so I'm guessing weekly.
kimprobable 12 years ago
i was out of town this last weekend.. any posts/links to the Mem weekend section? couldn't seem to find anything.
Burnt Pixel PRO 12 years ago
Sorry for the delay in responding, I'm on vacation.

The feature will be weekly - one picture per week in the front of the magazine. That will only change if we have space issues which result in us not running a front of the book feature from time to time.

As for the web site - they are not the most reliable when it comes to posting Magazine content and they just lost their lead multimedia photo editor to The New York Times...so it may be a bit sketchy for a while. Guess you'll just have to buy the paper!

I'll try to give a heads up on my flickr page of the next week's pic.
Eric_Petersen PRO 12 years ago
So I hear your looking for a web based multimedia photo editor.

I know just the guy.
Burnt Pixel PRO 12 years ago
hey there,
So far 'Blog City' is a big hit both in and outside the Post. Keep submitting great images!
Nice job Washington Post! I didn't realize how popular our photos are.

Burnt Pixel or any one else, I have a question. Can I photograph public buildings without permission? I took some photos of the Arlington County government buildings and police station. Or should I just ask an officer for permission? I'm a bit hesitant about photographing government buildings.

I have some photos in my Arlington Courthouse set.

I have a related question: Does the Washington Metropolitain Transit Authority have any rules about tourists photograping buses, trains or stations? I sent Metro an email but the didn't write back.
we sold 7 flick'rite photographs in 2 days..
looks like the tamarind flick'r is a hit within the community..


for more info..

im also in the process
of gettin a flick'rite gallery
started in georgetown
and in adams morgan..
i'll have more info soon.
dcJohn 12 years ago
BP/Keith: Yay! Glad to hear that Blog City has become so popular. It deserves the success. :)

StarionWolf: you might want to check out this handout on Photographers' Rights.

It's also important to remember that just because you have the right to photograph something doesn't mean that police/security won't question or give you some amount of grief about it.

One nice thing about digital is that you can quickly show security your photos so that they can get comfortable you are shooting for aesthetics and not nefarious purposes. Alternatively, you can simply refuse to tolerate being questioned and hassled when you are not breaking any laws.

You can photograph in the metro. You will get hassled if you spend much time doing it. Like a great many places in DC, using a tripod isn't allowed.
StarionWolf - fyi: Two days ago I was told by a worker to stop photographing in the Metro. I was shooting the trains coming in at Farragut North. This is the first time in a month of shooting Metro pictures that I was told this, so I'm not sure how true it is. She told me that no one can shoot in the Metro since 911. She wasn't security.

Btw, I had only gotten two shots off before she stopped me - less than a minute.

Anyway - I'm not going to let it stop me, since I'm not sure about her information. I've shot the tracks at Union Station for almost an hour with workers all around me - and no problem. But then again, maybe they just didn't care.
designmonkey 12 years ago
Sweet, can't wait to see this!
Rory PRO 12 years ago
I've been taking photos on the Metro for ages without any problems. There's no set policy against it, but they can hassle you as much as they want. Hopefully they won't toss around any formal ban ideas like New York or San Francisco.
Werewolf Puppy PRO 12 years ago
Thanks for the replies everyone. I just wanted to clarify what Burnt Pixel mentioned in his first post. I don't have a tripod.

I'll keep looking for something worthy in my photostream to send to the Washington Post.

Burnt Pixel PRO 12 years ago
Keep those images coming!
As for Metro, interestingly, if you are a 'tourist' you can photograph but workers and security do have the right to ask you to stop - per 9-11 terrorism concerns.
If you are a 'professional' you have to get a permit (or permission) to shoot on Metro property; this was true prior to 9-11 as well.
scottkdc 12 years ago
I love the blog pics in the Post, and finding them nudged me toward flickr, which I'm grateful for. But am I the only person wondering why the Washington Post isn't paying photogs for this work? There's something not quite right about that...
Eric_Petersen PRO 12 years ago
Oh and where has it been these past few weeks???
lounytoon 12 years ago
I asked Keith about that, he said that sometimes during the summer, the magazine abstains from running a few features to save money.

The column is still alive, just taking a temporary "vacation".
Eric_Petersen PRO 12 years ago
Woo-hoo. I just saw it again.
Driven 12 years ago
scottkdc, imho, the Post IS paying the photographers. Sometimes exposure is more valuable than dollars.
scottkdc 12 years ago
Well, I'm a former freelance writer and a current magazine editor, and I don't think it's copacetic. Of course, it's a free country, and photogs and writers are allowed to make whatever arrangements they want, but the more people give away their work, the less creative talent is valued. My mag, National Parks, pays photogs well and we're pubbed by a nonprofit. The Post should do better. They pay $100 for "Life is Short. Autobiography as Haiku," for crying out loud. Just my two cents. :)
Well, I was happy to have been featured in the first issue, and I think that holding out a piece because there is no payment would have been foolish. It felt good to see my work in a big local publication, and several people whom I know saw the image (and some of them have since purchased prints from me). I got a big boost of visits to my website outside of flickr, and made sales. So for me it was a win-win situation.

I sell some stock through wire image and alamy, and while it is nice to get a check, I never see the images in print. I also shoot for the magazine I work for (Educational Leadership), and it is great to have been able to build up a portfolio of published work, but most of the “kids in the classroom” shots are rather meaningless to me. The blog city feature allowed me to showcase a personal work that was more important to me. I’m thankful to have been included and hope to be included again. To have passed on that opportunity over a measly $100 would have been foolish. And as it is, I’ve made far more than that from the exposure the blog city opportunity provided.

I get where you are coming from about payment for creative work. But the blog city feature is not a commissioned shoot, nor is it stock imagery used to illustrate an editorial piece. No one here is putting a pro photographer out of a job. It is simply an opportunity for local artists to get some exposure and recognition for something they love. Thanks again to Keith for putting this whole thing together.
randomspaces 12 years ago
Thanks for your comments and voice of reason, kunja and driven. It's definitely win-win if your photos get attention through exposure that costs you nothing (as opposed to the cost of printing your own promo postcards!)

I also shoot for my magazine (American School Board Journal -- your competitor!) and am always looking for new sources of images. We certainly pay professionals and have paid some amatures who we commission on-site shoots from. But it's also nice to barter.

I recently ran a spot about Flickr's day in the life group and got several nice images to choose from by putting a query on the group's thread.


It was a personal pitch to my editor and I had no budget.

Hey, if some of you don't like what the Post is doing, then don't submit your photos. There's room in the world for all kinds of relationships between photographers and publishers. You can always change your CC license to reflect this.
work2snap 12 years ago
I posted this in the Va group but got no responses...thought I re-post here and hope for some feedback.
Anyone know if the folks at Blog City let you know if they are going to use one of your images in the paper...I send them a good number if photos and never get any response at all..I watch careully what is posted..
Anybody have any thoughts on this...
Eric_Petersen PRO 12 years ago
yeah, they will contact you. They did for my shot as well as someone else I know.
birdcage 12 years ago
Yeah, they contacted me as well-- it's supposed to be in either this coming weekend or the following.
work2snap 12 years ago
Many thanks and congrats to you both...
This is a great group!!
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