bradley pinkerton 3:38pm, 14 March 2010
Read it here: HERE
Download it here HERE

Thanks to everyone who have been adding their photos to the group. Any suggestions for Issue three?
charlie chocolate 8 years ago
wow - brilliant - I love it! This one seems more consistent in its feel than the first one and works just that bit better IMHO. Its the kind of thing that would work well as an exhibition too I think
inetjoker PRO 8 years ago
Just wonderful
Rodrigo Piedra 8 years ago
wiiii :D
Ben_Lepley +_+ PRO 6 years ago
▲ J e n i e c e ▲ 5 years ago
When will the 3rd ever come out?
Ben_Lepley +_+ PRO 5 years ago
issue three?
dust, grain, and gradients perhaps?
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