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Great Blue Herons will be returning to the North soon. Please invite people with heron photo who don't know about this group. Lets get ready for this new season with a large group of heron observers and photographers!


  • has anyone else seen this before?

    I was at a beach in vancouver and when the tide started to drop, inflew 8 GBH, ...

    rodbotic80 months ago22 replies

  • Anatomy?

    Hello my name is Richard Nix. I live near Birmingham, Alabama, where I saw this ...

    Richard Nix87 months ago4 replies

  • GBH: Feeding

    So here's a thought. Why not aim to do a little behavioral study as well, while ...

    Clark~89 months ago45 replies

  • Injured Great Blue Heron - photos

    Photographed an injured Great Blue Heron today. What do you see in the photos...

    Springfield Photos91 months ago0 replies

  • Albino and "White Morph" Great Blue Herons

    Does anyone know what White Great Blue Herons look like, or if there is such a t...

    RaymondDukes93 months ago3 replies

  • Introduce Yourself

    Please share a brief description of yourself, and a small photo if you have one....

    Clark~93 months ago73 replies

  • cannot upload phots

    I have tried about 10 times to upload. The " Additional information" data is sit...

    Syreena Haden104 months ago2 replies

  • delete


    drive all night114 months ago0 replies

  • Osprey vs. Great Blue heron

    Has anyone ever seen osprey attack a Great Blue nest? A pair of osprey appeared...

    bitterootfarm116 months ago0 replies

  • question

    Can someone tell me what this Great Blue Heron is doing? Even after it flew and...

    rwe0207ages ago2 replies

  • Early sighting???

    I live in Southern Ontario and I took a few shot of a Heron. It's early Feb. isn...

    Sue90ca Falling Behind...Trying to catch upages ago4 replies

  • Bird reference site

    I use the following site for info on birds, might be helpful to others. www...

    cheap harborages ago0 replies

  • Great Blue In the delta

    I have always wanted to get a picture of the blue heron, but without a zoom lens...

    veniaphoto@live.comages ago2 replies

  • Captive Bird Pictures

    I visit a wildlife rehabilitator regularly, and on occasion she gets a Great Blu...

    gusgroschages ago1 replies

  • What do the X's mean?

    Hi, there! I am new to the site and want to know why my pictures are the only ...

    fotogina3ages ago2 replies

  • Any GBH behaviorists out there?

    I saw this GBH yesterday. I've never seen one do this before. At first I thoug...

    g'pa billages ago2 replies

  • Hi

    Hi everyone ,I have just found this group ,I am from the UK. I have just post...

    Aaron Geeages ago0 replies

  • GBH: Flying

    Post here your medium-sized photos of GBHs in flight. I'll lead this one off ...

    Clark~ages ago44 replies

  • Great Blue vs. Gray Heron

    What are the differentiating characteristics between Great Blue and Gray Herons?...

    pwschages ago2 replies

  • Migration dates

    I live in southern Canada (Quebec) and can't find the herons I've been taking p...

    faded trendages ago0 replies

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