through a pin-hole PRO 8:30pm, 27 October 2008
Another interesting thought I was just having (at least, it's interesting to me), is that in Portland, Oregon, it is common to see people of any type (even businessmen sometimes) wearing some kind of outdoor clothing - rain coats or hats or jogging outfits or whatever (in any season, not just when it's raining). That kind of clothing is just normal in society. It's not that common to see people dressed... Europeanly, I guess you could say. There is a portion of the city that dresses less sport-like, but outdoor activities are really popular here, and that has made an impact on how people dress in everyday life. So, the thing is, when you see people riding bikes in bright rain-coats or whatever, that actually probably is "normal" clothing for some of them at least, in that they would be wearing that rain coat anyway, even if they were driving. So, does this kind of thing qualify for "people on bikes in normal clothing," even though it may not be particularly 'chic'? :)
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