Jazmin Million 2:31pm, 3 November 2009
The other day I went to have my D700 and my D3x serviced (image sensor cleaning) I found out that rather than the normal 50$ per camera I was used to paying, the invoice I received from the Nikon Repair center was only 50$ for the two camera's.

Basically the service rep told me with a smile on his face, the service contract for D3x's have been extended and now include FREE image sensor cleanings. The service rep however could not tell me how long Nikon would be extending this service agreement for D3x users. I was so giddy I did not bother to ask more questions like I normally do in these types of situation's.

Is this only in Canada? We do have the free medicare and all :)
Does anyone else know about this? If you own a D3x or a D3 and did not know I would suggest calling your Nikon service center ASAP for your free cleaning. Who say's there is nothing in this world for free?

fabulous offer [deleted] 9 years ago
It isn't free. With what our cameras cost that should be taken care of. :)
Jazmin Million 9 years ago
it is free, if you own a d3 or a d3x, the sensor cleaning is now covered by Nikon.
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