Brian A Catnut 9:09pm, 15 May 2012
I've cleaned quite a few for friends and don't like these nasty cheap plastic ones at all at all at all !!! so of course when i did mine (I only wanted to blow 2 tiny bits of crap out) I puffed a bit hard .... dislodged the brass shim ... panicked ! tried to tap it back and not bend it while holding the screen up FAILED caught the screen on the mat side with a finger nail, lost grip on it with the tweezers, dropped it on the edge of the well and scratched the bugger out of it.
Didn't want to leave it open collecting even more dust so just stuck it back.
Lucky I have a spare, when I calm down I'll have to do it again, them I'm looking for a proper glass one.
Sabbath18 5 years ago
Fiverdog 5 years ago
Brian A Catnut 5 years ago
The spare I had was a diagonal split prism, very nice one but they aren't so good for telephoto, so ordered an ordinary one I spotted, from cannonspares on EBAY, I figured £16 for a genuine Nikon is a good price.
Lucky it was the right decision, it's MUCH nicer than the original, way brighter and clearer, obvious it's a better quality item, the shiny side very clear and polished looking, almost sparkly in the light, and the mat side finer and less "mat" looking, also seems made of a harder stuff..

so I'm a very happy boy again
E$$PEE 5 years ago
Bully for you Brian.
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