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Cleaning Fungus out of Lens

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Victor Princiotta says:

I just recently got a Carl Zeiss Planar 50mm 1:1.4 that has some fungus. I want to disassemble the lens to clean out the fungus. Any advice on how to go about doing this? (the disassembly, the fungus removal I can handle.)
10:15PM, 10 March 2010 PDT (permalink)

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JamesPTao says:

Don't do it yourself! You dont want to damage the coatings. There are places that do this by baking the lens in really high UV light to kill the fungus then polish the glass to remove it. What I did (out of cheapness) was get a UV light (black lights are high in UV) and arrange it to shine in the lens using material to focus the light if needed and leav e it like this for 2 days. Should be sufficient to kill the fungus. Next wash any bag (by hand if required you"ve stored it in and enjoy the lens. To prevent regrowth always keep the lens in light (not closed in case). And when you go from varying temps such as outside on a warm day or inside on a cold day rack the lens in and out on the focus ring to get rid of extra humidity and store with apperture wide open to prevent regrowth. Hope this helps.
49 months ago (permalink)

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koolzakukumba says:

I've taken plenty of lenses apart and cleaned fungus without any trouble. It's not difficult provided you know how to dismantle the lens. I haven't had to touch my planar so can't advise you on that. Try a Google search and you might well find that someone has already done it.

Most lenses come apart by unscrewing the retaining ring that surrounds the front element. These sometimes have a couple of notches in them that a lens spanner would slot into. The ring is then unscrewed. However, I'm concerned that one slip would scratch the element so I always use a rubber sink plug of the right diameter and use friction to loosen the ring. If you can't get a plug, you can sometimes use a rear lens cap with a circle of some material, such as mouse mat backing, on the ring to provide the grip.

Whatever you do, just take it nice and easy and if in doubt, don't do it.

The Online Darkroom
47 months ago (permalink)

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Zekewhipper says:

Has anyone ever cleaned fungus out from the inside of a cemented doublet before?
47 months ago (permalink)

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