Melia Estkling PRO 5:38pm, 9 December 2008
We want you to enter a shot you have of your "Festive Dachshund(s)" Whether a single doxie or or a whole pack, show us how you celebrate the winter holidays with your four legged families.

You may enter 1 photo per dachshund (as some of us have more than one dachshund).

** FIRST PLACE and SECOND PLACE in this photo contest will receive their very own spot on the front page of the "Dachshunds on the Move” front page !!

Open to all members who would like to participate!

**If you need help/instructions on how to post a photo in the contest you can email our flickr mails - Melia Estkling and/ or geckoam**

1. Please post all photos in MEDIUM.
2. You must stick to the theme or your picture may be removed.
4. Please post your shots with with a '#' plus the number of your photo in order ie: #1, #2, #3....etc.
6. Only 1 entry per dog (for those who have multiple doxies)

** This contest will be closed on December 28th. Voting will start then.

Thanks! And Good Luck!

~marissa 10 years ago
Luci Claus

#1 - Luci Claus
glimwormpjes 10 years ago
X-Mas Tzikipiki
#2 Tziki the black nose dachshund :)
Carl Carl 10 years ago
Lottie making Christmas
#3 Lottie!
Carl Carl 10 years ago
Lottie making Christmas
#4 Lottie!
pyathia PRO 10 years ago
#5 Anubis & Perl!
Holiday Greeting
FlappinMothra 10 years ago
#6 Bailey & Livvie

Merry Doxmas!
farglow PRO Posted 10 years ago. Edited by farglow (member) 10 years ago
#7 Thanks for the invite! Here is Xmas Django in his elf suit!

Django Elf by farglow
kang_a_ji 10 years ago
Felix the Elf
Felix the Elf
kang_a_ji 10 years ago
Heinz the Saucy Santa
Heinz is Being Saucy
La Fra' Photography 10 years ago
#10 Mila

Merry Christmas!
nicki s 10 years ago
#11 Klaus

Mel(SD) 10 years ago
#12 Brandon -- Thanks for the invite, though I'm sure Brandon would be ashamed to know so many people were seeing this! ahaah
He feels lame
ejorpin PRO Posted 10 years ago. Edited by ejorpin (member) 10 years ago
#13 Ferdi
Xmas mutts
ejorpin PRO 10 years ago
#14 Elfi (& Ferdi). Guess which is the good dog?!!
Xmas mutts

ps. likewise, thanks for the invite!
estejustin Posted 10 years ago. Edited by estejustin (member) 10 years ago
#15: Buddha, the Wet-Nose Reindeer

buddha the wet nose reindeer
glimwormpjes 10 years ago
#16: From left to right -> Tziki, Pytha and Patch my three little girls in their cute little x-mas sweaters :)
Merry X-Mass Everyone!
dog patch critters 10 years ago
#17 Lexi
Lexi's Christmas Collage
dog patch critters 10 years ago
Lucy Elf
Lucy Christmas Elf
Stephanoot 10 years ago
Mimi the mini doxi

It's a Very Doxie Xmas
pandabuddy 10 years ago
#19 Knut in the holiday spirit :)

~marissa 10 years ago
#20 - Luci in all of her holiday glamour.

Robin Bobbyshots 10 years ago
#21 Fudgie waiting for Santa
All pretty for Santa.
Magda of Austin Posted 10 years ago. Edited by Magda of Austin (member) 10 years ago
Fido waiting for Santa
Christmas Fido
Buckeye 10 years ago
Here's Sloopy taking a break from all of Christmas Day's excitement. She's relaxing with her new down comforter, a gift from her Grandma.Sloopy Relaxing on Christmas
Elizabean81 10 years ago
#24 Sophie Kissing Santa Claus

I saw Sophie kissing Santa Claus
cbording Posted 10 years ago. Edited by cbording (member) 10 years ago
#25 Littermates Maggie and Joey on their 8th birthday on December 23rd, they were almost Christmas dachshunds.

Happy Birthday Maggie and Joey
Doxieone PRO 10 years ago
#26 Teddy and Honey

FlappinMothra 10 years ago
#27 Bailey
Thanks Melia Estkling for the invite. Hi Teddy & Honey! ^^
Proper Santa Hat Use
famous test [deleted] 10 years ago
#29 Stella wants her treats

Dogs in the Holiday Spirit Outakes and Extras
Aino.N 10 years ago
#28 He's a little shy..

he's shy
erkillian5 10 years ago
erkillian5 10 years ago
pee man the red horned reindog
erkillian5 10 years ago
what?  Do i look funny or something?
jacko_chris 10 years ago
#33 - Pebbles at Christmas
Pebbles at Christmas by jacko_chris
Toe Wiggler 10 years ago
#34 - great things come in small packages...

Santa's "Small"  Helpers
Cowy Potter 10 years ago
#35 Ygor and his secret identity... jo jo wof
Ygor´s secret identity
Cowy Potter Posted 10 years ago. Edited by Cowy Potter (member) 10 years ago
#36 Ygor
Christmas Doxie
kang_a_ji 10 years ago
My vote:

1- #35
2- #20
3- #25
Melia Estkling PRO 10 years ago
Thank you all. Still a few more hours to go, so post your entries away!
kang_a_ji 10 years ago
Oops sorry (blushing).
I thought voting started on the closing date...
Melia Estkling PRO 10 years ago
Sorry, we will, just allowing for different time zones. No need to apologise. The competition will be closing soon. Thank you again.
Melia Estkling PRO 10 years ago
The contest is now closed. Now it's time to vote for your top 3 picks.

#1 For your first choice- the favorite out of the group.
#2 Second choice
#3 Third choice.

***Voting ends 11th January***
Mistertannerjeff PRO 10 years ago
glimwormpjes 10 years ago
1. #16
2. #2
3. #15
Minshall 10 years ago
1. 21
2. 16
3. 07
Robin Bobbyshots 10 years ago
1. 21 - Fudgie
2. 30 - (reindeer ears and scarf)
3. 12 - Brandon

I loved them all but I had to pick!
InfiniteLOve888 PRO 10 years ago
OMG I love them all!!! so hard too choose:)

#1-3 Lottie
#2-15 Buddha
#3-23 Sloopy
pookietheclown 10 years ago
1. 21-Fudgie
2. 22-Fido
3. 33-Pebbles
skylarzzzz 10 years ago
#1 is #21 Fudgie waiting for Santa
#2 is #11 Klaus
#3 is #22 Fido
Cowy Potter 10 years ago
1. #26
2. #1
3. #18
shutterbug5281 10 years ago
#1- 23--Sloopy
#2- 18--Mimi
#3- 4--Lottie
cbording 10 years ago
Way too impossible to choose!

#1 - 15
#2 - 26
#3 - 9
Buckeye 10 years ago
1 - #3 Lottie
2 -# 23 Sloopy
3 - #24 Sophie
jacko_chris 10 years ago
1 - #3 Lottie
2 - #23 Sloopy
3 - #24 Sophie
redpandasrule 10 years ago
dachshund_lover84 10 years ago
1-#3 Lottie
2-#15 Buddha
3-#26 Teddy and Honey
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