- rick - 5:04am, 24 January 2008
I watched an online seminar from Apple on Aperture and they were touting the fact that you can snap a picture and have it added to your library automatically and displayed on the screen. I got excited until I realized you had to purchase additional software from Nikon that will import the image from your camera to the Mac.

I found some instruction for using Automator to take pictures and then add it to your Aperture library, but I did not like the fact that I had to click the mouse button to take the picture. Well I think I accidentally stumbled onto a solution.

First set up your D80. You will need to change the USB interface from M to PTP (Picture transfer protocol). Its is in the menu settings. Then plug your D80 to the USB port on your Mac.

Next, open the Automator application, its the little robot icon in your application folder. Select "Image Capture" from the list on the left then drag "Take Picture" from the second column to the third column.

Dont bother with the settings, as you are only going to do this once per session.

Click the play button, the D80 should snap a picture and the file will be stored in whatever folder you specified. Or the Picture folder if you did not specify anything.

Here is the interesting thing, after pressing play in Automator, the interface between your camera and your Mac are now open. If you click on the shutter yourself, the picture you take will be imported into the Pictures folder.

Both Adobe Lightroom and Apple Aperture can monitor a folder and import any new images that appear into your library. (You will need a script from Apple, go to the aperture site at apple.com). If you setup Lightroom to monitor the Pictures folder, you have a free tethered solution.

This worked for me on OS 10.4, I have not tried it on Leopard. Just don't quit the Automator application because you will kill the USB interface and will need to start over.
YAY! it works!
thank you so much for this tip!!!!!!
this will save me the money i would have spent on the Nikon software :)
one question, how do you specify a folder beside the Pictures folder?
cMacSutt Posted 9 years ago. Edited by cMacSutt (member) 9 years ago
ok... so how about on a PC?

ive got lightroom....
- rick - 9 years ago
The fact that the pictures end up in the "Pictures" folder is one of the limitations. I suppose you could create some type of "hot" folder action that will move the pictures as soon as they show up. But that requires more apple scripting than I know.
магулло [deleted] 9 years ago
Mendoza, this is a real pleasant tip!
i've got lightroom to look at the pictures folder. so i really dont need to put it in another folder. lightroom grabs them and moves them to the folder i specified.

to get it working on a PC you get a Mac ;)
The Avangelist :: Andy Parker [deleted] 9 years ago
I use Nikon CapturePro, it is pretty good, but with the D80 you can only do it via USB cable rather than wireless which is a bit annoying.

Nikon Capture allows you to dictate which folder you dump files into which means you can set it to go to your main repository if you wanted to.
hoolyproductions [deleted] 9 years ago
That's pretty cool, thanks :)
mariocavazos 9 years ago
GREAT NEWS!!! - - - I can directly tether my camera without this workaround. I'm using Aperture 2 free trial and have updated my D80 firmware to 1.10. I'm not sure what did the tick but I have my USB setting to M/P in D80 and running my Mac on Leopard. To upgrade firmware go to Nikon.com and download it for free. You'll need to create account and give your camera serial number there. Cheers!
greg.newman 9 years ago
I have a list running of what's supported and what's not in Aperture 2.0

I have never updated my firmware, but my D80 works great with it.
photopath PRO Posted 9 years ago. Edited by photopath (member) 9 years ago
On a PC just use the "camera and scanner" wizard when the camera is connected. There'll be a "take a picture" option in the left hand pane in explorer and the shot will imediately down-load to the PC. Same applies about setting the USB mode to PtoP (not Mass Storage)

If you run Capture NX you can set the download folder as a "watched " folder and have NX perform some image processing as soon as it sees the new image
Khanna Photography 9 years ago
I tried with my mac and D80. I was able to do everything only thing I am not able to do is take a picture with camera. I mean this part

"Here is the interesting thing, after pressing play in Automator, the interface between your camera and your Mac are now open. If you click on the shutter yourself, the picture you take will be imported into the Pictures folder."

Is there any special setting. I have to always click on Run button to take a picture.

Raj Kapoor. 9 years ago

The new aperture has a tether feature built-in to the program.

Now, simply switch your D80's USB setting from M to PTP as described above (its in the Setup Menu - the little wrench). Connect the camera and turn it on.

Open Aperture and select a new project. Then go File > Tether > Start New Session. I dialogue box opens where you can specify where the images are saved and apply metadata etc.

Click Start Session and you're done! Press the camera's shutter button to take a picture as you normally would. After you snap a shot, aperture automatically imports the picture to your project and saves it wherever you specified. It couldn't be any easier.
photopath PRO Posted 9 years ago. Edited by photopath (member) 9 years ago
Cool. I wonder if NX will put it back in as a feature to keep up.(Camera Control used to be bundled but is now a full application on it's ownsome)

edit (to make a bit of sense!) not not, now now....
Silver Spot 9 years ago
Camera Control more than doubled in price with version 2.
mausgabe PRO Posted 9 years ago. Edited by mausgabe (member) 9 years ago
Re AppleScript: Search for "Running an automation when a folder is changed" to see some info re actions on a (drop) folder.
Loi-B 8 years ago
Great tip, altough I can't get it to work when I take the picture on the camera (manually that is). Here's what I've done (the functions are loosely translated from Danish, so I hope it makes sense):

1. Create an 'accessory' (I very much doubt that it's called that originally, in English that is);
'Get findersubjects'
'Move findersubjects'
This will move any file that starts with 'DSC' from the folder 'Pictures/Images' to a specified folder automatically.
Saved as 'foldercommands' [alt+cmd+s]

2. Create the App to connect the D80 to the Mac (the App itself);
'Take picture'
'Open picture in Preview'
'Get folder contents'
'Move findersubjects'
This will take the picture on the D80, store the picture in the folder 'Pictures/Images', open it in Preview and move it to a specified folder automatically.

Again, I hope it makes sense - it doesn't seem that the OS have been translated directly to Danish.
The problem is that I can't get any images onto the computer whenever I push the trigger on the D80 (after establishing a connection)
Any way to fix this? I don't have Lightroom or Aperture. I do however have Photoshop CS3 Extended, Picturesque1+2, and of course iPhoto and Preview
paul r. giunta [deleted] 8 years ago
I will try this over the weekend.

DwDiPaolo [deleted] 8 years ago
this is amazing. shooting tethered without the hefty price! thank you!!!
nhuisman 8 years ago
I have to ask the same question as Loi-B, is there anyone out there to do the same thing but when manually pressing the trigger on the D80 or any camera?
HDinCincy 8 years ago
Pardon the noob... I am able to fire the shutter per the instructions above but am wondering if there's a way to preview the image on my iMac screen prior to exposure? Does that require Nikon software like Capture Pro? Thanks
eksilbergenseren PRO 8 years ago
Sorry HDinCincy, you can't. Not with any software. The mirror of the D80 blocks the sensor until you push the trigger, so the sensor cannot see anything, and thus cannot output any preview. On newer cameras, like the D90 and D300 the mirror can be locked up to produce a preview in the cameras LCD. I don't know if it will work tethered though.
Michael Hartwig 8 years ago
Hi, just found this and it works fine with my D80.


You need to download original then run the update checker and let it download and install the update. It wont recognize the D80 until you run the update. There is also something on the site about needing to copy files, which is only necessary if you haven't already installed Capture NX

foraminiferal 7 years ago
I use gphoto2 to shoot with a D80 on a Mac. It's free and open-source. I frequently use it for making time lapse videos.


It's very powerful for controlling your camera. Might not be your style if you're not comfortable with command line software.
Nogliki771 7 years ago
i use Sofortbild on my macbook, it works a treat and is also free... ;)

tdicks2007 7 years ago
I agree with Nogliki771. I just set up Sofortbild on my Macbook Pro - it's a great free program with very full functionalty.

I set it up to export the images to a specific folder on my hard drive, then set up a Smart Collection in my Lightroom 3 catalog to auto import all images from that folder. Works great; I keep Lighroom open, snap away, and have instant large screen feedback within Lightroom.

Give it a try - no need to buy the Capture NX/Pro program or whatever. This is a sweet solution. Thank you, developers at Sofortbild!!!

strvngartst01 7 years ago
Although I believe sofortbild is a great app. You realize this thread is 11 months old already?
tdicks2007 7 years ago
Yep - just found this group and this app. Brand new to this - pointed several other folks in the same situation to the post/group. Didn't mean to be cluttery! Off to other topics now within this great group.
drclearly 1 year ago
Just set up Sofortbild yesterday. Works great (even at this late date.)
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