bztraining PRO 5:13am, 30 March 2015
Up on the table? Just outside the door? On the other side of the fence? Show us you and your dog's interpretation of "So Close and Yet…"
bztraining PRO 3 years ago
So Close
houndstooth4 PRO 3 years ago
Hand Over The Treats And Nobody Gets Hurt
Beth in NorCal PRO 3 years ago
Easter Bunnies??
Beyond the Dog Dish PRO 3 years ago
Stop and Smell the Flowers
Laurie2123 PRO 3 years ago
ODC Something New-20150401Maggie1-Edit
Come a little bit closer & I can kiss...
Hugo by Happily Home from Holidays :)
KB RRR PRO 3 years ago
Out of Reach
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