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Hadyn (Daily Post Picture Desk) ADMIN April 29, 2015
Hi Everyone,
Welcome to the Daily Post North Wales Group. We look forward to seeing all your pictures and select a picture each day that is used on Page 8 (a monthly web gallery at dailypost.co.uk also features the images.). I also put together special themed pages, showing off a wider variety of images, as well as an end of year spread in December. Thanks to all group members for joining in and I look forward to seeing your future photographs.
Best Wishes, Hadyn.

Group Description


Welcome to the Flickr Group of the Daily Post, North Wales.

Our aim here is to celebrate the culture, people, and natural beauty of North Wales, in a forum that will compliment our newspaper and website: www.dailypost.co.uk

Anyone can become a member of the DP Flickr group - whether you’re an amateur or professional photographer, living here or just visiting - we’d love to see your pictures!

We will showcase the work and talent of Flickr group members each day in the paper, in special themed pages and in monthly galleries on dailypost.co.uk.

We guarantee we’ll never profit from your photos. If we print your picture we’ll let you know - usually via a discussion thread in this group, or by Flickrmail.

Every picture that is published in the newspaper will have a credit - ideally with your real name, rather than your Flickr handle, if that‘s OK with you.

When you post a photo please include a short title (above the picture, as usual with all Flickr uploads).

Also please feel free to add a short caption - no more than 150 words please - in the description space below the photo. (You could simply state where the picture was taken, or expand and say why you like the capture - or why that day, or place, was so memorable - or even write about what technique you used to get a particular effect - it’s really up to you, so long as it‘s not offensive!

One potential problem we anticipate is the size of images when downloaded - we need a certain size file to get a high enough quality to publish in the paper, but there are restrictions on the size of file non-pro Flickr members can use.

To get around this, if we choose your picture for publication and it’s too small then we’ll be in touch, and ask you to email us a bigger file if that’s OK - one of our admins will send you a FlickrMail or I’ll email you from my personal email: hadyniball@dailypost.co.uk

Thanks, and look forward to hearing from you.


Head of Images, Daily Post

Group Rules

I will only post photographs taken in North Wales.

I agree that any of my photographs uploaded to this group may be reproduced in the Daily Post.

I understand that the Daily Post will not profit from the reproduction of my images.

I will not post offensive images to this group.

Additional Info

  • Members can post 3 things to the pool each day.
  • Accepted content types: Photos, Videos, Images, Art, Screenshots
  • Accepted safety levels: Safe, Moderate
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