HardieBoys 12:01pm, 3 November 2011
Just recently came across this blog on Darlinghurst, by a local writer who goes under the pen name of 'Violet Tingle'. The blog covers not only Darlinghurst, but also nearby locales. Have a read!

lindsaybridge PRO 5 years ago
"Razorhurst, Gunhurst, Bottlehurst, Dopehurst -- it used to be Darlinghurst, one of the finest quarters of a rich and beautiful city; today it is a plague spot." The 'Truth' 23 Sep 1928.

"In the 1920's the Darlinghurst area was home to thieves, prostitutes, cocaine merchants, sly groggers and murderers.
Slygrog and cocaine were lucrative rackets, especially for those at the top - Kate Leigh and brothel keeper Tilly Devine led the most vicious gangs that dominated 'Razorhurst'.
The straight razor became the favoured weapon of gangsters after the Pistol License Act was introduced in 1929.
This new law dealt an automatic prison sentence to anyone carrying an unlicensed had gun."
--Justice and Police Museum.
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