HeyItsKatheh! 4:32pm, 24 March 2011
I read a topic about this and saw a video on how to fix the problem. I tried this, but I realized that it's harder to find the screws on the D3100. I seem to be missing a screw to open the back plate.

Does anyone know how to open the back plate of this camera? I'm trying to avoid sending it to Nikon for repair, but if I don't get any answers I'm gonna have to.

Please help!
rwillia532 PRO 7 years ago
Assuming you live in the US, I would check the list of Nikon Authorized Repair facilities, and see if any are in your area.
They should be able to do warranty work, and you should get it back much faster and with much less hassle than shipping it to Nikon.
Lee Longwater Posted 7 years ago. Edited by Lee Longwater (member) 7 years ago
You MAY void the Nikon Warranty if you open up the camera yourself. There are ways they can tell if it has been opened.

If you purchased the camera recently, you might try to exchange it for a new one. Best Buy helped me out on a defective D3000 long after the stated time of their return policy and I upgraded to a D5000. It doesn't cost anything to ask.
ault Posted 7 years ago. Edited by ault (member) 7 years ago
In my experience with my D40, I have found these screws remarkably easy to strip (without JIS screwdrivers) - proceed with caution.
gatorbites2002 7 years ago
If you remove or try to remove just one screw the warranty is voided and you will now have a dust collector
If the camera is under warranty, do not risk attempting a repair, just send it in to the nearest service centre. It may be annoying and inconvenient but at least you will have it repaired for no cost. As soon as you attempt to open the body up, you void the warranty.
HeyItsKatheh! 7 years ago
yeah, i ended up taking it to best buy anyway. :) thanks.
Niikon. 7 years ago
seems a generic problem for bodies without inbuilt focus motor.
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