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We're approaching the end of the year, so..

Favourite photo of 2009:
Favourite gig of 2009:
Greatest achievement of 2009:
What you like to achieve in 2010:

Here's a similar thread from last year: Click Me!

Favourite photo of 2009:
Green Day

Favourite gig of 2009: Either ASIWYFA in April or Florence and The Machine a few nights ago.
Greatest achievement of 2009: Gaining some great clients, it's been a really busy year.
What you like to achieve in 2010: I would like to do more international work and continue to create great images for my clients. I would also like to shoot a festival outside the UK. I'm also wanting to shoot more portraits, I shoot mostly live music at the moment.
tinnitus photography 9 years ago
I took a lot of photos that i was happy with this year, but if push comes to shove, I'd go w/ this one (it's much better when seen larger, click if you want):

Tony Iommi's hands of doom:

Favourite gig of 2009:

god this is hard...I've seen at least 220 bands" this year, and some gigs have been incredible. I'd probably go w/ seeing Boris play Feedbacker in it's entirety at ATP/NY...it's my favorite record of theirs and such an amazing work. runner up is the 2nd Jesus Lizard show...David Yow is still an insane front man and the band sounded just as good as it did in '92.

Greatest achievement of 2009:
Shooting several icons this year, including Paul McCartney, U2, Roger Daltrey, Bruce Springsteen, and Ray Davies, as well as hooking on with a photo agency.

What you like to achieve in 2010
I'd like to do more non-live music shooting...I'm starting to get my head around off-camera lighting and have a small kit that I will likely expand a bit. I also want to keep having fun at it, and not get burned out.
Natasha Ryan PRO Posted 9 years ago. Edited by Natasha Ryan (member) 9 years ago
Favourite photo of 2009:

Mika @ United Palace

Favourite gig of 2009: Grizzly Bear at Brooklyn Academy of Music
Greatest achievement of 2009: Getting regular paid work to offset cost of my new gear this year.
What you like to achieve in 2010: Sign with a reputable photo agency
Stijn.V Posted 9 years ago. Edited by Stijn.V (member) 9 years ago
Favourite photo of 2009:
Red Bull Soundclash '09: Stijn vs. A Brand by Stijn.V

Favourite gig of 2009: Play Festival (Belgium)
Greatest achievement of 2009: Getting published in Shoot magazine and becoming a staff photographer for CJP.
What you like to achieve in 2010: Photographing big events for The Top Of Music. The Top Of Music liked my pictures, so I'll probably need a new goal for 2010 ;-).
ishotyourband 9 years ago
lol.. ill get back to this in 2010. lol. I still have some shows left, who knows what might happen haha.
Todd | ishootshows.com Posted 9 years ago. Edited by Todd | ishootshows.com (admin) 9 years ago
I'd say this photo of Steven Tyler ranks among the favorite that I've shot this year:


Favorite Gig of 2009:

The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony in Cleveland, OH. This is my favorite gig of the year, not necessary for the images that it produced, but for what it represented to me in terms of career as a commissioned job, not just an editorial assignment.

That, and the fact that it was pretty badass to see (and photograph) Metallica in an epic lead-guitarist jam with Ron Wood, Flea, Jeff Beck, Jimmy Page, and Joe Perry, all at the same time.

Other Notable Gigs:

No Doubt's reunion tour was phenomenal – best tour of the year, I'd say. I also loved shooting backstage portraits at Warped Tour.

Favorite Achievement of 2009:
Shooting a national, music-focused ad campaign with my brother; the Rock & Roll HOF gig.

Goals for 2010:
More commercial work; domination.
hmmm picking one is tough but....
Favourite photo of 2009:
5FDP B&W by Damien james O'Farrell

Favourite gig of 2009:
Again tough!!
I would say Testament but technically they did support so Down live in the academy and lamb of god also worth a mention

Greatest achievement of 2009: Megadave giving me money:)

What you like to achieve in 2010: More Band shoots... I only did 5 this year and like the different challenge
waltzcore PRO Posted 9 years ago. Edited by waltzcore (member) 9 years ago
Favourite photo of 2009:

Favourite gig of 2009:
Jesus Lizard in Chicago last month, first night

Greatest achievement of 2009:
regularly shooting shows this year, getting to shoot some of my idols (Dinosaur Jr, Jesus Lizard)

What you like to achieve in 2010:
shoot more shows, get paid more
eystein.aarseth 9 years ago
Favourite photo of 2009:
Bjørn M. Müller of Backstreet Girls, at their tour opening in february:
Backstreet Girls - Bjørn M. Muller

Favourite gig of 2009:
Dwayne Dopsie and the Zydeco Hellraisers.

Greatest achievement of 2009:
A shot of Jools Holland in the local paper.

What you like to achieve in 2010:
Shoot more, both music and other photos. Get a higher "hit rate" and shoot less crap. Finish the website and portfolio. Get paid.
fivesixzero PRO 9 years ago
Favourite photo of 2009:

Maps of Norway's Last Show

One of the first real live shots I took is still one of my favorites.

Favourite gig of 2009:

Mark Mallman at the Turf Club. This guy tours a lot. Go see his show.

Greatest achievement of 2009:

Hitting the ground running with live music photography after nearly a year of research and saving cash for the right gear.

What you like to achieve in 2010:

* Tour with an artist and document at least six shows in different cities.
* Learn strobism and portrait skills and do promo shots.
* Get paid for shooting live shows.
* Get published in print.
perole PRO Posted 9 years ago. Edited by perole (member) 9 years ago
It's hard to coose the one I was most happy with, but this shot of Anders Gjesti of Norwegian band El Caco is probably the winner for me.

El Caco 05062009-01

Favourite gig of 2009:
That must be the Metallica concert at Oslo Spectrum, Norway, in June. But SXSW, The Oeya Festival and Neil Young at the Norwegian Wood is also up there.

Greatest achievement of 2009:
That I get some recognition as a concert photographer. Also being pubished in newspapers and doing three exhibitions at different festivals.

What you like to achieve in 2010:
Become a better photographer, take the ultimate concert shot, get published in print, get my website finished and making some money on photography.
photobycourtney Posted 9 years ago. Edited by photobycourtney (member) 9 years ago
Favourite photo of 2009:This is a tough one. Love different photos for different reasons. Have to post two favs.
Perry Farrell of Jane's Addiction by photobycourtney


Favourite gig of 2009:These are such hard questions. Probably Soul Asylum doing their hometown show at First Avenue. This has nothing to do with photography either.

Greatest achievement of 2009: Shooting some of my favorite artists this year - some of them multiple times. Being published in Orlando Magazine.

What you like to achieve in 2010:learn lighting set ups so I can do some promo stuff.
Margaret-10 Images Posted 9 years ago. Edited by Margaret-10 Images (member) 9 years ago
Favorite Image of 2009:
Not easy to choose my favorite, but will go with this one today...

BB King-0377

Favourite gig of 2009:
Can't decide between Outside Lands, Bonnie Raitt/Taj Mahal which took me back to the Palace Hotel Ballroom from Blues Brothers, or Laurie Berkner with my girls.

Greatest achievement of 2009:
Hiring an atty to handle all my (c) registrations.

What you like to achieve in 2010:
Would like to start a 501(c)(3) that funnels its proceeds into the Edgewood Center for Children and Families in SF. The concept is to (i) allow photographers the opportunity to affiliate by pledging their proceeds/images from any given shoot, not only for tax reasons, but also to help get more leverage with publicists/publications for passes, syndication, and/or other licensing of their images from such shoot(s); (ii) sell fine art prints/books/portfolios of pledged images to further support the organization/engage in other traditional fundraising activities; (iii) associate with icons to provide further credibility, support, and build critical mass; and (iv) potentially (depending on amount of funding) provide workshops, training, and other support to emerging photographers in need (could be anything from fellowships to access to rental gear).
Dan Smyth Photography 9 years ago
Favourite photo of 2009:

KASMS @ Latitude Festival 2009 by Dan Smyth Photography

Tough one, but getting this from a the crowd with a fully manual lens wins it!

Favourite gig of 2009:

This is really hard, I guess i'd say Late of the Pier at the Wedgewood Rooms, not so much photographic wise but because the tour manager very kindly let us stay the whole set in the pit, which as a pretty big fan i appreciated a lot!

Greatest achievement of 2009:

Has to be photographing Pendulum from the roof of Somerset House this year as part of their summer series, access is really tight so was chuffed to bits when i was offered the chance. (www.flickr.com/photos/flashpics/3768375089/in/set-7215762...)

What you like to achieve in 2010:

So so much. I'd love to be getting regular paid work, and possibly signed up to an agency. It'll be a tough one, as being my final year of university, work may take a lot of my time away from the gigs :( so may have to wait till this summer. Lots of festivals would be nice then! Glastonbury, Reading etc! Only ever done small ones so getting to shoot one of the big ones would be nice!
Favorite photo:: Andre Williams. Ignore the gaudy watermark. I'd been waiting years to see him live and he did not disappoint.

Andre Williams

Favorite gig of 2009: A tough one. Matt & Kim was outrageous. Not a fun show to shoot by any means but the energy and performance, as well as the insanity of the crowd were a real spectacle. Warped Tour was also a blast.

Greatest Achievement of 2009: Meeting lots of great people, getting to shoot some of my favorite musicians.

What you'd like to achieve in 2010: Get some paid work, work with stronger publications. Meet an editor who judges my work before my brand of camera. Won't hold my breath on that one, though.
MattCohenPhoto.com 9 years ago
Favorite music picture of 2009:

Movement - DEMF 2009 - Day 2 - 68 - Dennis Ferrer

Favorite gig: Vicente Fernandez & Maribel Guardia at the Cow Palace

Greatest achievement of 2009: convincing a site that had never paid for photography before to pay me to shoot Movement: DEMF

For 2010, my goals have mostly to do with shooting sports, so not really relevant here.
Favorite photo of 2009:

Favourite gig of 2009: Tie between Green Day and Weezer (Myspace Secret Show SF)

Greatest achievement of 2009: Getting paid for my photography for the first time.

What you like to achieve in 2010: I would like to have a photo of mine published in a national publication.
Jayman931 9 years ago
Fav. Photo 09-
Cedric Burnside
Cedric Burnside- widely regarded as one of the best drummers in the world

Favorite Gig- Counting Crows
Greatest Achievement - Didn't get arrested or equipment confiscated
2010- keep on getting better....
MartyMoffatt 9 years ago
"Joe Bonamassa" by MartyMoffatt

Favourite gig of 2009: From a pure enjoyment point of view, probably Chickenfoot at Shepherds Bush, London - I didn’t photograph it but it was one of those occasions when you know you’ve just witnessed something special. From a photography point of view, it was Thunder at Hammersmith – an incredibly emotional experience as it was their final concert of their farewell tour in front of probably the biggest crowd ever seen at Hammersmith Apollo.

Greatest achievements of 2009: – Travelling with Thunder for the duration of their farewell tour as their official photographer. Also, gaining respect and ongoing direct working relationships with virtually all the bands I’ve photographed this year.

Goals for 2010: Continue to earn the respect of all the bands I deal with, get more photos into print with mainstream publications, and generate enough paying work to fund my desired equipment upgrades.
geeewocka 9 years ago
Fav Photo: August Burns Red

Favourite gig of 2009: Soundwave Festival
Greatest achievement of 2009: $750 Slipknot Editorial Sale....keeping in mind that I have a full-time job, extra money from any sales made
What you like to achieve in 2010: I'm moving interstate New Years day & my agency already has someone who covers all events, so I have to find a new outlet to shoot for
Stuart Hogben Photography Posted 9 years ago. Edited by Stuart Hogben Photography (member) 9 years ago
Favourite Photo: Tough, but I'm going to plump for this one of Duke Special. I love the way the light catches through his hair. He's really dramatic and doesn't take a bad pic!

Duke Special - Norwich - 23/04/09 by Stuart Hogben Photography

Favourite gig of 2009: Hmmm, probably the Hop Farm Festival in Kent. My first festival which opened up many doors and met a few great togs who took me under their wing!

Greatest achievement of 2009: agency represention and first photo in a national

What you would like to achieve in 2010: A camera upgrade, grow a business head and shoot some more....
Magic Photography 9 years ago
Favourite photo of 2009:
The Butterfly Effect at ULU in May

The Butterfly Effect

No pit! Full of rowdy Aussies! In the middle of a mosh pit! Camera over the head. No live view. Not bad considering :) .

Favourite gig of 2009:
Possibly Shake at the Barfly. The singer was posing rather nicely for me and I got a killer shot of him bleeding all over the place (it was real blood btw, none of that fake rubbish!).

Greatest achievement of 2009:
Getting to shoot Jet doing an acoustic gig at a tiny venue and having my picture on the front cover of the publication I was shooting for!

What you like to achieve in 2010:
Actually getting paid would be good!
m_g_gray PRO Posted 9 years ago. Edited by m_g_gray (member) 9 years ago
Well, this was my first year of doing this on a serious basis, so it's all been good for me.

Favourite photo of 2009:
Probably this one of Taylor Swift a few weeks ago, but there's plenty candidates.

Favourite gig of 2009:
Musically, Tori Amos at Manchester Apollo, although the shooting conditions that night were no good.

Otherwise, the Florence & The Machine show at St Phil's church - took a chance outside and she let me take a few shots of her before the show. You can see a few at

Greatest achievement of 2009:
Getting published for the first time both at home and abroad.

What you like to achieve in 2010:
More regular shows and slightly better equipment would do me fine.
jjbullock PRO 9 years ago
Favourite photo of 2009:
A band I photograph a lot, and who you'll probably be hearing more about next year.

Favourite gig of 2009:
That's tough, not sure that I can pick just one particular gig. My highlights would include: Glastonbury and Greenman festivals, Emiliana Torrini, and Stornoway playing at the Sheldonian Theatre(the first "guitar band" to ever do so).

Greatest achievement of 2009:
Having my band promo shots used widely in the national press.

What you like to achieve in 2010:
Continue to build my portfolio and a reputation as a concert photographer. Go to more gigs, meet new people and continue to have fun!
Amanda M Hatfield PRO 9 years ago
Favourite photo of 2009:

Ra Ra Riot at Webster Hall (April 4th, 2009) by Amanda M Hatfield

Favourite gig of 2009:
Florence + The Machine at Bowery Ballroom

Greatest achievement of 2009:
I started shooting shows with passes vs. surreptitiously from the audience, and I made a little money off this thing.

What you like to achieve in 2010:
Upgrade my camera. Print publication of some sort. Most importantly, continue improving.
Stewart Fullerton Posted 9 years ago. Edited by Stewart Fullerton (member) 9 years ago
this year had so many ups and downs, but ill answer the questions.

Favourite Photo of 2009


Favourite gig of 2009

Pete Doherty live at Capitol, a tiny venue in Glasgow.

love him or hate him, the guy is one of my all-time heroes and I was literally 2 feet away from him taking pictures.

Greatest Achievement of 2009

being commended for the Music category at Sony World Photography Awards 2009, I was up against 24,000 submissions from all over the globe, as a result I got a mention and my photograph published in the SWPA Winners book along with the "Sony World Photographer of the Year of 2009"

What you like to achieve in 2010

Hope to take a step further on my SWPA achievement, also I have upgraded my camera so hope to get more and bigger gigs next year.

Heres to a new start!
J_Clique 9 years ago
Fav shot of this year ;

Fav gig of this year ;
The King Blues at Academy 2, purely because they are my favourite band at the moment and I was the only photographer there, and got a chance to speak to Itch (singer) and show him some of my work from their previous gig.

Greatest Achievement of 2009 ;
2009 as a whole has been pretty good for me. Been shooting major gigs most weeks and somehow getting +1's for 99% of them. Always great to take friends to gigs.

What I would like to achieve in 2010 ;
Get published a lot more frequently and concentrate a bit more on portrait/promo work. Hopefully my upcoming promo shoot for one of my favourite bands new merch will help that along a lot more.
Record Makers Photography Posted 9 years ago. Edited by Record Makers Photography (member) 9 years ago
Favourite photo of 2009:

SixFtHick 29
or the next on in that series

Favourite gig of 2009:
Possibly Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds at the Brisbane Riverstage, but there weren't as many stand outs this year.

Greatest achievement of 2009:
Nothing amazing, just building relationships with people, and branching out into non gig related photography seriously.

What you like to achieve in 2010:
Wouldn't mind shooting Muse when they tour here this year although it is looking unlikely. Apart from that I want to be taking band shots and portraits.

I also need to get my site okletsgo.com.au all sorted as I have been uploading my back catalogue of shoots to it before writing on it regularly from there out.

For me 2009 was a bit of a "why am I doing this?" year. Yeah I love the music etc. but consider working a full day at a music festival and maybe making 50 dollars, or shooting the same amount of time at a wedding and making 3000 - 5000. At the end of the day I have people to feed and bills to pay and gig photos just won't do that.

In Aus for the most part editors don't seem to reward people for taking good photos, it's very "what have you done for me lately?", and if you haven't been shooting very regularly (Even if you're shooting complete crap that never gets used) for that publication (for free) then you have jack all chance of getting the bigger gigs. That's been a hard balancing act for me this year as I don't have the time or patience to shoot stuff I am not interested in which makes it a lot harder to get the gigs I do want.
Sean McCormack 9 years ago
Fave Photo (gig)

Still that one..

Fave Gig.. hmmmm... As I mix as well as shoot that's a hard choice.
Loved mixing Mayer Hawthorne.
Shooting, probably Maximo Park

Greatest achievement 2009: A few really.
I won the SWPP international family portrait & groups POTY award for a band shot. My Lightroom book came out in April. I was made an Adobe Community Expert too.

Make more money on photography and get better at the business of photography. Hopefully I'll get another book finished. And retain my Community Expert status!
It's tough being in the lonely west where the papers and mags don't want your images because the only do previews, not reviews.
KATE YANG NIKODYM / kateyn.com PRO Posted 9 years ago. Edited by KATE YANG NIKODYM / kateyn.com (member) 9 years ago
Favourite photo of 2009:
Damn yoooou, I don't like playing favourites!
Don't know if it's my FAVEY but I'll settle.

Favourite gig of 2009:
Fuck, all of them! Them Crooked Vultures were so immense. Getting to see Mark Lanegan live (AGAIN?!) was the closest thing I'll have to a religious experience. Broken Social Scene outdoors with Feist and Haines and Millan was pretty special. Following Eagles of Death Metal and Spinnerette for a bit over the summer saw some of those life-changers, you know, the "it's all haaaappening" moments. And The Duke Spirit, always. Blah blah blah.

Greatest achievement of 2009:
Got half a sentence into this answer and it sounded too namedroppy, hahaha. Ixnay! Getting Liela Moss to ask for my numba is up there, though.
Getting paid for art was nice, too.

What you like to achieve in 2010:
I'd like to get paid for real to do art shit. I wanna kick '09's ass. I'd like to improve as a human bean. I want to continue to resist digital, and I want a publication to shoot for.
Moby by amaindrault - rockinpix.com

Favorite gig of 2009: Thievery Corporation in Temrinal 5 (february) because it is the one that allowed me to put my foot in the concert photography door & Moby at Fillmore Theater because all of his backup band sent me praises for the pix.

Greatest Achievement of 2009: Being published online.

What you like to achieve in 2010: Bring published in print & paid :-/
Crickontour PRO Posted 9 years ago. Edited by Crickontour (member) 9 years ago

Favorite photo of 2009:
Pearl Jam taken during their Tour Opener in Seattle, Wa. The whole band was on fire that night playing to a sold-out crowd at the Key Arena.

Favorite gig of 2009:
Raphael Saadiq playing at KEXP's secret stage during Bumbershoot Music Festival. The man knows how to put on an amazing show and get the crowd jamming to his soulful tunes. To have all that in such an intimate setting was truly a highlight.

Other Favorite Gigs:
Pearl Jam @ Key Arena
Green Day @ Key Arena
Natalie Portman's Shaved Head @ Showbox

Greatest achievement of 2009:
Getting to hit all the great regional music festivals this year on assignment for Spin.
Having a photo published in Billboard Magazine.

What you like to achieve in 2010:
Photograph U2 when they play in town
Getting more paid gigs.
Lorne Thomson 9 years ago
Favourite photo of 2009:

Katy Perry - T In The Park 2009

It's a fairly bog standard shot but I like it!
It was a toss up between Katy and Veronicas shots from two different gigs.
I have a fondness for the Perry snap as all the photographers had flooded to the other side of the stage to catch her there but I stood my ground as I knew the sort of pose I was looking for having photographed her a few weeks earlier.
It also ended up printed in the UK's Mirror newspaper.

Favourite gig of 2009:

Janelle Monae at Cargo in London was simply stunning!
I originally caught one of her SXSW sets and was blown away but the Cargo gig even trumped that, resulting in some great pictures too.

Greatest achievement of 2009:

Nothing really but managing to survive SXSW on about two hours sleep a night probably fits the bill!

What you like to achieve in 2010:

To possibly get some assignments from a couple of other agencies (looking promising), to sell a few more pictures and to have a great SXSW (on two hours sleep per night again probably!).
strummers2505 PRO Posted 9 years ago. Edited by strummers2505 (member) 9 years ago
2009 Jun 30 The Subways Glasgow 041a by strummers2505

Possibly not my own personal favourite as I wasn't too enthused by their performance, but one I think most people appreciate - especially for being taken with a point and shoot!

Favourite gig: I hate this question as I've seen so many varied bands that are difficult to judge against each other (such as PJ, Clutch, Yo La Tengo, Mastodon etc)! But I can't choose between Pearl Jam in Berlin and Clutch in Manchester - both amazing gigs!

Achievement - getting positive feedback from bands after taking shots with my D300 even though it's my first year photographing using an SLR and I'm clearly still on a steep learning curve!

For 2010 - getting that elusive first 'official' photo pass and maybe being paid to take my D300 along to a gig ;)
acoustic word [deleted] 9 years ago
Josie Scott of Saliva by acoustic word
First job as a house photog and first big act.

Favorite gig: would have to be Taylor Swift, only because I got to go on stage in front of 24,000 people and run around and take pictures with them cheering for me. (photos were for a promo of the venue)

Greatest achievement: having a photo in consideration for the Sugarland live album cover. (didn't make it, but was close)

Achievement in 2010: get into a magazine gig
Litost. PRO Posted 9 years ago. Edited by Litost. (member) 9 years ago
Favourite Photo of 2009:
Probably this one, as it's one of the few i had published, was a gig i was in two minds about attending, but will lead me to seeing the same band 10 times in one year and meeting a great set of fans:
The Joy Formidable

Favourite Gig Of 2009:
Has to be this one, seriously great band, great (free) gig, great crowd, down the front at an intimate venue, no limits photography, gig finishes before my last train home, bar has fruli, life really doesn't get much better:
The Joy Formidable

Greatest Achievement of 2009
Finally coming to the stupidly obvious conclusion that, given the current music photography situation, whilst i can actually take a photo i lack either the inclination or arse licking skills to make a career out of music photography so actually need to resurrect my real world career.

Achieve in 2010:
Resurrect my real world career, possibly still manage to get to enough gigs to take more top quality photos and still have them appreciated, maybe make enough to replace battered lenses or even just lost lens caps :)?

Not have my flickr account deleted cause it may link to a "commerical website" ;).
Favourite photo of 2009:
Collective Soul

...it's hard to choose between ones from the set ^^^ is from and the Mika set, but since someone already posted one from his shows;)

Favourite gig of 2009:
It's so hard to choose for me...I would say maybe the Collective Soul one that the above photo is from, the light was great, there was a barrier, and the subjects were really energetic and photogenic...worked on a lot of levels, and generally I liked the music so that's a good thing:)

Greatest achievement of 2009:
Shooting more...the list from this year is long, I feel like I finally made some progress in the craft of it all, and well, shooting more, will do that...

What you like to achieve in 2010:
get published in print and shoot some really iconic shots...
dotca 9 years ago
Fav Photo:
The Envy's lead singer last night:
The Envy @ The Vogue - Vancouver | 12/09/09 by dotca

Favourite Gig of 09: Warped Tour. First time photographing it, was a blast:

Great Accomplishment of 09: Getting into photography with my first DSLR, and photographing 3 real gigs.

What I want to achieve in 2010: Get a photo published, and get paid for photography, and photograph a few bigger gigs.
mojojay Posted 9 years ago. Edited by mojojay (member) 9 years ago
Favourite photo:


Favourite gig of 09: Probably Southbound back in January. First time shooting the Hives, and the pit was electric.

Greatest accomplishment of 09: Starting work with my city's major daily paper after having one of those 'find my direction' breaks from taking photos. Busier than ever now.

What I want to achieve in 2010: More band portraits. I usually stay away from them cause they chew up so much more time than the live stuff, but you've gotta be able to do both well to get by. Also upgrade my poor old warhorse 5D. And shoot more film.
m0n5t3r 9 years ago
Favourite photo of 2009:
Hard one, many contentders... probably this:

W.A.S.P. at Arenele Romane, Bucharest, end of 3rd song ;)

Favourite gig of 2009:
Also a hard one, probably this:

ProgPower Europe 2009 and Kaliakra Rock Fest being no. 2 and 3.

Greatest achievement of 2009:
It was a strange year; probably the biggest achievement was the large amount of networking and many friends I've made (including current girlfriend).

What you like to achieve in 2010:
Have a few ideas related to web, print and photography, no can talk about 'em yet. Other than that, same as before: shoot and have fun.

I'd add that the biggest disappointment was the news agency I worked with for the better part of the year (although the photo editor is a great guy): after setting up credentials for a festival, and receiving confirmation, I went there and discovered their local corespondent had stepped in 2 days before and I wasn't on the list. Also, missed a big show (Moonspell and Cradle of Filth) because they couldn't be bothered to write about it ("it is culture, kinda, but see, not exactly").
godkind20 Posted 9 years ago. Edited by godkind20 (member) 9 years ago
Favourite photo of 2009: Shiny Toy Guns
Shiny toy guns by godkind20

Favourite gig of 2009:

I would have to say Company of thieves in San Diago ..it was my first shoot out of state and a lot of great stuff came out of it besides photos

Greatest achievement of 2009:

Doing Company of thieves promos which were my first promos for a some what Major label .. and I've made some great contacts this year

What you like to achieve in 2010:

For this coming year I guess I'm just looking to take the next step ... not really sure what that is ... I know this summer is going to be big for me so I just want to make sure I make the most of myopportunities this year
dead by sunrise PRO 9 years ago
Best photo is probably:

Papa Roach 10-10-2009 (1)

Gig: Probably the final Nine Inch Nails gig in the UK at the O2 Arena. It was a audio-visual headfuck.

Achievement: Has to be having something printed even if it was not in a major publication. It's a start!

Hope to achieve: Get better and become more consistent, promote myself more, and hopefully be able to upgrade my kit.
PhilipRood.com Posted 9 years ago. Edited by PhilipRood.com (member) 9 years ago
Favourite photo of 2009:
Jerry Horton - Papa Roach

I was stuck between that one and www.flickr.com/photos/zillaphoto/3534736206/

Favourite gig of 2009: Best live shots were at the Papa Roach show but favorite show would be Mute Math.

Greatest achievement of 2009: Big progress of concert photography and moved into doing commercial shoots, as well as getting paid for live photos use.

What you like to achieve in 2010: Doing more commercial shoots and shoot concerts for $.
Chandler Moulton 9 years ago
Favourite photo of 2009:

Russell Wheeler Nr. 1

Russell Wheeler plays Hammond B3 for 16 year old Memphis guitarist phenom Will Smith along with harp man Blind Mississippi Morris. I shoot mainly local/regional groups in and around Memphis, Tn., which allows me and my trusty EF 85 f/1.8 to get up close and personal. So instead of the standard gig photos I'm trying to do portraits of the musicians while they play. In this particular photo--which took about 40 attempts over two sets--I wanted the reflection of the Hammond B3's keyboard in Russ' glasses.

Favourite gig of 2009: Jason Ringenberg's performance at the Memphis House Concert Series. Relatively movement free singer/songwriters make up the staple of house concerts and the 85 f/1.8 is normally great. But Americana Lifetime Achievement Award winner, Jason jumped, shook, jived, and stomped, like a spastic cowboy on coke as he banged out his cowboy punk. So I was getting bummed (you just can't go shooting flash in a living room full of thirty or so people) when I focused on one foot, one stable, well hardly, barely, moving, foot.

Cowboy Punk Nr. 1

Greatest achievement of 2009: Being selected as staff photographer for Memphis Metro Music Magazine only two years since taking up photography again (sounds strange shooting bands in bars but it keeps me sober) and one year of shooting musicians. I should have some tear sheets to post when the second edition of MMMM is published later this month.

What would you like to achieve in 2010: I have a couple musicians with CDs due out some time in 2010 and they have a really strong interest in using my concert portraits on the CDs. That would be pretty cool.

To find a job that will keep me in Memphis. I work in industrial construction and travel extensively for work -- six states in five years -- and I'm getting to old for that line of work. Let me know if you need a PR writer or photographer.

Favourite photo of 2009:
KISS - Tommy & Paul by Visible Sin Photography [dizzysyd]

It was a toss-up between that one and this one. The second is far more personal to me. I was just a fan in the crowd for that one, but it's one of my all-time favorite photos.

Favourite gig of 2009:

This one is difficult. Part of me wants to say the American Idol tour because it was my very first "real" gig. I'll never forget the huge surge of adrenaline that rushed through me as the arena people led us to the barricades. It was surreal and fantastic, and one of my shots ended up on the cover of the paper I shoot for pretty regularly these days. There was also a huge full-color spread inside the paper. Everything was so last-minute, and I had no idea what to expect.

My actual favorite show was Aranda. They became my new favorite band, and when I saw them again last weekend, they said that my photos were their favorite ones. Super nice guys, off-the-charts talented, and a photographer's dream... Guitar solo using a cowboy boot as a slide? Makes for a hell of a shot.

Greatest achievement of 2009:

Taking a blind stab and contacting the editor of the arts paper here and asking if they'd ever thought about having people shoot the shows coming through town, since we're getting larger names these days. Then having that turn into something amazing and getting to finally do this for real. My editor is awesome and has devoted at least five full-page color spreads to my photography in the five months I've been doing this.

What you like to achieve in 2010:

I want to upgrade my equipment so I can try to make my business idea work. I think it's a pretty solid idea, but it isn't going to happen with an XTi. If that doesn't work, I'd like to network a bit more and see about getting work with labels, or even better - tour photography.
Lauren Towner | laurentownerphotography.co.uk Posted 9 years ago. Edited by Lauren Towner | laurentownerphotography.co.uk (member) 9 years ago
Favourite photo of 2009
Dananananaykroyd by Lauren Towner | laurentownerphotography.co.uk

Favourite gig of 2009
Hop Farm Festival 2009 since I met some really amazing people

Greatest Achivement of 2009
Everything. Everything from getting my first photo pass in March to interviewing my first band in July to getting photos published on the web, its been a mad, but very very amazing year.

What you would like to achive in 2010
I would like to think that 2010 will be better than 09.
In a fantasy world I'd like to upgrade my camera body to a 5dmk2 or something like that since a 450D isn't quite cutting it for me. I've got a really exciting project lined up, I'm going to grab every opportunity with two hands, but to put it simply...more gigs and more festivals!
spacehindu 9 years ago
Favourite photo of 2009
Street Sweeper Social Club & Tom Morello by spacehindu

so hard to choose one but this one of Street Sweeper if you put a gun to my head!

Favourite gig of 2009
Sasquatch Festival in Washington State, great bands, great access, and camping with about 50 of my friends.

Greatest Achivement of 2009
A double page photo in Vibe of N.E.R.D. and a Radiohead photo in this month's SPIN and a photo in TIME of Tom Morello

What you would like to achive in 2010
continue to improve, take more non-live portraits of bands, maybe go on tour with one and get a photo on a cover or inside a CD jacket
Jen Langman PRO 9 years ago
Favorite photo of 2009:

Favorite gig of 2009: Unfortunately I wasn't able to go to a lot of shows this year, so I'd say it's a tie between 311 and Jason Mraz
Greatest achievement of 2009: Getting published, meeting Cleveland's first concert photographer George Shuba (and talking photography with him.. more like a highlight over an achievement)
What you like to achieve in 2010: I'd love to have time to get back into shooting shows again. Find a publication to work for, get more out of this then my own enjoyment.
pjsykes 9 years ago
Favorite photo of 2009:
...And You Will Know Us By The Trail Of Dead

Favorite gig of 2009:
Shooting the XX Merge festival in Carrboro, NC

Greatest achievement of 2009:
My photos are the artwork for Lambchop "Live at XX Merge"

What you like to achieve in 2010:
Self publish my first photo book.
Favorite photo of 2009

This photo comes from an assignment to cover Chickenfoot. Arriving at the venue I was terribly excited as it was noted they were shooting a DVD this night which surely meant exceptional lighting. Disappointment soon set in as our media escort informed us this would be a soundboard shoot due to a video camera in the pit. As such, photographers found themselves behind the soundboard, behind a video crew, and behind 3 raised platforms upon which were stationed three HD video camera operators. Shooting was limited to over the crowd, around the sound/video crew, and in some cases between the legs of camera operators. Easily, my favorite shot of the year which says a lot about professional concert photography on many levels.

Favorite gig of 2009

Covering the tenth annual Progpower USA festival as a staff photographer with run of house shooting privileges.

Greatest achievement of 2009

Pay ;-).

What you would like to achieve in 2010

Many things are already in play. One that is not would be to do a few weeks on a national tour with a national act.
jessie.lau 9 years ago
Favourite photo of 2009:
Hey Monday - Cassadee Pope
cassadee pope of hey monday
Favourite gig of 2009:
all time low puts on great shows
Greatest achievement of 2009:
got my first photo pass!
What you like to achieve in 2010:
get published and paid.
garystafford.co.uk PRO 9 years ago
Favourite photo of 2009: Karen O Glastonbury Festival

Karen O Glastonbury 2009

Favourite gig of 2009: Blur, Glastonbury Festival, one of the best shows i have ever witnessed

Greatest achievement of 2009: Covering Englands three biggest festivals; Glastonbury, V Festival & Leeds

What you like to achieve in 2010: Cover a European festival, Do more promo work, sell more & upgrade myequipment.
richardgin.org 9 years ago
pic of teh yr:
Radiates, Public Assembly, 1/18/09

gig of teh year: neko case @ Nokia (no pix; as a fan); last Mighty Handful show (so many tears); screaming females @ Hillstock 1st day

Achievement of year: use of a Hasselblad in a series of tough environments is pretty sweet.

Next year: greatness.
evilibby PRO 9 years ago
Favourite photo of 2009:
Chris Leslie
Or possibly this :)

Favourite gig of 2009:
The Buzzcocks at Cropredy!

Greatest achievement of 2009:
Being able to shoot some of my favourite artists, who I didn't think I'd ever shoot!

What you like to achieve in 2010:
To get better, as always! And more confident.
Squid Vicious PRO Posted 9 years ago. Edited by Squid Vicious (member) 9 years ago
This was a magical year for me and concert photography because I really got to shoot some of the biggest Alt bands around the NW of USA.

Favorite photo of 2009: Coldplay
Favorite gig of 2009: Dave Matthews Band at the Gorge Amphitheatre. Shot my 3 songs then sat front row. AWESOME
Greatest achievement of 2009: being able to work in radio and getting tons of photo passes.
I'll add another: Biggest pisser of 2009: Getting my pass pulled 15 minutes before the blink 182/weezer show in Seattle.
What you like to achieve in 2010: shoot MUSE in 2010, get a photo published


Eugene Hutz of Gogol Bordello (by gussifer | thecolorawesome.com)

Favorite photo of 2009:
Eugene Hutz of Gogol Bordello. I'm really happy with what I was able to capture in daylight.

Favourite gig of 2009:
To shoot: Hands down, it was No Doubt @ Shoreline Amphitheater.
To watch: Death Cab for Cutie @ The Greek, watching side stage

Greatest achievement of 2009:
Knowing that one of my photos will be under the Christmas tree of one of my favorite artists, as a gift from his mom.

What you like to achieve in 2010:
To have at least as much fun shooting as I did in 2009.
ultra friction [deleted] 9 years ago
Favorite photo of 2009:

Favourite gig of 2009:
Supersuckers & Nashville Pussy by a country mile.

Greatest achievement of 2009:
Actually getting some photos published, getting some good contacts and getting positive feedback from bands that aren't just being nice because they know me.

What you like to achieve in 2010:
To make enough money to buy at least one other pair of trousers. Either that or get my images out to a wider audience.
Simon Kranefuss 9 years ago
Favourite photo of 2009:
An Dochas and the Haran Irish Dancers DSC_0452 by Simon Kranefuss

Favourite gig of 2009: Capitol Hill Block Party. Mostly because I managed to walk right on in through bag check with my DSLR and no photo pass (it was a no professional camera policy for paying patrons). The Security guy even saw the camera and still let me in. Oh, and someone placed a photo pass on my shoulder during The Noisettes gig @ the Vera Stage. So, who ever you are I just want to say Thank You.

Greatest achievement of 2009:
See above and also meeting Team Gina. Oh, and managing to get some good photos with nothing but all manual focus lenses. That's a lot of fun.

What you like to achieve in 2010:
There's just so much that I would like to achieve. Lets see, to get published/paid would be one item on my agenda.
CharlieTakesPhotos 9 years ago
Favourite photo of 2009:
Yeah Yeah Yeahs @ MHOW by CharlieTakesPhotos

or www.flickr.com/photos/32407648@N06/3969245498/in/set-7215...

Favourite gig of 2009:
The Dead Weather at Bowery Ballroom. The place was electric and the show was fantastic. It was such a unique experience going in because no one had a clue as to what to expect.

Greatest achievement of 2009:
Good contacts, good people, and new friends. Getting to write and photograph a couple of bands that I thought I would never get near. Finally getting a dslr.

What you like to achieve in 2010:
A festival gig in the USA.
Nine Inch Nails NIN/JA 2009 by Mike Black photography

Fave Gig: NIN/JA, PNC Arts Center, NJ [see photo above]. I like this shot because the lights were so intense Trent has the look of being in some big lightbox. And that it required zero processing out of the camera.

Greatest Achievement of 2009: Photos shown on CNN TV [two times] and CBS Evening News [four times].

Acheive in 2010: Fun
herman.stehouwer 9 years ago
Favorite photo:

Favorite gig of 2009 Anaal Anthrak in a really small and dark room.
Really impressive.
Though it could also be seeying Wardruna live.

scoring regular gigs at different media outlets

goals for 2010:
scaling back the concerts part and moving more to documentary / stuff behind the scenes. Connect the artist with the audience, but then the real stuff.
Anyway results of a small artistic crisis ;)
Live Rock Journal 9 years ago
Favourite photo of 2009:

Steven Tyler live with Aerosmith on August 5, 2009 by Live Rock Journal

-Steven Tyler at the Sturgis Bike Rally

Favourite gig of 2009:

See above. Steven fell off the stage about 30 minutes later, and the rest is history. It led to my being interviewed by the BBC, which was almost too much excitement to take. Best wishes go out to Steven, and let's hope that that was NOT the last Aerosmith show in the USA.

Greatest achievement of 2009:

Getting to photograph over a dozen legendary bands at the equally Legendary Buffalo Chip Amphitheater at the Sturgis Bike Rally. Meeting so many great people and being able to shoot two awesome bands every night made it a dream come true.

What you like to achieve in 2010:

More gigs, of course! I have four festivals on my radar this go-around, including Sturgis once again. Hopefully plenty of arena gigs in between. I also want to expand coverage on my website into backstage video, and continue interviewing artists.
Berbera van den Hoek 8 years ago

This is one of my 2009 favourites.
The singer of Roxette has bee through a serious illness and this was the first show after 7 years. Probably a bit too early. I saw her fighting and struggling with herself. You can see her fragility and so many mixed emotions in her face.
edtownend.co.uk 8 years ago
Favourite photo of 2009:
P.O.S. in Fiddler’s Club, Bristol - 2nd October

I don’t know what it is, but something about this photo makes me love it. It’s now my business card, so everyone who I introduce myself to can see it. An amazingly challenging but rewarding gig to cover.

Favourite gig of 2009:
Without a doubt, Nine Inch Nails. Definitely enjoyed The O2 more (as I wasn’t working!) but to cover my favourite band was an amazing experience.

Greatest achievement of 2009:
Finally cracking open the seemingly impossible Live Nation venue of the CIA with Paramore.

What you like to achieve in 2010:
More promos, more flash, more photo pits, bigger bands, better photos. And who knows, maybe publication?
mandrs PRO 8 years ago
Favourite photo of 2009:

Moneen @ the Mod Club 12.10.09

Favourite gig of 2009:
Last Tuesday, Dec 22, the Arkells and Hollerado played a free show in a tiny venue in Toronto that was pretty great. Aside from that, Elliott Brood (however I was without a camera). Photo wise, Moneen, where that photo up there came from.

Greatest achievement of 2009:
I'll starting to shoot shows. I'm only 3 months into this, so I guess there's not much I've achieved yet.

What you like to achieve in 2010:
More gigs, meeting new people as I've already started, continue having fun with this.
moogyboobles 8 years ago
Favourite photo -

The end

I have better shots of Blur...but this one captured the feel. It was the final moment of their comeback gig (they had done a tiny one before, this was the first big one back).

Favourite gig to watch - Maximo Park at Royal Albert Hall, hurt like hell not to have a photopass though despite serious begging. It's my ultimate pass.

Favourite gig to shoot - Offset festival...Dananananaykroyd they really made me laugh.

Greatest achievement of 2009 - Just doing this at all, it's my first year of doing this, my first year with a DSLR too. I had my first commission to shoot Morrissey for a paper recently so I guess someone actually asking me to take pictures for a change was nice!
Oh and getting ratm to number 1 for Christmas.

What you like to achieve in 2010 - find the money so I can keep on doing this!
Favorite Shows- Musically
- Paul McCartney @ Coachella
- The National @ Outside Lands
- MBV@ Coachella
- Pearl Jam @ Outside Lands
- Booker T and the Drive By Truckers @ Hardly Strictly Bluegrass Fest

Favorite Shows to Shoot-
- Glass Candy @ Coachella
- Marilyn Manson @ Mayhem Fest
- Anti-Flag @ Warped Tour
- Paul McCartney @ Coachella
- Mars Volta @ Outside Lands
- Slayer @ Mayhem Fest
- Tenacious D @ Outside Lands
- Public Enemy @ Coachella
- Yeah Yeah Yeahs @ Coachella
Charitie 8 years ago
Favourite photo of 2009:
All Time Low

Favourite gig of 2009:Warped Tour at the Gorge even though i had alot of problem with security and didn't get to do the interview i was scheduled to do.
Greatest achievement of 2009: Sadly getting taking pictures without a flash down. I have a kit lens so its hard.
What you like to achieve in 2010:
Actually working for a site that could get me in more of the shows i want to.
Favourite photo of 2009:
In Flames @ Volkshaus - Zurich

In Flames in the Volkshaus, Zurich. I was almost hanging over the front of the stage with the wide zoom at 16mm when he came right down and played into the lens for a few seconds. I had the biggest grin after that knowing I'd nailed a few classic shots...

Favourite gig of 2009:
Katy Perry, because of all the energy, lights, colour and running around in the pit trying to keep up with her!!!

Greatest achievement of 2009:
Being more 'recognised' in the local circuit and by the promoters and having pictures published - especially one in the biggest commuter papers here that reaches 1.5 mio readers per day (not bad for a small country!).

What you like to achieve in 2010:
More top name gigs, wider publication, greater recognition...
Cary Liao 8 years ago
Favorite photo of 2009:
Underoath at Warped Tour 2009

Favorite gig of 2009:
Blink-182 at MSG

Greatest achievement of 2009:
Getting more on-the-fly portrait experience

What you like to achieve in 2010:
Eat more Pop Tarts
Groups Beta