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absent space [deleted] says:

Recently I've become very discouraged about how devoid of comments my photos tend to be. I suppose part of that feeling is the comparison of myself to others who get scores of comments and arriving at the conclusion that I simply may have overestimated myself as a competent photographer. On the other hand, I reason that perhaps I'm just not being squeaky enough as a wheel. Who knows how these people garner the praise? Maybe they send out email blasts or Flickr invitations to view and comment? Maybe they sit on FB all day? I'll admit to my not being much of a networker. Or, sometimes photographs really do provide 1,000 words and viewers who fave and run have felt no need to add anything to what the photo has declared on its own.

Also, if you really go through the comments made on many images, they are "form" comments, very short clichés that really don't profit anything but the photographer's ego.

I've invited to this group the author of a post that I've come across online who states his goal to spend a year not posting. He's given as his reason an obsession with being recognized by other photographers on Flickr and not getting that enough. He wants to shoot to please himself and after a year post his very best work.

I admire this idea and will probably shoot more selectively and choose much more critically what I post here. However, I won't fast for a year. In this group I hope we can find a body of peers of different ability levels who will give the time and effort to really provide sincere, edifying assessments of what people have taken much pride in capturing for other eyes to delight in.
12:08PM, 4 February 2015 PDT (permalink)

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Greg @ Montreal says:

Hi Kerry,
First thanks to create this group. I feel so frequently pleased, yet also frustrated by cumulating favs and comments such as 'amazing shot !!!!!', even when I can see obvious defaults. I will post here a couple of pictures, mainly those that seems to 'lack' something, but without me being able to define the problem. Possibly also some of my favorites, to get advices and try to improve further, as it seems that you are still a great teacher !
I will also try to spend some time giving my impression on the photographs of the group, when I have time.
41 months ago (permalink)

absent space [deleted] says:

Thanks, Greg! That is what I am hoping for here!
41 months ago (permalink)

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