HardieBoys 11:35am, 12 April 2010
Hi there,

I'm trying to document every building in Darlinghurst. I think it's obvious that the local council has little interest in Darlinghurst and it's built environment, so I've decided to try to undertake a documentary project over the next few months.

Please help me if you can, especially if you have information about the various houses and apartment blocks!

lindsaybridge PRO 8 years ago
I think that's a great project, I have shot many,and am imaging color film negatives from abt 1980 thru to digial camera era. But I've never made it a project and concentrated on Darlinghurst 'Heights'. The face of Darlinghurst is changing and will change, as the State Govt realises how close this is to the city centre. Wikipedia has some information, but not enough. All the best in your endevours.
HardieBoys 8 years ago
Thanks. I've done a couple of documentary photography projects over the past few years, but none recently. I think that a comprehensive survey of Darlinghurst (or any of Sydney's other suburbs) as a 'snapshot in time' will be interesting to look back on in 10 or 20 years.
dunedoo PRO 8 years ago
A very noble project, considering how fast things can change. It is very important to record how it is now before its lost forever.

Another flickr member (can't remember who) has done a photo essay of King St, Newtown, where he has photographed every single building along the full length of King St. He did it at various times of the day as all shots have the sun on the buildings.

All the best in your project and I'll do my part in helping you reach your goal.
HardieBoys 8 years ago
Hey there!

I should've checked back earlier. I'm going to work on a few streets at a time, starting with Darley St (it's short), then Liverpool St.

lindsaybridge PRO 8 years ago
Big changes next year with rebuilding on the Forbes/Bourke Street site of 8 stories, gated 'Dominion' apartments, demollition starting October 2010..
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