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Dick Dixon 67 ADMIN February 22, 2015
Critique - Original Flickr Critique group - a discussion based group, the goal is to help all levels of photographers. Start a Discussion with a discusion thread
How to Post: www.flickr.com/groups/critique/discuss/72157644698647918/and Educational linkswww.flickr.com/groups/critique/discuss/72157632258475513/

Group Description

Critique. Get yours at flagrantdisregard.com/flickr

Critique - Original Flickr Critique group - *The Critique group is a discussion based group, the goal of the Critique Group is to help all levels of photographers. Start a Discussion with a photo in the Critique Group so that a mature and open discussion can be set about.*



#1 - How to post an image for critique

#2 - Information on providing critique to others

#3 - Important and Educational information

#4 - Guidelines to support the rules


Group Rules

Group Rules

1. To have an image Critiqued please start a new discussion thread including a 640 or 500 medium sized image (see www.flickr.com/groups/critique/discuss/72157644698647918/). Only images that have a thread are entitled to be included in the group pool. Each thread must have an image related title. Titles that don't relate specifically to the image make life difficult for anyone who wants to follow up on a specific discussion.

2. Critique is intended to help the photographer through an explanation of the image. Critiques will vary depending on experience, subjectivity and may be visual or written. You may not like all that is written, but please do not take it personally.

3. Providing an idea of the sort of critique you would like or even a self-analysis of the image will help others to understand the context.

4. Critique is a community, if you start a discussion thread please also critique others.

5. Please post only 1 image per discussion thread, or a maximum of 3 images that are part of a theme (closely related in content and composition). Only 1 new discussion thread per member per day.

6. We expect all members to have their own active Flickr photostream. If your stream contains fewer than 12 of your own photos taken within the previous 2 years, we reserve the right to ban you from the group. If it contains no photos we will automatically ban you.

7. If you do not want others to use an edit of the photo to illustrate a point please state "Do Not Edit" under the photo in the post.

8. If you edit an image in response to suggestions in the thread, please do not overwrite the original image in your thread, but upload the modified image as a separate picture in your thread. If you leave a broken link, meaning that no photo is visible in the thread, we will close the thread until you fix it.

9. We will not tolerate personal attacks, abuse, or bullying of any kind, profanity, racial, sexual, religious or personally derogatory statements or demeaning photos. Please behave with respect towards all members. Admin rulings are final on all aspects of the group.

10. OT (other topic) if you’d like to start a topic for discussion, unrelated to an image, please begin the thread title with ‘OT’.

Additional Info

  • Members can post 1 thing to the pool each day.
  • Accepted content types: Photos, Images
  • Accepted safety levels: Safe
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