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Welcome. This group is about couples. Couples in love, couples out of love, ex-couples, soon to be couples, hetero couples, gay couples, colourful couples, boring couples ... Spread the word, you are all welcome.

Please, read the group Guidelines.

P.S.: No cutesy animals and children, please, please, please. Also, consider the difference between family and couple.


  • hi

    hello... I'm new to this group.. is this group members, still active?

    Lovehub6 weeks ago1 replies

  • photographie

    Bonjour ya til couple pose photo charme en savoie ???

    photo6963 months ago0 replies

  • Newcomers

    Hello, we are newcomers to this group! Nice to meet you all!

    magical thought10 months ago1 replies

  • My Favorite Couple

    Post some pictures you made of you favorite couples.

    Ayahana12 months ago7 replies

  • love sexe webcam skype : zob.kbire /

    bnatcasa59 months ago1 replies

  • Please Rate and comment on my Wedding photo Video

    Hi folks, all you wonderful couples. let me introduce myself. I am Trevor and...

    trevlaw5581 months ago0 replies

  • A BIG group needs your best work.

    As a member of this BIG group I would like people to post their best work in the...

    Шhite heart84 months ago0 replies

  • First engagment Photos

    Hi, These are my first engagement photos and I am looking for some critique. ...

    Timothy Neufeld101 months ago2 replies

  • Thank You

    For this group! Great idea - love it!

    brief boundary101 months ago0 replies

  • Coupling Up: What made you click? Science Museum Photo project

    Hi All, On the Science Museum Flickr channel we've just launched a photo-comm...

    material horses114 months ago0 replies

  • Diversity

    I suppose no one in this lovely group would argue against the beauty and power o...

    draconian pancake116 months ago0 replies

  • Having trouble merging styles?

    We all know how it goes when you first move in together. You love lace and soft ...

    Valspar Paint Love Our Style117 months ago1 replies

  • yeah! my first paid gig!

    Can I justify charging for this shiz? What do you guys think? Click on the photo...

    jshj117 months ago0 replies

  • Just some (mild) guidelines

    As you noticed this group is thriving and getting bigger and bigger every day. I...

    selecshineages ago6 replies

  • shooting first engagement portraits tomorrow.

    Any tips and advice? I am shooting these for a good friend who is getting marri...

    Lena M. Photographyages ago0 replies

  • Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas to all, Have a Safe and Wonderfull Holiday Kell & Angel

    colorful sinkages ago0 replies

  • People Stealing.....

    We have noticed that there are people stealing photos frome others. We dont like...

    colorful sinkages ago0 replies

  • Nice group!

    Just joined, love the photostream. It sure would be nice to make the acquaintan...

    stcroix1ages ago0 replies

  • Hi Everyone

    Thanks for your group selecshine, I ve just added the picture you saw on my page...

    cherifbouages ago0 replies

  • Spanish newspaper el paÍS

    Hi there! My name is María Ovelar and I am a journalist at EL PAÍS, the mos...

    miaumiaumiauages ago0 replies

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