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I'm not sure how many of you are cooped up inside like we are, but I'm hoping for some inspiration in the coming weeks. Any ideas on what we could do to inspire each other to stay creative and fight the temptation to stare at the TV all day long? Some kind of a fun challenge we could implement in the group? Any takers?
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The Girls and their cousin Ashley with Balloon Lanterns

We made balloon lanterns a couple weeks ago for the winter solstice. They are very simple to make - just blow up a balloon and then put two layers of tissue paper over it using diluted glue (do a 2:1 mix of water:glue).

Let the balloon dry. Do one final coat of tissue paper so you have 3 layers. Let dry.

Pop the balloon. In the bottom of the of the lantern, put a piece of firm wire screen. Cut out a 1" x 4" section of wire screen and connect the two ends. Attach this to the other piece so you have a holder for your tealight.

Use a paper punch, and punch 4 holes in the lantern (near the top). Put about a 2' section of yarn or ribbon through each hole and connect them together near their ends. Hang from a piece of dowel, bamboo, or long stick.

They are beautiful to use outside on a night walk or even indoors at a candle-lit/lantern-lit dinner.

My daughters LOVED how they turned out and still are talking about the lantern walk and special dinner we had.

Tips: DO NOT put glue on the balloon first. Lay your tissue paper first and THEN put your glue on top of that.

Go rather high on the balloon when laying down the tissue paper. If you have a windy night, you want to have "walls" on your lantern so that the wind doesn't blow out your tea light.

Use light color tissue paper so you have a nice glow. Dark colors don't let as much light through.

This isn't a great picture, but it gives an idea what they look when they are lit:

Glowing Balloon Lanterns
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