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CLOSED MadThemes October 7th through October 13th: Neon

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Mark Sadowski is a group administrator Mark Sadowski says:

This week's
dane101 flickr MadThemes Theme of the Week is Neon.

It's one of the noble gases, seen mostly at night, and offers an eye catching glow. Neon. Though neon is really only in the reddish-orange lights shining at night, neon has come to encompass the entire gamut of electric signs. Las Vegas used to be the city of lights, with neon signs lining the streets. Now, it's hard to walk a block in any city without seeing it.

Neon colors were all the rage in the '90s. Hot pink hypercolor, hot green t-shirt lettering, neon orange poker visors. It's more than that noble gas with the atomic number of 10.

Lenny Bruce said, “Miami Beach is where neon goes to die.” Show him where neon forever thrives...
6:18PM, 7 October 2006 PST (permalink)

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Dustin J. Williston says:

Great theme.





Corner Neon



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www.toddklassy.com says:

Capitol Motel

Old Truckers Never Die...

Crystal Corner Illumination

Neon Illusions
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thechrisproject says:

Neon Co-op sign
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Pose says:


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Daniella M. Echeverria says:

zomz!! err.. i mean... neon....
look at this with the top of your head
facing ------------------------->

zomz! errr. i mean... neon...
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