Darren Shilson 9:57pm, 17 July 2008
Another idea sorry, I know there are a plethora of books filled to the brim on photography around Cornwall, I'm always looking at the selection at Kingsley Village, but one of the sites I frequent www.photography-on-the.net tend to do photobooks with the best images compiled from the forums.

How would you guys think about creating a photobook with the images created in this group?


~Cath G~ 10 years ago
Firstly.....I think it's an excellent idea but there are some technicalities to think about.

1. You'd need people to give express permission to use the images and supply you with decent sized images and blurb to go with it

2. Who selects the images- what criteria do you use?

3. How will you organise it? By location? By artist?

4. How will you decide on the edit?

I know that sounds like I'm being nit-picky but I see how much of a faff it is to get anything done by concensus on the internet. How does photography on the net do it?

Like I said... I think it's a good idea
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