eliasdahlen 12:14pm, 30 January 2010
Hey Guys.
On friday I'm going on a 3 month trip travellin the US, Peru, Brazil and Argentina. I've decided taking only my D700 with me. But I can't decide wich lens. The optiona are Nikkor 50 mm 1.4 or Sigma 24-70 2.8(Heavy)
So what do u guys think?
Please help me choosing!

Best regards Elias
mausgabe PRO 8 years ago
See cross-post here.
instinctive humor [deleted] 8 years ago
Yes, adding the 50mm won't really make a difference in the size of your travel kit
wmbrianlee 8 years ago
I've seen such a post several times, and can't understand it for the life of me. As if the 50mm is 'so 'large' that a bit of clever packing can't find room for it.

If this is truly the case, can I suggest looking at the link below. This small lens case makes it easy. Good protection, and the velcro adhesion means it can be quickly affixed to the exterior of virtually any type of luggage or camera bags.

mausgabe PRO 8 years ago
+1 on Lowepro lens cases: I have the 1N, 1S, 1M & 1W.
Jeanette Runyon PRO 8 years ago
Take both!
Mistur Photography PRO 8 years ago
Taking only 1 lens ... a 50mm is too limiting. No wide angle, no telephoto.
Phiggys PRO 8 years ago
I would be interested to know what you did take on your travels.
I would have taken the 50mm myself it's the only lens I ever owned on a camera for over 25yrs and is still probably one of the best fixed focal length len's to have on your camera IMO.
lean slope [deleted] 7 years ago
I love the Nikkor 50mm, but I would have choosen the 1.8 version, I think its sharper than the 1.4...

My favorite all time lens must be the Nikkor 24-70mm, its almost perfect :)
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