macro shooter 8:07pm, 30 August 2006
People commonly confuse dragonflies and damselflies, here are a few easy ways to tell them apart.

One of the distinguishing features of damselflies is that they stow there wings vertically, while dragonflies stow their wings horizontally.

Another difference between the damsels and dragons is their eyes.
The eyes of a damselfly are both approximatly half-spheres, while the eyes of a dragonfly are more elliptical. Also notice that the head of the damselfly is wide with the eyes separated by a large distance, while the dragonflies head is more spherical.

The abdomen (tail end) of damselflies also tends to be thinner compared to the dragonflies abdomen.

Finally, dragonflies tend to be quite abit larger than damselfies.

This is a damselfly
Orange Damselfly 2

This is a dragonfly

If anyone has any other ways of distinguishing between the two please share them below.
Walwyn PRO 12 years ago
The base of the hindwings and forewings is the same in Damselflies (Zygoptera). Whereas the base of the hindwing is much broader than that of the forewing in dragonflies (Anisoptera).
AlexYoung 12 years ago
Good work.
This has cleared up any confusion.
Janice LeBlanc 12 years ago
Thanks for this information. I really appreciate it!
w.eras PRO 10 years ago
Thanks for the explanation!
sonia furtado 9 years ago
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