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Cameron Knowlton PRO 8:29pm, 5 October 2012
It looks like my 2-week old Nikon D600 has oil spots on the sensor, a plague upon early D7000 and now D800 models.

ref the original D7000 thread:

... and the D800 oil thread:

Going back to my earliest shoot (day 2, exposure 107), I can confirm that the spots exist there, too, visible as low as f/8 or higher.

This is not a dust issue, and shuttder cleaning does nothing. There's easily a dozen spots, and no zoom is necessary to see them.

Has anyone else experienced this?

I will not go through the same nightmare that Nikon put their early D7000 users through. I'm going to return the camera, and wait 6-12 months for others to get things fixed.

Too bad, the D600 takes *seriously* great pictures.
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Dream Source Studio PRO 3 years ago
Get it serviced by Nikon. You have a warranty on the camera. Once the problem is taken care of you can enjoy it again. What's the difference whether you wait two weeks for Nikon or 6 to 12 months for them to MAYBE take care of the problem? Sucks about the retailer not taking it back though.
josh3326 Posted 3 years ago. Edited by josh3326 (member) 3 years ago
I took a shot of the sky and I saw 2 objects in my image. Not sure if they are oil drops. They kinda have wings and moved. I will have Nikon take a look at my D600.
 by josh3326
Dream Source Studio PRO 3 years ago
Today I noticed I also have a lot of spots in the upper left-hand corner, just like Nikonpicture. Not sure what it is. I'm hoping it's just dust. I'll wait to have it cleaned for now. Once it gets to the point where I just don't have the time to remove the spots in post, I'll drop it off somewhere to get it cleaned.
MiX000 [deleted] 3 years ago
I have the same problem .. a good thing I have the d800E around as I do not trust the d600 anynore !!!
Eddie Louis (www.edlouis.com) Posted 3 years ago. Edited by Eddie Louis (www.edlouis.com) (member) 3 years ago
I too have the same spots in the upper left hand corner. I think Nikon now has a huge problem seeing as it seems o be a trend.
mjpi PRO 3 years ago
Think I have them too. Had the same problem with the D700 - Nikon could never correct. 5x to be returned and serviced by Nikon, replaced body once and never got it right. Would have thought they would have resolved with new models.
Hawaii Photo's Posted 3 years ago. Edited by Hawaii Photo's (member) 3 years ago
after exchanging my first D600 for this problem (noticeable around 600 shutter activations). My new body (noticeable around 150 actuations now over 400) has so many oil spots, i cannot continue to heal them in photoshop (almost an hour now on 1 photo!). The problem is magnified with any aperture at F8 or down. I just took some long exposures today with apertures of F8 to F16 and there are literally hundreds of spots that i think i am seeing spots everywhere!

To check: you can take a picture at F8 to F22, at a grey card or white background.

and before anyone says, i just need to clean blah blah. I have been taking extra precaution with this body: i.e. to the point of using only 1 lens if I can. or if I have to change lenses, turning camera off, slowly taking lens off, and sliding the body cap on, get new lens, and sliding the body cap off to do a quick lens swap. I have also, vigorously cleaned my lenses after each use, and used a hand blower on the camera. I know the remedy is just to wet clean, but at the risk of voiding any sort of warranty, I'd rather exchange, or get a refund (which i don't think i can get a refund).

For the moment, I have a support ticket into Nikon before I do anything. I have also read up on the the D7000 and D800 threads on this same issue. I believe nikon's remedy will be to send it in for cleaning.
labels_30 3 years ago
This thread is worrying me I have only had my camera for about a week and have about 400 actuations. I sincerely hope it doesn't happen to mine.
Mista Sparkle 3 years ago
I have noticed some spots on mine but they seem to come and go. There was one very large spot that ended up being some dust I just blew away after using the mirror lock up.

~3800 activations to date.
Dream Source Studio PRO 3 years ago
I have to confess that I have been changing my lenses a lot since I got the camera, so I just want to make it clear that it may just be dust, not oil spots. I find it curious that they're all collecting in roughly the same area, but I'm not ready to say it's a defect. Just wish the internal dust removing mechanism did a better job at cleaning them up. It doesn't seem to make a difference at all at this point.
mrik00 PRO 3 years ago
Same problem for me:
Return the body... got a new one, same problem...waiting Nikon answer!
mausgabe PRO Posted 3 years ago. Edited by mausgabe (member) 3 years ago
All FX sensors attract more dust than their DX counterparts. Whether simply due to larger area or greater static charge or we're-trying-every-lens-combo -- fact of life, it seems.

My routine (Visible Dust) for two D700's, and now two D800's.
(NOTE: "x2" = cleaner drops on each side of the swab.)

1) Blower.
2) Brush + blower.
3) Smear Away x2 on one swab + brush + blower.
4) VDust Plus x2 on one swab + brush + blower.
Sensor Cleaning Tools by mausgabe
Dream Source Studio PRO Posted 3 years ago. Edited by Dream Source Studio (member) 3 years ago
Posted in another thread, but wanted to get input wherever I can get it. Anyone know what these are? Ignore shadow at bottom. Taken with 70-200mm VR at f/22 with flash.

Dust? Oil?
JolietDeltaTango-0505 PRO 3 years ago
There's some definite dust spots in there, but that also seems like there's a lot of spots concentrated on one part of the sensor.
Dream Source Studio PRO 3 years ago
Yeah, I'm thinking the irregular-shaped spots are dust, but the round ones have me a bit concerned. I hope it's nothing, but is it common for dust to gather around one part of the sensor? There's a few dozen spots on the other (right) side as well, but they're not as prominent and not as numerous as in the upper left corner.
neo_photo[graphic] 3 years ago
DSS, it seems like you need to get your unit changed, Never quite seen something like that.

From what I see, @NikonPicture you are just having dust issues. Those are not oil spots :)
MiX000 [deleted] 3 years ago
My D600 is back to Nikon Canada for a cleanup , I had it done twice at Lozeau ( Montreal shop ) but I insisted to have it clean at Nikon.
Reading this thread , I would advise anybody to wait and see what is this problem before you buy this model. Quality control is not impressive.
pdpolena PRO 3 years ago
My D7000 had both the back-focus problem and this oil spatter hocus-pocus. I finally sent the camera to Nikon who did a great job of fixing the back-focus and they also cleaned the sensor. The back-focus stayed fixed but within a week or two oil was splattering all over the sensor. I got a sensor cleaning kit, watched some tutorials on the Internet and did the cleaning myself. Eventually the oil dissipates but gimme a break Nikon! I just got my D600 late this afternoon and hope I get lucky but I doubt it.
pdpolena PRO 3 years ago
UPDATE: Just before retiring for the evening I processed a few quick test shots and lo and behold the small aperture "sky test" revealed oil splatter concentrated in the upper left of the image and decreasing moving to the right.

As others have noted the photos seen through any spots are dandy. As for the camera itself I have large palms and coming from a D7000 "oil spitter" the slightly larger D600 and it's nice chunky grip suit me fine. At first I was surprised at it's weight given it's size compared to the D7000 but hefting both one could notice the slight weight difference in advantage of the D600. I'm not a big fan of "brick" cameras that weigh a ton anyway so I'm good with it's weight and being hybrid Titanium/plastic. Besides I'm not one to rough up my cameras even when out in the field shooting animals(!!). The build is at least as good as the D7000 and for me the overall feel and operation is a noticeable improvement over the D7000 so I'll keep it and deal with cleaning up the mechanism myself as I eventually had to with the D7000. I may take the camera to a local shop I know of and have them give it a proper cleaning to my specifications.. My guess is if I sent it to Nikon they'd just give me an oil change!
Hawaii Photo's 3 years ago
update from Nikon Today. Took them four days to respond. but they said "Send it in for cleaning".
Dream Source Studio PRO 3 years ago
@ Lopaka808 - That's what they told me as well. Also took them about three days to respond. They didn't say "send it for a cleaning", they just said "send it in".
benjuliz 3 years ago
This is worrying......cos I'm thinking of getting this camera.......seems like a lot of reports about this oil spots issue.
pdpolena PRO Posted 3 years ago. Edited by pdpolena (member) 3 years ago
Most reviews you'll find on the Internet don't even mention this spotting issue. Frankly I have not seen any spots unless I take a test picture of a white wall with an absurdly small aperture. Of course I didn't buy the camera to take pictures of my blank walls. I've found the camera to be simply outstanding for capturing "normal" images. For those interested in this camera, do yourself a favor and review all the pictures on Flickr thus far taken with this fine instrument and make a decision based on those rather than reports of test shots.
Guillermo Murcia PRO 3 years ago
The review in the link below describes the problem. I also had the spots and exchanged it for a second body. Will have to test again.

Brenda Gallant 1 PRO 3 years ago
Travel Honeys PRO Posted 3 years ago. Edited by Travel Honeys (member) 3 years ago
I have the same issue. Right now I have two spots on any shot over f/5. Camera is only 3 weeks old with 400 shots and I have to send it in to Nikon already? Really? Not happy.

At f8 marked by Travel Honeys

f8 marked by Travel Honeys
benjuliz 3 years ago
I think I'll wait til they solve this issue before getting.....
Just joined the group - had my camera for 10 days and started getting spots- all nice round dots that did not respond to a blower or sensor cleaning. So took it back to the shop- only option was servicing.
So I just got my camera back from Nikon hopefully they removed all the oil.
Before servicing:
Sensor Problems
Will post again after I have taken a few more shots to see if the were able to fix the problem.
T i s d a l e PRO 3 years ago
I have 1,960 shutter activations on my D600 thus far and thus far, no signs of any oil spots. Hopefully this will not be an issue on this camera. I have not had the problem with my D7000 nor with my D700 which I bought new this past June. As regards the 600, the ergonomics are outstanding.....it simply fits like a glove. Picture quality is absolutely fantastic.
ngr07 Posted 3 years ago. Edited by ngr07 (member) 3 years ago
I too have small circular spots, mostly in the upper left corner. Too defined in shape to be dust, I would think. I am going to take my camera to Nikon.
Jingyao Qu 3 years ago
I'm going to pick up my D600 this weekend and this posting really worries me. I've had my D40 (~20000 shots) and D90 (~7000) working for years and never had this kind of problem. I hope it won't happen to me, but seems it's a fairly common problem. Wish me luck~~~
ngr07 3 years ago
Nikon cleaned my camera within 24 hours and showed me the sensor was clean (using loupe) but no comment when I asked how it could have so many spots in such a short time. Hopefully, end of issue!?
outonalymm 3 years ago
Mine had 16 stubborn dust spots after just 2 weeks of use - and mostly at weekends at that.

Nikon were less than helpful just repeatedly telling me that I'd have to return it to them. I offered to take it to my nearest service agent some 40 or so miles away to prove (if it's possible) that it was dust acquired during manufacture - and certainly an unusual amount of dust for such a short period - but no, again they wanted me to post it off to them.

I've therefore had it cleaned by Calumet at my own expense. (I'll have to learn how to clean it myself for the future.)

Nikon's customer service is crap. So disappointing as this is my first Nikon purchase. Compare with Canon who, I'm told, offer the first sensor clean free as part of the purchase.

My local Calumet shop in Manchesster has an open day with a Nikon rep present in 3 or 4 weeks time. I'll be paying him a visit.
josh3326 3 years ago
Easiest way to clean the oil drops off the sensor:

1. open dishwasher
2. Add detergent
3. Put D600 on top shelf (No battery or card). You cannot leave the battery or cards in the camera. They will get ruined in the cycle.
4. Run on normal. Pots and pans mode will destroy camera.
5. After the cycle stops, pull camera from washer and let air dry.
6. Done, now go out and shoot and post the pics to Flickr.

Warning: Washers will not work as they will spin the camera to lots of pieces.

(Don't do this at home) :-)
hacky_baby0704 Posted 3 years ago. Edited by hacky_baby0704 (member) 3 years ago
I was just reading this topic an hour ago. So I tested my Nikon d600 and yes I have too many oil spots and the high left corner.

SoundFocusPhotography PRO 3 years ago
Here is a recent picture I took last night. I colored each spot yellow so you guys could clearly see the splatter pattern. I'm calling Calument and Nikon today.

D600 dust spots
Keith Childs 3 years ago
I have the same problem. The camera is back with Nikon Service in Switzerland.

DSC_0486 by Keith Childs
Robert F. Zysk, Esq. 3 years ago
My first two D600s had the same type of spots on the sensor. Most were in the top left portion. Hopefully my third one that just arrived today is clean.
Seansim68 3 years ago
I was already 10+ days sparring with Nikon's horrible support staff on a eye cap that was missing out of the original package, when I noticed the oil spots as well. That's when my 10 years of Nikon loyalty came to an end. Best-Buy happily exchanged mine for a Canon 5D MK2. Problem solved, no spots! The MK2 may not have some of the whiz bang features of the D600, but it's cheaper, built like an anvil and much easier to adjust without taking your eye away from the finder.
The old adage is true, "Take care of your customers or someone else will!"
Keith Childs 3 years ago
@Nikonpicture: more than coincidence I suspect. Nikon Service tell me average repair wait is two weeks. Great start for a new camera. I have it for two weeks., they have it for two weeks. Apart from that it's a terrific camera.
JamalPotret 3 years ago
i have same problem here...already have once delivered to service center 'Alta Nikindo" in Indonesia for cleaning in one week ...but honestly after 2 days finished cleaned...a spot reappears again..
NIkon D600 oil & dust spot issues by JamalPotret

why nikon did not respond to this issue quickly...?? :(
Fábio Machado 3 years ago
Nikon will never respond to this issue
mausgabe PRO 3 years ago
What, never?! (No, never!) What, never...?! (Well..., hardly ever!)
slimjim340 PRO 3 years ago
Well,I should have listened to the posts concerning oil spotting.I receive my D600 from Amazon .After charging up battery,I took some test shots.I cleaned two Nikon 50's before the test.You know where I'm going with this:SPOTS...What to do. I returned camera to Amazon for a replacement.If next camera has SPOTTING ,I will return it for refund.Now here's the thing.I sold my D7000 to move up to FX...I never had any issues with the 7K.....Very disappointed..
Travel Honeys PRO 3 years ago
Sorry to hear about your new camera. Still waiting to get my D600 back from Nikon Service. I've heard from others that after they got their cameras back from servicing the spotting problem was solved. It's just frustrating to have to send the camera away. I had my camera for 3 weeks and now Nikon Service has had my camera 3 weeks.

I kept my D90, my wife's been using it as her main camera now. And you're right: I never had one problem with that camera in 3 years and over 10,000 shutter activations.
AnotherSaru - Limited mode PRO Posted 3 years ago. Edited by AnotherSaru - Limited mode (member) 3 years ago
I had a lot of spots as well in the upper left and along the right side. Just mailed it into Nikon Yesterday. =(

They started showing up after the first couple hundred shots.

I love the camera just not happy about paying $25.00 to mail it in for a problem it should not have at this point. I hope it comes back soon and this does not persist.
Hawaii Photo's 3 years ago
i got my camera back from nikon service about a week ago (nikon did a B2 service, which looks like they replaced some parts according to the printout i got back and online report). i haven't had time to really take pictures. i am about 400 shots into the "serviced camera" and a few spots are re-appearing in the top left and 1 pronounced spot in right edge middle. this can be seen very softly at f8.

compared to what I had before (hundreds of spots on the left top to left middle areas and concentrated around the right middle). i am ok with this, i guess... :(

I have tried hand blower and some of the spots seemed to go away in the top left. So again, it is dust and what may be either stubborn dust or oil again (may have to take it to my friend to check with his super duper magnification loupe). I am hoping to fire off about a thousand or so shots in the coming weeks to see how bad it might get (fingers crossed).

i am just a little perturbed that Nikon has not come out with any kind of statement that they are at least looking into it.
Keith Childs 3 years ago
There's a petition that's been started over at: www.change.org/petitions/nikon-nikon-d600-dust-on-sensor
Travel Honeys PRO 3 years ago
My Nikon D600 has a new spot on sensor right after returning from Nikon Servicing in NY. This is ridiculous. Guess I'll have to learn how to clean my own sensor.

Spot is visible beginning at f/6.3. These photos are f/8 and f/16.

8 spotted by Travel Honeys

16 spotted by Travel Honeys
JolietDeltaTango-0505 PRO 3 years ago
That one spot could be caused by a piece of dust that got into your camera when you put the lens on it when you got it back from Nikon. In fact that's more likely than Nikon returned it to you with a dust spot.

Did you have your lenses professionally cleaned before you attached them?
Travel Honeys PRO 3 years ago
Ok, thanks for the suggestion.
VisiOkrOniK 3 years ago

Est-il normal que des tâches apparaissent sur les photos, à partir de f8, d'un appareil qui vient d'être déballé ?
Comment se fait-il que le problème semble partagé par un grand nombre d'acquéreurs du D600 ?
Pourquoi les tâches sont-elles le plus souvent concentrées au même endroit, en haut à gauche ?
Attendez peut-être les réponses de Nikon avant de faire l'acquisition de cet appareil, sous peine de déconvenues...

mausgabe PRO Posted 3 years ago. Edited by mausgabe (member) 3 years ago
Déjà discuté: Voyez la réponse de ci-dessus.
drmaccon PRO 3 years ago
Seeking advice (posted on one other nikon thread so apologies if you have seen this, but wanted advice from people with the camera!)

I have been shooting with a D5100 for a while now, and have really loved the camera, but am tempted to move up to something a little more advanced. I love the look of the d600 and the feel of it in my hand, plus would like to get a decent battery grip to help when doing portraits etc, but have to say I'm really put off by all the dust/oil reports.

I tend to shoot portraits, very rarely venturing in to the world of landscape, and usually shoot fairly wide open. I notice that most of these problems happen at f10(ish) and smaller, I was wondering if anyone had similar problems when shooting more wide open- say f5 to f1.4?? Or in portrait work?

I'd love your advice/opinions- it's my 30th at the same time as christmas, so would be a very good excuse for splashing out on the camera, so waiting 6 months for it to settle down isnt really an option.

A.J.A. Lewison PRO 3 years ago

I just replaced my first D600 yesterday, I was actually unaware of what maybe the problem until I spoke with store staff in Henry's Brampton who told me how the sensor was getting dirty. My unit was 6 weeks old and on going back through files showed a problem at 3 days old, I would like to say that the problem is only visible at f8 and smaller but two marks on mine (mid upper frame)were visible depending on background image at f4, and certainly had greater structure at f8. The rest of the splashes (25-30) were spread around the upper right side. Kudos to Henrys who replaced the unit on the spot, the second unit appears to be OK at this point one day old and 100 actuations.

However I did some thinking last night as to what I would do if the second camera showed the same signs of sensor contamination and came to the conclusion that I would keep the camera and have it cleaned as necessary. Having owned a D200 and D300, I was actually enjoying the D600, I put a lot into getting it and had been very happy using it over the last six weeks, yes I had to spot a few pictures to clean them up but it doesnt take long. If I had to replace it what would I chose, a D800 perhaps I have the extra cash but that camera apparently has the same issues too. No for me the D600 has what I wanted, compact easy to handle, great live view, a few buttons that take getting used to, great low light handling, double SD cards, great frame rate, not too expensive to replace in a couple of years when its out of date, may need the extra odd cleaning but that should be done anyway. Go ahead and buy one you won't be disappointed its a great camera and I'm keeping mine.
drmaccon PRO 3 years ago
A.J.A. Lewison:

Thanks- thats a really useful and honest reply. Glad you're loving yours so much! I'm really tempted!! I'll probably decide in the next few days to a week!
slimjim340 PRO 3 years ago
I miss my 600...sent two back....I am now back with my D7000...great camera...but not nearly up to D600....spotting aside.....picture quality outstanding.....I was nervous about going into self cleaning mode..warranty concerns......six months and I may reconsider the D600....best night shooting without tripod...great pics at ISO 4000
pdpolena PRO 3 years ago
After wet swab cleaning the load of contaminants delivered factory fresh from Nikon on the sensor of my new D600 I've only seen one obvious lubricant blotch in the month since then. The images I've obtained are stunningly great and I'm happy as a clam with the camera. Nevertheless today I decided to lodge a complaint with Nikon on their support site (support.nikonusa.com) to ensure that I at least tried to get their attention directly about receiving a DOD (Dust On Delivery) sensor. I urge everyone who experienced this problem including those who decided to clean the sensor and press on using the camera anyway to do the same. If for no reason other than to keep them honest and perhaps encourage them to pay more attention to quality assurance in the future.
b.jopson [deleted] 3 years ago

Here is a crop of the top left corner of an image I took today. Click on the image to see how bad it really is.

I have had the camera since its release and have used the sensor cleaning function regularly. Really bummed out about this.
Travel Honeys PRO 3 years ago

Wow! That's a lot of spots! Can you return it for another one? If it's under warranty you can send it in to Nikon Service for cleaning. Although I still had spotting after it was returned from them three weeks later. Nothing like this though. You could also learn how to clean your own sensor, which is what I've started doing since the camera is INCREDIBLE except for the spotting issue. Here's a good video on cleaning your sensor:


Good luck!
Tania Stott 3 years ago
My D600 had these spots out of the box. I only noticed when I uploaded my images from my Darwin/Singapore holiday. The Warranty in Australia doesn't cover cleaning or maintenance, and Nikon knows this when they're telling people to send it in for cleaning? This is a manufacturing fault and noone should get these spots on images. I will replace once (as only a small percentage should have defects), then get a refund if the second one isn't spotless.
outonalymm 3 years ago
Tania Stott:

That's exactly what I have done. Second camera had same issues, though just may be not quite so bad - so it went back for a full refund.

Current 'wisdom' seems to be that the problem will disappear after 3,000 or 4,000 shots but even if that's true, to an amateur like myself that might represent 4 months. And if it needs professional cleaning once a week (as mine did at a cost of £36 a time) then that would cost approx £500. You could send it back to Nikon for cleaning if they will deal with it under warranty otherwise they will charge you as well.

As much as I loved the D600 Nikon need a strong message so mine went back as I've said. But today I used the money I'd spent when I preordered the D600 to acquire a D800 at £30 less! Hopefully the D800 won't have such issues, having been out a while now, as Nikon's customer care is non-existent.
A.J.A. Lewison PRO 3 years ago
Received my D600 back from Nikon Canada yesterday, they had had it for a week to clean up the sensor and to look at why slot #2 would not retain the card when it was pushed in. This is my second D600 the first went back to the store for exchange because of muck on the sensor, both units had the same pattern of debris affecting the upper left corner of the image. When I checked with Nikon Canada regarding the matter the girl on the counter (luckily they are only about 45 minutes from where I live) stated that because it was a D600 sensor cleaning was to be free for the first year, where as all other units are only free for the first thirty days. This was the closest thing that I got from Nikon which may indicate they were accepting there is a problem with the D600. I was also told that if I indicated it may be oil on the sensor when I bring the camera in they would mark it as such and also clean the mechanisms causing the issue. That was my best day at Nikon!! When I brought the camera in two days later to a different girl on the counter she seemed blank when I told her of the problems and just wrote down clean sensor and fix slot 2 on the slip. That was the best I could get!!
Picked the camera up yesterday and girl #3 equally as blank and some what uncooperative, just handed me the camera in a plastic bag and said just a bit of dust on the sensor, which I disputed (two day old camera) but got no where. Removing the camera from the bag I was extremely disappointed to see the amount of dust and fluff on the camera I dont know where they keep them or how but mine needed a good clean off even within the lens opening in front of the mirror. Fortunately the sensor now appears clean but some how Nikon for me has lost a lot of points on this one and I dont think there will be another one after this.
beabss PRO 3 years ago
Hello. I've been reading up on this quite a bit before and after my purchase. I too, have the same thing - spots, spots and more spots. I was able to get a Nikon rep to exchange my first D600. But within no time, same thing more spots. Nikon service is not very helpful. If it wasn't for my investment in glass, I would have switched to Canon. My solution was to learn how to clean the sensor; much faster than cloning. But I have read alot the all full frame sensors are dust magnets, my friends with their D800 have it too, just not as often.
Guillermo Murcia PRO 3 years ago
Cameron Knowlton:

Good choice to return it and wait for a non-defective product, but I can't agree it takes great pictures if it means countless of spots on an unusable image. You can clean a few spots here and there in post processing but is non-sense to have to go through 100 spots. I had the issue with a first body that I exchanged, and the second body have the same problem. I failed to return the second one on time, and now have to send it to Nikon for repair which fortunately is covered by warranty. However, Nikon won't pay for shipping the camera over to them, which in my opinion is bad customer service. Ultimately, I will technically end up with a refurbished product at a higher cost than a brand new non-defective camera, very disappointed with Nikon. I should have considered the Canon 5dMarkIII even if more expensive.
I've made 400 or so actuations maybe a bit more on my new D600. It is an amazing sensor. Takes phenomenal images at an excellent resolution. However....

It has a disgusting amount of dust spots ringed on upper left of the frame especially when I process an HDR or move up to wide Apertures.


I was so stoked to see the d600 within reach after using a d300s for the last few years. now I am seriously considering moving to Canon. Who the hell puts out a product of this quality aimed towards professional amateurs that haven't tested it.

Nikon is seriously starting to disappoint me and is starting to piss me off frankly. I can identify them to Macintosh Computers regulating just what they think they can get from the consumer and directing the users to NEED more than one body. Shame.

Silly little attitude towards long time loyal customers I tell you.

Anyways back to the crap on sensor issue. maybe they will at least address the issue. I'm returning my d600 as per earlier posts of different users and I will wait until the problem gets dealt with. It's not a cheap camera so put up or piss off Nikon....cause I will be looking for options elsewhere.
Darth Vader Skywalker PRO 3 years ago
I got 2 Nikon d600; the first one out of the box showed oil spots and wastes. Then I returned and got the second one, after a while (150~200 shots) appears the problem again. Always were located in the left top side of the frame. Then I sent the camera to el Segundo, CA.they “cleaned the sensor”, after the camera returned I made about 45~50 shots and the problem re-appears again. After call Nikon, they ask me to send the camera again, but this time I warned them that if the problem appears again. I won’t that camera back, and I will return the camera to the vendor, I was prepared to use a legal process if it was necessary. They took the camera and, according to them, they only clean the sensor.However..the repairs code was B2 (I recall that my d7000 had B2 too, and they change sensor and other parts) now…I’m pretty sure that was more than a sensor cleaning, because I cleaned the sensor myself and the problem stand, however, when I received the camera the second time after the B2 code, I had no more problems at all. I went to Oregon on December and a couple places before that and get no problems of oil or waste. I’m very happy with the camera after all. In the past I had canons cameras, I sold all of them because sensor quality was just crap. Even with all the problems with my Nikon d7000, and the d600, I still prefers these Nikon any day over canon…so jump to canon is a silly solution, I had been there and I don’t want to come back….at the end, even with all the problems, Nikon d600 is an excellent camera for the money, At this point I already made over 5000~5500 shots at least and have no problems after the B2 code.….I have a Sony a77, Nikon d7000, Nikon d600, canon eos 2000 film, and my son has a Nikon d90 that was mine ( I had canon t2i, 60d that I sold a while ago)…so that’s it, hope the info could help somebody…regards
Npasden 3 years ago
I am considering purchasing this camera...any new reports on oil splatter issues? Does anyone know if the problem has been corrected?
Thanks in advance
JolietDeltaTango-0505 PRO 3 years ago
It seems to have been fixed. Otherwise these discussion boards would still be active.
doctorangel PRO 3 years ago
La D600 es una excelente camara.
Pero tiene el serio problema de acumular manchas en el sensor, incluso sin cambiar de objetivo.
Ya ha ido al servicio tecnico dos veces y ahora la llevar otra vez

Some people said that the problem will disappear after 3,000 or 4,000 shots but mine has 9000 shots and has "spots". It has been cleaned twice (Nikon service)

As much as I loved the D600 Nikon need a strong message of customers.
After selling the camera they do not care any more
Panther_Power 3 years ago
Images by John 'K' PRO 3 years ago
Joining this thread late but I feel my experiences might help add some clarity...

I got my D600 in October of last year and used it fairly heavily at the San Francisco Fleet Week air display the week after I got it. Lots of shutter action, and lots of spots resulted. I took the camera back to the dealer where I purchased it and they cleaned the sensor for me. The next month saw me visiting more places with lots of camera use and again lots of spots. I returned to the dealer and they cleaned it again, noting that they thought the spots looked like lubricant splatter. More use in December and more spots - I took the camera back in (early January) and this time they sent it to Nikon.

2 weeks later I got the camera back, and I've not noticed any more spots since (now over a month since I got it back), and my usage pattern hasn't really changed.

I'm hoping that whatever Nikon did when they had it back has resolved the problem.
view[ ¤ ]finder PRO 3 years ago
Anyone know if there's a series of serial numbers more prone to this issue?
robirobirobi 3 years ago
view[ ¤ ]finder:

It depends on where you want to purchase it. Every part of the world has different serial numbers.
frank-in-toronto2010 3 years ago
the answer for all of us is to return it to nikon service, wait, pick it up and test thoroughly. return again most likely. the d600 is a great camera with a serious flaw on some bodies. hopefully, my $2k investment wasn't wasted.
view[ ¤ ]finder PRO 3 years ago
It depends on where you want to purchase it. Every part of the world has different serial numbers.

In fact, I bought one right after that post. Right away, I did some testing and noticed droplets spattered on the top left of the sensor. This is straight out of the box - frame # 1 on the EXIF.

No big deal. I took it in to get cleaned and three days later, Nikon says it won't be ready until next week. They're replacing the shutter mechanism.
robirobirobi 3 years ago
view[ ¤ ]finder:

I bought one as well a bit over a week ago in Japan, was cheaper than here in Singapore. I hope the repair will solve the issue with yours.
Brett Ritzmann PRO 3 years ago

I agree. I have no issues and this camera is awesome! I think some people have this blown way out of proportion.
thesrpspaintshop PRO 3 years ago
I've traded mine in and bought a Fuji X100s. The D600 is a nice camera but its obvious that things should have been done early to catch this problem before it became this bad.
Oh, the X100s isn't a direct replacement for the D600, the X-Pro1 that I have is.
JolietDeltaTango-0505 PRO 3 years ago
Oh, the X100s isn't a direct replacement for the D600, the X-Pro1 that I have is.

As much as I think the D600 has design flaws (the dust issue not even being a factor) the X-Pro1 is in no way a direct replacement for a D600. It may work for YOU, but they are completely different cameras. From body design to sensor format. The D600 can do many things better than the X-Pro1 and for most people's needs an SLR is a way better option.

I was planning on buying the X-Pro1 and I hated it. It is in awkward camera to handle, the focusing is terrible (both AF and Manual). The hybrid viewfinder is good in theory, but is quirky and overly complicated. The menu system is a mess. My camera shop loaned me one for the weekend before I bought it and by the time the weekend was up I was ready to throw that X-Pro at a wall.

I ended up buying a Leica instead. MUCH better than the X-Pro1 and the X-100s.
papa2jaja PRO 3 years ago
I had one spot after 365 exposures, 3 or 4 more after another 150 exposures, and then suddenly a massive onset of dozens of new spots after just 25 or so more exposures. A pattern which in my opinion does not coincide with the excess oil or oil viscosity theories, where, as I would think, the problem should diminish with time.
A.J.A. Lewison PRO 3 years ago
A.J.A. Lewison:

Had the camera back in for a third time, sensor was filthy again with crap that would not come off with normal cleaning. Nikon called after a week to say it was ready, the work order on pick up stated that the shutter had been replaced and the sensor cleaned. Outside of Nikon I took some photos and viewed them on my laptop which I took with me in the car, the sensor still had maks on it looking more like small donuts. I went back into the counter at Nikon with the laptop to show the person on the counter who had just handed me back the camera. She was surprised the sensor still had crap on it. She wrote a second work order (#4) that the sensor was still bad and took copies of the photos, the camera is still there a week later I am still waiting for them to call that it is ready. Its been gone two and a half weeks now.
Benjamin Ballande PRO 2 years ago
Hi everyone, I bought my new D600 last week and after 1800 shots I've noticed multiple dust & oil spots in the corners of the frame ... :/

here are some examples :

f22 : 28 70 afs


upper lef corner crop


upper right corner crop

brichoz 2 years ago
A.J.A. Lewison:

same story for me. What did they finally do? should i send mine in for the 4th time?
schralp 2 years ago
I got frustrated and sold mine (for a substantial loss). Purchased it to replace my D700 but became increasingly frustrated with the mass of dirt/oil in the upper left corner of the frame. It returned shortly after having Nikon clean it and they were giving me the run around about cleaning it a second time. This after only 1200 clicks. I'm keeping the D700 for now. The D600 was my 5th Nikon DSLR and none of the others had this issue. Dust happens but is easy to deal with. This is a serious problem that they are sweeping under the rug. After almost 30 yrs shooting Nikon, I don't think I will be buying from them again after this experience. Customer service should be a lot better for a $2000 body. I only wish I would have noticed it when it had been new enough to return for a refund. Shame on you Nikon; there won't be a chance for shame on me.
dieseldavey63 PRO 2 years ago
What a shame I came so close to getting this camera so I,ll be sticking with my em5 until things get sorted
Mine is about 10 months old, has 46k shots taken, and has a ton of oil and crap on the sensor. I haven't bothered sending it in yet, and I still love it. All things considered, it's strengths outweigh the annoyance of spots. The sensor in this camera is glorious.

Spots are only visible at f8 or smaller, and easy fix in LR or PS. 98% of what I shoot is between f/1.4 and f/4, so it's not an issue in my work.

It's a design flaw for sure, but I think people make a bigger deal of it than has been for me. Maybe if I was shooting covers for National Geographic or a macro photographer I'd be more fussed, but even with about 100 oil spots, it's still very acceptable.
Titanic Images 2 years ago
Bought in June 2013 sent to Nikon Canada twice, they said they would replace the shutter the second time but they did not, only cleaned twice by Nikon, I assume excess oil etc. Discovered I have no more oil spot problems , only a few dust spots after about every 200 shots or so. Now a few quick swipes with the Arctic butterfly and good to go again. I was using the Giotos rocket blower to blow dust off, but now I actually remove the dust from the chamber with the Arctic butterfly, where blowing the dust would just redistribute it back into the chamber. I also bought a 12 pack of Sensor swabs and fluid but have yet to use them since the Arctic butterfly does the job.
DaveHook PRO 2 years ago
My experience: I bought mine in May, and by August the spotting was getting excessive (I tend to use the smaller apertures). I took it back to Nikon Canada. According to the work order they did more than just clean it, they also replaced some parts, so I'm hoping they fixed the shutter mechanism. It seems to be ok now, but it's a little early to tell for sure.

Anyway, there's a guilty third party here that only a few people have mentioned: Camera reviewers. There's no shortage of camera reviews on the web and I'm sure most of us read some of them before deciding to purchase the D600. But I found that the dust/oil issues were reported more through the user forums than the camera reviews. I think the only mention that I found initially was that there "might" be an issue. I have to wonder how much these reviewers are actually testing out these cameras and actually looking at image quality versus just reading and reporting the camera specs provided by the manufacturer. They're supposed to be the ones catching and reporting these quality issues before it gets to the consumer. Otherwise what is the point of having all these reviews out there?

And no, this does not take the blame away from Nikon, but I have to question how many camera reviewers are actually doing their job properly.
Dream Source Studio PRO 2 years ago

This is why I find customer reviews on Amazon.com, B&H and Adorama more reliable than people who write fluff pieces on products. There's a few I trust more than the others, but generally I try to take everything in and average it out.
larrywilkes PRO 2 years ago
I don't want read any more. I just love everything about this camera.
doctorsid 2 years ago
Cameron Knowlton:

After a couple times of cleaning the sensor, the issue seems to have stopped. I read once where it will stop happening after 3000 shots, but mine seems to have stopped dropping oil after 2000.
7LeagueBoots PRO 2 years ago
Has anyone found a solution for this issue that actually works?

I've had my sensor professionally cleaned twice and the spots are still there, still strongly visible, and numerous.

I've taken more than the 3000 photos Doctorsid suggests.
robirobirobi 2 years ago

If yours is affected it seems the only 100% solution is to get a refund (or to sell it).
Titanic Images 2 years ago
refund cheque from Nikon Canada in hand, then in bank, "Goodbye D600",
"Hello" with my" new D610", but spent a lot more $ ,upgraded to the Nikon 24-70 F2.8 lens, more than three times the price of the kit lens 24-85 3.5-4.5 VR. Crossing my fingers.
Jingyao Qu 2 years ago
My D600 has the same problem. Too lazy to send it back to Nikon for a cleaning. I bought a cleaning kit from Amazon and did it myself. It works fine. I'll clean my sensor again sometime soon and hopefully it's getting better over time. How much oil can the shutter hold anyways?
tkreek 2 years ago
I took my 2nd D600 back to the retailer today (Harvey Norman in Australia) and asked if I could swap it for the D610. Considering I only purchased it in early Oct 2013 and they have replaced it once already for me. When the 2nd camera started to show oil spots I took it to be cleaned at an authorised Nikon repairer but 2 weeks later the spots came back. I didn't want it repaired with a new shutter as I really had lost confidence in this camera. So I asked them and they happily changed the whole camera and kit to the new D610 for me plus refunded me the difference in price. Win Win
Francesco C. 1976 Posted 2 years ago. Edited by Francesco C. 1976 (member) 2 years ago
We could spend hours around the thousands posts over the net, discovering all sort of oil/dust on sensor problems about the D600. One thing is sure: this camera body was (is still?) made defective in some way, and a prove is the link Nikon-Italy provided specifically for the D600, www.nital.it/NikonD600support . At the end they’ve admitted a few parts of the body have to be replaced to avoid spots on the sensor.
I’m still waiting for my D600 to be sent back from the italian official tech assistance. They told me they’ve replaced the double stick tape and the shutter beside the obvious cleaning of the mirror and the sensor. Reading the most recent posts in a few italian forums, I discovered many D600 possessors who did not solve their problem with the tech solution mentioned above. I’ll test my camera as soon as I get it back. The most reasonable solution Nikon should follow, it would be to change the D600 for a new D610 saving the loss of time for the phone calls, the expeditions, the tech service in warranty etc.… avoiding at the same time the anger of thousands of customer, but here in Italy this one does not seem to be the policy they’re choosing. Not yet, at least.
neilstewart16 2 years ago
First time out with my D600 and I had what looked like an oil spot in the top left hand corner of my pictures. I've set the 'clean image sensor' to 'clean at shut down' and it seems to have done the trick. Fingers crossed.
Francesco C. 1976 2 years ago

Hi Neil,
'clean at shut down' does not solve any oil spot just beacuse that command only let the sensor vibrating to scroll the smallest dust spots on itself, and it works better leaving the camera body horizontal. Cleaning sensor at shut down or in a very moment does not change the function. And most of the times is useless for the dust too.
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