Alfie .W. PRO 11:01pm, 4 October 2010
Fellow Nikonians,

I have recently upgraded to a D700. Is it possible to use the D700 to trigger my SB-800 WITHOUT firing the pop-up flash at all!? Or must I get pocket wizards etc. Also how does the D3 act as commander? Is it using infrared as it does not have a built in flash.

Hi there,

You can use the Nikon SU-800 commander on your hot-shoe, or use a second SB-800 or 900 to act as a commander.

You could also use the pc socket...but i don't really like working that way with my SB-900's.

And last but not least: The PW's are great but pretty expensive.
I always use my pop up flash on the D700 as a commander and it works without problems for me.

Cheers JK
mausgabe PRO 8 years ago
You can use a Nikon SG-3IR panel to block all but the IR light from your pop-up flash so it doesn't influence the overall lighting for the scene.
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