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2829. "Spoiled" Today is National Spoil Your Dog Day! Show us how your dog is spoiled.

Challenge open until August 17


  • STICKY  2835. 8/17 "My Favorite Thing"

    Raindrops on roses? Probably not, so show us you and your dog's interpretation o...

    bztraining87 minutes ago0 replies

  • STICKY  Explored

    If you don't know about flickr's "Explore", you can find a pretty good definitio...

    bztraining2 weeks ago136 replies

  • STICKY  NEW: For Extra Credit...

    We try to choose topics that “work” for those shooting indoors or out, with ...

    bztraining19 months ago1 replies

  • STICKY  Introduce yourselves

    Want to say, "Hi"? Here's the place!

    bztraining25 months ago73 replies

  • STICKY  Questions/Discussion

    Got a question? Got a comment? Put them here! Link(s) to Helpful Tips in our ...

    bztraining33 months ago61 replies

  • STICKY  >>> Current Challenges

    2379. "Ripples" Fur? Muscles? Water? Fabric? Show us you and your dog's interpre...

    bztraining63 months ago1 replies

  • 2834. 8/16 "Things are looking up"

    Interpret as you will! With the weekend on the horizon, show us you and your dog...

    bztraining26 hours ago0 replies

  • 2833. 8/15 "It's Too..."

    ... hot? cold? wet? blurry? As we sit here and roast under a heat wave, show us ...

    bztraining2 days ago1 replies

  • 2831. 8/12 "Cozy"

    Snug, comfortable, warm... Show us you and your dog's interpretation of "Cozy"!

    bztraining2 days ago2 replies

  • 2831. 8/13 "Left"

    Left pawed? Left side? Left out? Other? In honor of "Left Hander's Day" (Aug 13)...

    bztraining3 days ago1 replies

  • 2832. 8/14 "In The Distance"

    I can almost see Friday from here... What can you and your dog see in the distan...

    bztraining3 days ago0 replies

  • 2828. 8/9 "Perspective"

    Think about how your perspective affects your photo of your dog today when you t...

    houndstooth44 days ago2 replies

  • 2827. 8/8 "Intentional Blur"

    Take a photo of your dog using intentional blur today and show us what you get! ...

    houndstooth44 days ago2 replies

  • 2830. 8/11 "Motion"

    Motion blur? The background in "motion" while the subject looks frozen? Other? S...

    bztraining4 days ago1 replies

  • 2829. 8/10 "Spoiled"

    Today is National Spoil Your Dog Day! Show us how your dog is spoiled.

    houndstooth45 days ago3 replies

  • 2825. 8/6 "Droplets"

    What kind of droplets can you capture with your dog in a photo today?

    houndstooth47 days ago1 replies

  • 2826. 8/7 "Negative Space"

    Use negative space to draw our attention to your dog today!

    houndstooth47 days ago2 replies

  • 2823. 8/4 "Enjoy The Season"

    What is something your dog can only do or enjoy this time of year? Show us in a...

    houndstooth48 days ago2 replies

  • 2822. 8/3 "Free"

    You're free to take any photo of your dog that you like today, due to some techn...

    houndstooth42 weeks ago1 replies

  • 2821. 8/1 "Depth"

    Depth of field? Depth of a puddle? Depth of emotion? Show us you and your dog's ...

    bztraining2 weeks ago1 replies

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