SourkrautCupcake 3:04pm, 8 November 2010
Hi, everyone! I won October's Cupcake Hero and was so looking forward to hosting in November that I've decided to go ahead with an unofficial competition. That means that while you won't get the same great prizes as Cupcake Hero winners usually get the basic process and guidelines will be the same. I'm also providing a few prizes of my own just to give you a little added incentive.

In case you weren't aware, I Heart Cuppycakes asked me a week ago to hold off on posting November's Cupcake Hero because she's decided to reevaluate the challenge. This is both due to her own busy schedule and complaints she's received from some of the bakers about how it's organized. I suspect that most of us don't take this seriously enough to complain and are really in it for the opportunity to challenge ourselves and see everyone else's creativity. Prove me right by joining in this month for the unofficial challenge and post comments here letting the organizer know how much we support this great challenge. Since I've gotten several emails and comments from other competitors who seem as eager as I am to see it continue I know we can get a great turnout.

Head over to my blog for more info about this month's unofficial challenge:
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