richton 10:30pm, 19 June 2011
Why wont my lenses work in auto focus function anymore? I have the switch set to auto focus. I have tried it with all three lenses that i own, nikon 18-55mm kit lens, 55-200mm kit lens, 35mm lens. Any suggestions?
Barry Wallis Posted 7 years ago. Edited by Barry Wallis (member) 7 years ago
Do you have the focus mode on the camera set to MF (manual focus; see page 54 of the manual)? I assume you didn't set all three lenses to manual focus on the lens.
Hi richton,

I am having the same issue with my D5000, I tried to switch my lenses and no improvement. I am able to take pictures with Manual focus without any issue. With Auto focus, i am getting picture, but its not focusing on anything.
*Dominick* 6 years ago
Sounds to me like you may have your camera it self set to MF, go back thru your settings, and change your camera settings it self and see if that makes a difference
Brian A Catnut 6 years ago
If you cant find the setting, do a 2 button reset.
or "Factory" reset ... that's the tiny hole in the SD card well, poke it with a pin or toothpick
Fiverdog 6 years ago
I occasionally have this problem and either turn it off and back on again or move the focus point slightly - not sure whether this is something to worry about?
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