bradley pinkerton 11:25am, 12 January 2010
any ideas?
inetjoker PRO 9 years ago
ice cold snow? bells trains tracks?
MichaellBarry 9 years ago
manmade things.
Rodrigo Piedra 9 years ago
the end of the winter
charlie chocolate 9 years ago
Carlyscottphotography 9 years ago
BRAD BROK PRO 9 years ago
well. how about the insanely boring roadtrip?
inetjoker PRO 9 years ago
Statues are people too.
bradley pinkerton 9 years ago
hmmm i like the identities and road trip idea. identities of a road trip?
Carlyscottphotography 8 years ago
identites i think more people could do and interesting, but road trip i think is quite exciting. I probably havnt helped ha ha.

Great theme, open to interpretation and experimentation!

When will issue 2 be out?
bradley pinkerton 8 years ago
i'm trying to find a a copy of InDesign cs4.. when i can get a copy of that i can make it. i have however been collecting the images. do you know of any sites where i can get it from?
bradley pinkerton 8 years ago
just got my indesign working, so the issue will be out in the next three days. !!
appelsin-piken 8 years ago
Cool :) I downloaded the first issue today, was really awesome :)
FRANCESCO•PALU' 8 years ago
Groups Beta