54 Ford Customline 7:43am, 19 March 2011
Wow seems that this group has gone from being not much at all to one that is really growing!
Just want to say a big hello to all the new members and thank you all for contributing. As Hugo has done a ton of inviting and finding new members / photos for the group, I have made him an admin as well.
Hugo-90 PRO 6 years ago
Thanks for letting me be an administrator. During my daily travels I see a lot of Fords on flickr, that deserve to be seen by others. Welcome to all the new Ford shooters.
Hugo-90 PRO 5 years ago
We hit 4000 pictures today, 8 November, 2012. It's great to see so many still on the road after 50 to 60 years.
Hugo-90 PRO 4 years ago
Three months and now at 5000 pictures. There are a lot more on Flickr.
54 Ford Customline 4 years ago
It has surprised me that we have so many pics in this group, and it is great to see that many 50's Fords are still out there on our roads.
Have always loved the big Fairlanes & Customlines and never thought I would end up being the owner of one!
Hugo-90 PRO 3 years ago
We topped 6000 pictures before the end of 2013. Keep them coming.
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