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Kay Musk ADMIN August 18, 2015
AWARD & INVITE CODESWelcome to GOLD WILDLIFE (Wildlife Animals only) and GOOD LUCK ! Please read and follow the group rules! SWEEPER! POST 1 - AWARD 2 (POST 2 - AWARD 4), AWARDS (WITH AWARD CODE) ON FIRST 50 PICTURES PLEASEMembers, we all want recognition of our own pictures. Be a sport, also give other photos that recognition, by giving them a Gold award.

Group Description

WELCOME ! PLEASE NOTE: ALL AWARDS COUNT AS 1 (ONE) AWARD! 2 AWARDS OF SAME MEMBER = 1 AWARD! Click ABOUT for the Award and Invite Codes. This group is equipped with:

Please note:
Both the title and description, don't give impetus to animal cruelty. Other people will not appreciate and even detest! Be respectful towards ALL animals, in image and language!


The group has 4 levels:

GOLD WILDLIFE (P1/A2) ---------------- founded by Miguel Nunez - June 2007
GOLD WILDLIFE 18K GOLD WILDLIFE 18K (P1/A3) --------- founded by Peter H.T. - February 2011
PALLADIUM WILDLIFE (P1/A5) ------- founded by Peter H.T. - May 2010
Platinum Wildlife Coin PLATINUM WILDLIFE (P1/A1) --------- founded by Janine Russell - February 2009

Click for Explanation How to give awards

Your photos "will be awarded with GOLD COINS by your fellow members!"
The Gold Wildlife coins at this moment

or the Special Admin/ Moderator Coins;
Axda moderator Z 100x100 or newwolf100x100a or Froggy picture by LuvAussie 100 or Raccoon or Snake picture by Axda73 100

REPOSTING TO THE POOL IS NOT ALLOWED, except with approval Admin or Moderator!

Scroll down for the Award Code


Green Bee-eater By Vikas Chavan

Green Bee-eater.

Reaper Cuttlefish - Bass Point By Steve Gillespie

Reaper Cuttlefish - Bass Point - 6th June 2015.

Londolozi Sunset By Sue Roehl

Londolozi Sunset

Red-legged Partridge (Alectoris rufa) By Warrener

Red-legged Partridge (Alectoris rufa)

Felis chaus (Wild Cat) By Suryanarayana Jagarlapudi

Felis chaus (Wild Cat)

A Gathering By Geoff Smithson

A Gathering

DSC_5646-copie By Dominic Roy


Steenbok Ram By Leon Molenaar

Steenbok Ram




Copy the content between the lines and paste into the comment box of your favourite pictures
(to the right side or below your own picture in the group pool):


<b>You deserve a GOLD WILDLIFE AWARD </b>
<a href="https://www.flickr.com/groups/contests/" title="GOLD WILDLIFE"><img src="https://farm3.static.flickr.com/2291/2040510398_51f66131da_o.jpg" width="100" height="100" alt="" /></a>
<b> 2-4 post to <a href="https://www.flickr.com/groups/1638261@N23/"> Gold Wildlife 18K </a></b> (if you have 5 gold awards, you can skip 18K)
<b> 5 + post to <a href="https://www.flickr.com/groups/1409687@N20/"> Palladium Wildlife </a></b>
Failure to award = removing your picture.
10+ Gold Awards, Gold Wildlife Front Page chance post <a href=https://www.flickr.com/groups/contests/discuss/72157627269359421/><b>Here</b></a>



2-4 post to Gold Wildlife 18K (if you have 5 gold awards, you can skip 18K)
5 + post to Palladium Wildlife
Failure to award = removing your picture.
10+ Gold Awards, Gold Wildlife Front Page chance post Here




We would like it if you invite other QUALITY WILDLIFE PHOTOS to the group, thank you!
Copy the content between the lines and paste into the comment box of your favorite pictures, that are not in the group:


<a href="https://www.flickr.com/groups/contests/" title="GOLD WILDLIFE"><img src="https://farm7.staticflickr.com/6092/6337942750_ddb6a288d7_b.jpg" width=" 250" height=" 140" alt="" /></a>



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Group Rules


Please note:
Both the picture, title and description, don't give impetus to animal cruelty. Other people will not appreciate and even detest! Be respectful towards ALL animals, in image and language!

Scroll down for: Español - Deutsch - Nederlands - Italiano - Française

**** SWEEPER ACTIVE!!!!! ****

England Please READ AND AGREE to:

-- Must Join the group
-- Only animals, zoo animals are allowed
-- No Porn
-- No Dead Animals
-- No People
-- No Pets
-- No Landscapes without Wildlife
-- Be polite to others
-- Reposting is not allowed
-- For every photo that is added to the pool, we check if it respects the subject and the rules of the group.
-- Post 1, comment 2 on first page, with code (see front page of the group).
-- Comments should be made immediately
-- You are allowed to post 2 pictures every day (2 added = 4 awards)
-- If you do not comment pictures (with award code) of other member(s) your pictures will be removed, without warning.
[Click for Explanation How to give awards]
** If you block admins/mods you will be banned from the group without warning**
Post and comments are checked by SWEEPER
Good luck!

Spain Por favor, lea y se compromete a:

-- Hay que unirse al grupo
-- Sólo los animales, los animales del zoológico se les permite
-- No pornografía
-- No hay animales muertos, a menos que los depredadores
-- No personas
-- No animales domésticos
-- No paisajes sin fauna
-- Trata con cortesía a los otros miembros del grupo
-- Cada foto que se suba al grupo será evaluada para ver si cumple el tema y las reglas del grupo
-- Sube una (1) foto y seguido premia dos (2) que se encuentren en las 1 primeras página del grupo. Usa solamente el código del grupo.
-- Los premios deben ser efectuados inmediatamente después de subir las fotos.
-- Cada día se permite agregar dos fotos al grupo. NB: 2 fotos subidas = 4 fotos premiadas
-- Si no comenta a las imágenes de otros miembros, será expulsado del grupo sin previo aviso. También las imágenes serán borradas - se aplica un sistema automático

** Si bloquea admins/mods, será expulsado del grupo sin previo aviso.
-- Imágenes subidas y comentarios son revisados por SWEEPER
¡Buena suerte!

German Bitte folgendes LESEN und ZUSTIMMEN

-- Sie müssen der Gruppe beitreten
-- Nur Tiere, Zootiere erlaubt
-- keine Pornographie
-- keine toten Tiere
-- keine Leute
-- keine Haustiere
-- keine Landschaften ohne "Wildlife"
-- gehen Sie mit anderen Gruppenmitgliedern höflich um
-- erneutes Hochladen ist nicht erlaubt
-- jedes Photo, welches zum Gruppenpool hinzugefügt wird werden wir überprüfen ob es den Gruppeninhalt und den Regeln entspricht
-- 1 Photo posten, 2 mit Code (siehe Startseite der Gruppe) kommentieren, auf den ersten Seite
-- Kommentare bitte unverzüglich machen
-- Sie dürfen 2 Photos pro Tag hinzufügen (2 hinzugefügt = 4 Awards)
-- Wenn Sie keine Photos von anderen Mitgliedern kommentieren, wird Ihr Bild ohne Warnung entfernt
[Klicken Sie hier für Wie gibst du eine Code Kommentare ...]
** Wenn Sie Admins/Mods blockieren, werden Sie ohne Warnung aus der Gruppe ausgeschlossen**
Uploads und Kommentare werden von einem SWEEPER überprüft
Viel Glück!

vlag Lees en ga accoord:

-- Je moet lid worden van de groep
-- Alleen dieren, dierentuin dieren zijn toegestaan
-- Geen porno
-- Geen dode dieren, tenzij met roofdier erbij
-- Geen mensen
-- Geen huisdieren
-- Geen landschappen zonder dieren
-- Wees beleefd tegen anderen
-- Herplaatsen van een foto is niet toegestaan
-- Voor iedere geplaatste foto in de groep, wordt er gecontroleerd of er voldaan wordt aan de groep eisen
-- Plaats 1 foto, geef 2 groepscode commentaren op de eerste bladzijde van de groep (de groepcode vind u op de hoofdpagina van de groep)
-- De commentaren moeten direct gegeven worden
-- Je mag 2 foto's per dag plaatsen (2 plaatsingen = 4 groepscode commentaren geven)
-- Als je geen groepscode commentaren geeft, zal je foto(s) worden verwijdert van de groep, zonder waarschuwing.
[klik hier voor Hoe geef je groepscode commentaren]
** Als dat niet het geval is zul je worden uitgesloten van de groep, zonder waarschuwing **
De groep wordt gecontroleerd door een zogenaamde Sweeper
Veel succes!

Italy Per cortesia, LEGGI E ACCETTA:

-- Devii Iscriverti al gruppo
-- Soltanto animali, gli animali dello zoo sono ammessi
-- Niente porno
-- Niente animali morti
-- Niente persone
-- Niente animali domestici
-- Niente paesaggi senza fauna selvatica
-- Sii gentile con gli altri
-- La ripubblicazione non è consentita
-- Per ogni foto aggiunta al pool, controlliamo se rispetta il soggetto e le regole del gruppo
-- Posta 1, commenta 2 nelle prime pagine, con il codice del gruppo (vedi la prima pagina)
-- I commenti devono essere postati immediatamente.
-- Sei autorizzato a postare 2 foto ogni giorno (2 aggiunte = 4 premi)
-- Se non commenti le immagini degli altri membri, le tue fotografie saranno rimosse senza preavviso.

** Se blocchi un amministratore / moderatore sarai cancellato dal gruppo senza preavviso **
Post e commenti sono verificati da SWEEPER
Buona fortuna!

France Veuillez lire et accepter ces règles svp:

-- Vous devez rejoindre le groupe
-- Pas d'images pornographiques
-- Pas d'images des animaux morts, sauf en présence du prédateur
-- Pas d'images de personnes
-- Pas d'images d'animaux de compagnie
-- Pas de photos de paysages sans animaux
-- Soyez courtois envers les autres membres
-- Ecrasement d'une image n'est pas autorisé
-- Pour chaque photo placée dans le groupe, la conformité aux normes du groupe sera vérifié.
-- Pour chaque image placé, vous devez aussi placer deux commentaires de code de groupe
-- Les commentaires doivent être donnés immédiatement
-- Vous pouvez placer deux photos par jour (2 photo = 4 commentaires)
-- Photos, placés sans commentaires, seront retirés du groupe, sans avertissement.

-- Administrateurs et modérateurs doivent avoir accès à votre page FLICKR
** Sinon, vous serez exclu du groupe sans préavis **
Le groupe est contrôlé par une 'SWEEPER'
Bonne chance!

Additional Info

  • Members can post 2 things to the pool each day.
  • Accepted content types: Photos, Images
  • Accepted safety levels: Safe
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