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ZoulBrick ADMIN July 1, 2018
"LEGO: New techniques" brings together only the best Flickr photos for:

- The tutorials
- The techniques
- New invented coins
This is a group made for useful Lego techniques, instructions and new parts.
All photos were shared by their owner.
Thanks to you, we realize the biggest library of LEGO technique
And remember that this group is reserved for LEGO techniques!
No Brickarms, Megablocks or other unofficial parties.

Feel free to share your creations!


This group discussion is for members only.

Group Description

Here is a place to express yourself.
LEGO: New techniques is a place for demonstration AFOLs for "techniques". We display all aspects of construction with LEGO to create MOCs.

Think of it as a visual library of ideas, building techniques, guides, etc.

=> Do not show templates! just small examples (unless of course the two are the same).

Here you can unleash your imagination and experiment with new LEGO pieces that come directly from your imagination and allows you to evolve LEGO techniques.

News LEGO Techniques gathers:
- Techniques and instruction
- Tutorial and instruction
- New 3D parts or retouched part under photoshop to create a whishlist

This work aims to submit ideas for the evolution of LEGO.
It is not impossible that LEGO is inspired by it.

Come share your ideas, submit your creations or comment on those present


key words sup:
Lego, technique, tutorial, instruction, snot, MOC, wip, lug, Brick, wishlistlego, moc, idea, sci-fi, city, wip system, building, space, town, builder, fan, mania, creative, mecha, brick, sw, stuff, trick, vignette, Afol, LEGO, monochrome, lug, creativity, fan exchange, lego, technic, math, patern, support, snot, technical, modular, whish, list, eurobrick, afol, ahol, bionicle, ldd, pov-ray, stud io, star wars, train, tablescraps, table scraps, tutoriel, technic, misc,Lego

Group Rules

The main rule is Have Fun, Play Well

That should really be all there is to it.

Some exceptions: no trade pictures allowed in the group pool, please. This includes any commercial use. This is not the place to sell stuff as per the Flickr Terms. Also images of unreleased LEGO sets containing a confidential watermark are not allowed, along with select other images of leaked and/or stolen LEGO products.

Keep all pictures added to the pool related to LEGO. For example, if a picture doesn't have a single LEGO piece in it, think long and hard before adding it.

Important addition: When adding to the pool, please add only pictures which you created. If the picture isn't yours, don't post it. (or clearly quote the author)


This group is not intended as a showcase of models nor as a driver of traffic nor as a judge of skill or talent. It is intended to be useful. Nothing more and nothing less.

In order to keep the pool maximally useful play strict with the guidelines rather than loose. The goal is to have a library/visual encyclopaedia of useful techniques. If your image helps this it is good.

1) Read the pool guidelines before adding to the pool.

2) LEGO only, techniques only. Ou pièces nouvelles. No MOCs, no clones.

3) Only start a new thread if it's really necessary.

4) Don't add pictures of things that aren't relevant. It's stupid and will get you banned.

5) Is the technique novel? If it already appears in the pool (check first) then don't add it.

6) Is it clearly illustrated? It should be very obvious to an casual observer how to do what you have done. If it isn't don't add the pic.

This group is intended as a collaborative guidebook of LEGO techniques. It is intended to be useful, relatively quick to peruse, and instructive to the beyond novice builder.

Unlike many groups the goal here is to keep the pool to a useful minimum rather than a maximum. Ease of navigation is reduced with a bigger pool and ease of navigation is far more important than spotlighting every minor variant.

If I (or my fellow admins) feel that a technique does not belong then it does not belong. As creator of the group I may overrule my fellow admins although I will do so extremely sparingly. If I (or my fellow admins) feel that a person is abusing the group we may ban that person.

Thank you for your consideration of these goals.
Hopefully this gives a better idea of what belongs here.

Additional Info

  • This group doesn't care how many other groups a photo is in
  • Accepted content types: Photos, Videos, Images, Art, Screenshots
  • Accepted safety levels: Safe
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