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endoplasmiclove 8:48pm, 4 August 2007
Here's my blogger website:

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket


I talk about art, crafts, fun videos (like Flight of the Conchords!) and other random stuff! Check it outtttt!

Post your blog here too :)
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CraftPudding™ 11 years ago
here is mine! I got some neat TUTORIALS!!!
blog header
I see your blogues, they are very good!
Mine is fazendoarte67.blogspot.com

Craftasaurus 11 years ago
I've got one! I need to update it, but its got stuff there!

ddpool PRO 11 years ago
I've got a couple that I try to keep updated as often as possible:

blockpartypress 11 years ago
Here's mine. Exploring Artistic Inspiration:
dwnandersen 11 years ago
I have one also.


I try to update a few times a week at least and have started a list of links for things such as making wrist distaffs, dyeing silk etc.
Kilika Hecho a Mano 11 years ago
Here is my blog. I do jewellery whit felt, glass, swarovski, lampwork... enjoy it.

margarida_martins72 11 years ago
Recicl'arte HT 11 years ago
lessherger 11 years ago
Guerilla Embroidery 11 years ago
ebbandflo_pomomama PRO 11 years ago
talking about trying to fit some crafting and around my family pomomama.blogspot.com
changed my tag line to "ebb and flo is the work of a stay-at-home mum who crafts to stay sane in, around and in spite of her family life"
Victoria_Klein [deleted] 11 years ago
I was user Blogger, but now I have my own site run on WordPress - victoria-e.com/
LucindaC [deleted] 11 years ago
I just updated mine today!


(If you couldn't guess, I knit.)
Minna's Pictures [deleted] 11 years ago
My blogger website about my miniature crafts:

desireux 11 years ago
Here's mine :


I spend way to much time reading blogs.. and now I have more to add to my list :)
crysmiranda PRO 11 years ago
yup! it's a craft/design/making stuff blog run by my fiance and myself. we're a two person studio in Brooklyn, NY. check us out!

melissastanley727 11 years ago

amigurumi delights, and other nonsense.
pollyhyper Posted 11 years ago. Edited by pollyhyper (member) 11 years ago
I've got one!

polymer clay image transfer pendants and other fine creations (and some supplies too!)
The Sposa Family 11 years ago
We, and our blog, are fairly new - here you go:


www.onesquaretree.com - COMING SOON!
We do stuffies, illustrations, and print gocco projects.
Stop by and say hello - we love visitors ^_^

Marilyn P Sushi 11 years ago
I do but it's not related to my Etsy site. In case you're still interested, cupcakesyoga.blogspot.com
Sara's Texture Crafts Posted 11 years ago. Edited by Sara's Texture Crafts (member) 11 years ago
Here's mine sarastexturecrafts.blogspot.com/

The aim of this blog is to discuss and explore crafts for texture; from my business and it's products to my creative projects and artworks. There is also room for other craft discussion and I would very much like this blog to hold some point of inspirational reference to the reader, by providing tips and guides. Subjects include;

My latest gallery pieces
Product previews
'Diary of an art piece'
'Story of a collection'
Artist bios
Tips from fellow crafters
Craft Venues
maryjohnofkings 11 years ago
Here is my blog in wich I have all my work.

Oceanic Wilderness PRO 11 years ago
Playful Muse [deleted] 11 years ago
I just started mine. it will be a mixture of my work and what I am reading.
not.rachel 11 years ago
summer pickles PRO 11 years ago
Yep, and love every second of it!
StarkatBeads 11 years ago
Here is my remodeled blogspot:

ty! *
feltland PRO 11 years ago
I'm waiting for your visit -

super_ziper Posted 11 years ago. Edited by super_ziper (member) 11 years ago
rosalie_gale 11 years ago
I LOVE FLIGHT OF THE CONCORDS! (and yes, I mean to yell...that's how much I like them).
tiffanyharvey PRO 11 years ago
Here is mine. I just re-did the layout!
(I also post on Live Journal)
ravens_hold 11 years ago
Here's mine:


I haven't updated it lately because I have been in and out of town a lot of last month, but I'm hoping to update it more frequently this month.
Urbanknit PRO 11 years ago
yes, its loosely about design ideas and other interesting themes.


feel free to drop by
RedFenyx 11 years ago
Here's mine: redfenyx.blogspot.com
tisjewel_art 11 years ago
as ugly as i seem 11 years ago
autumnomatopoeia 11 years ago
Sure do...
(it is being a bit negleted at the moment, updates soon!)
Netta's Creations 11 years ago
irischacha [deleted] 11 years ago
I just started my blog today!

Lynn Carson Harris PRO 10 years ago
I started my blog a few months ago. Lots of fun!
aflordepano Posted 10 years ago. Edited by aflordepano (member) 10 years ago
kjmillar [deleted] 10 years ago
I also used to have a Blogger site but now have my own: www.kjmillar.com/wordpress
coffeedonutgirl 10 years ago
Hi there, mine is over here at papergirlproductions.blogspot.com
annieoakleaves 10 years ago
I just started mine recently. www.annieoakleaves.blogspot.com i cant wait to start looking at everyone elses!
createitcottage 10 years ago
AriayaSylva 10 years ago
Here's mine .. it's about crafting and gaming. The "conversation" usually focuses on one or the other depending on what I'm doing

Cheryl-Ann 10 years ago
Here is mine ... not much there yet but give me a couple of days.

scrapabee 10 years ago
Here's mine. I talk about our daily tidbits, kids, my passion for scrapbooking, crafting and sewing. www.scrapabee.blogspot.com
jade :: chikaustin [deleted] 10 years ago
Add me to the list!

lindarte 10 years ago
Hi, there's mine: lindarte.blogspot.com
Iris Mishly 10 years ago
JDeeBella 10 years ago
sure.. here's mine, I'm Giusy from Italy!
Happy New Year everyone!!
kittypinkstars 10 years ago
Trying to remember to use mine...

KaysK9s 10 years ago
Mine is at : kaysk9s.blogspot.com/

Just started it a few days ago but will definitely have more up there in the future.
IcInGsUgarGrl [deleted] Posted 10 years ago. Edited by IcInGsUgarGrl (member) 10 years ago
sew knotty [deleted] Posted 10 years ago. Edited by sew knotty (member) 10 years ago
here's mine!:

seeshells_creations 10 years ago
Here's an invite to check out my blog:

Would love to have you all sign up for my FREE email newsletter from Stamps of Our Lives. Receive my favourite papercraft ideas, exclusive tips as well as offers available to my subscribers only. So sign up today!

Happy New Year 2008 and happy creating!

Bristol67 10 years ago
Here's mine, but it's in spanish:

mallamace 10 years ago
Hey, if you DON'T have a Blog.. check out www.DownDoggy.com

They are giving away Free Blogs with purchase of a Domain... so you can have your own www.MY OWN BLOG.com domain name.

Cool hunh?
♥ Ana's Place ♥ 10 years ago
chrissah87 10 years ago
My blog is new! www.saturdaysspecimen.blogspot.com/ I'm going to have an Etsy store soon too I hope :-)
Yaelfran 10 years ago
Yay!!!! I have one!!! Come and visit!!!!!
qdpatooties. [deleted] 10 years ago
Here's mine and it's chock full of free softies patterns and crafts! Enjoy!!!


umisma PRO 10 years ago
here's mine

Do leave me some comments!
Kathi Derevan 10 years ago
I just started mine. I plan to add more substance to it, but I wanted to get started at the beginning of the year.

Jojobean26 9 years ago
Just want to let you all know I am doing another giveaway on my blog:
You can win an 18x24" poster print of any photo of your choice! Just leave a comment to enter. :)
Dunbar Gardens 9 years ago
Our blog is about willow baskets, basketry, and willow growing in the Pacific Northwest. willowbasketmaker.com/
pilli pilli 9 years ago
I have one!

Here it is:

(Elected blog of the month by Marie Claire Idées)

Drop by!
Make it Modern 9 years ago
Here's mine- modernquiltlove.wordpress.com

I talk about all sorts of crafts and have a bunch of tutorials.
.urban craft 9 years ago
great sites everyone!

Here is my humble little craft blog:

thepinksamurai PRO 9 years ago
Hatastic! 9 years ago
I regularily blog for Eclipse Magazine under the guise of Hatastic! Heres my latest blog where you can win a very special Eclipse Fascinator!


kristina.ra 9 years ago
here is mine: handmadebykristina.blogspot.com

currently my main blog topics are how-to tuesday and inside the artist's studio

if you would like to be featured, go here: handmadebykristina.blogspot.com/search/label/feature
for details

thank you!
supercursi 9 years ago
so many links to check! :D


(it's in spanish)
saska415 9 years ago
Mine is: sasvimslucajno.blogspot.com/
Very Shannon 9 years ago
Here's mine:


luvinthemommyhood is your source for a wealth of information ranging from mommyhood survival tips, handmade & repurposing projects, to photography, music & books - luvinthemommyhood serves it up with humour and a dose of daily life in the mommyhood.

come by and visit! i look forward to seeing you in the mommyhood!

CARRIE1939 [deleted] 9 years ago
Carolyn's Designs Custom Designs Wedding Accessories such as the bouquets - corsages - floral baskets or wreaths ,etc.. Bridal or Baby Shower
Gift or Favors - Sympathy Wreaths or Fireside Baskets or Gifts ,Etc.
I offer Mail Ordering Craft Catalogs which has Crafts , Laces , Ribbons , General Crafts and lots more.
Mine is... carolynsdesigns.blogspot.com
pastelly 9 years ago
Hi we are pastelly,

here is our creative craft and lifestyle blog, with poetry and photography to boot!

codexcoloratura 9 years ago
Here's mine!: jchristinahuh.blogspot.com
Toot Sweet! 9 years ago
i post fun little craft tutorials and project bits and even a book review (today!)


Jojobean26 9 years ago
I'm hosting another giveaway on my blog this week: jojobean26.blogspot.com/2009/08/giveaway-time.html
Win 500 free business cards for your etsy or whatever! Just eave me a comment to enter. :) Cheers!
journeyinland 9 years ago
Yey fellow bloggers! Come and visit; don't forget to leave me a comment to let me know you dropped by :)


BeaderBubbe [deleted] 9 years ago
www.beaderbubbe.blogspot.com - come talk to me....
vonwoof on etsy 9 years ago
I blog about my giant crochet projects - drop by and meet Walter the crocheted Giant Squid!
purplesparkle 9 years ago
Candles and soap and vintage and craft and other ramblings :-)

Deece 9 years ago
www.ayorata.com - Blogging from Saipan, Northern Mariana Islands. I'm working setting up a regular contest. Hopefully it will start in October.
katydiddy 9 years ago
scientificculture 9 years ago
I just started one! So much fun!

slowlaurus [deleted] 8 years ago
Blogging from Germany - just started updating regularly :)


Also just started: tastesbetterwithbacon.blogspot.com/ with my bacon-addict husband!
emilywdesign Posted 8 years ago. Edited by emilywdesign (member) 8 years ago
Mine is new!
It's embroidery, sewing, and other random stuff, including my cute dogs.
Felt Plum [deleted] Posted 8 years ago. Edited by Felt Plum (member) 8 years ago
Mine is this, it's a free resource for people fanatical about the best of what is going on in the world of felt and wool crafts. Enjoy!

feelfuzzy 8 years ago
BeaderBubbe [deleted] 8 years ago
On it way too much, come blog with me....especially if you are into jewelry.....

beadangel 8 years ago
Cara.Mia 8 years ago
Why yes, yes I do and I love company! untilwednesdaycalls.blogspot.com
vickivictoria 8 years ago
mine's at sewinspired.blogspot.com

I have a few quilting tutorials and some clothing construction tutes too.
jenni waterloo 8 years ago
I have a new blog...I guess you can say it's craft/home/fashion/music inspired. Well, it will be I mean.. check it out, please.

made w/ love

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