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Want us to look at your shots? Ask for feedback in this thread ONLY please. Thanks.


Secrets of Killer Concert Photos Revealed
Daniel Boud's Concert Photography Masterclass
Steve Mirarchi's Guide to Concert, Stage, and Low-Light Photography
Concert Photography by Jon Sievert
So You Want To Shoot Concerts?: about photo contracts

Turning "pro": What to charge?


Understanding exposure: shutter speed, aperture, and ISO

What's the difference between shutter priority, aperture priority, program mode, and manual?

What is metering? Spot metering, partial metering, center-weighted metering, and matrix metering, explained.

Why are my photos of moving subjects blurry?

What's the difference between full frame and a cropped sensor?


What settings should I use? Part 1, Part 2, Daniel Boud (aka dreadfuldan) on settings.

Why are my photos all blown out / overexposed?

Why are my non-flash photos all blurry?

How do I get a photo pass?Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4.

What to write to a publicist if you don't have a publication backing you:
What to say?
How would you word this!?
Getting a pass?

Help! I can't find contact information for this artist!

How do I get my work into magazines? How do I establish myself?

First time in the photo pit: what should I do? Part 1, Part 2.

What camera and lenses to use? Part 1, Part 2.
What lenses to use with a D40 or D40x [the D40 body (as well as the D60 body) has no built-in AF motor, so be careful]

Can you recommend an inexpensive wide angle lens for me? I don't have any money to spend. Part 1, Part 2.

How do I deal with red stage lighting? I hate the red lights! Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4.

Should I use flash? What's the deal with flash? Why do so many people hate flash?

How do I improve my use of flash? The flash on my camera sucks! Part 1, Part 2, Past 3.
See also: Making flash not look like flash, and Strobist: the flash photography weblog.

How do I deal with lens flare?

Why didn't they let me shoot the show? Can I sneak my camera in? Security said I had a "professional" camera but it's not! Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4.

What should I charge? I'm just getting started, should I give my shots away for free? See also: What to charge?

How do I put together a great portfolio?
See also Utata on what makes a great portfolio.

How do I deal with excessively noisy images?

What post-processing or Photoshopping do you do?

Nikon versus Canon: whose cameras are better at concert photography? Part 1, Part 2

How do I shoot a large festival like Lollapalooza, Pitchfork Festival, Glastonbury, ACL Fest, Rock Ness, V Fest? Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

Should I shoot in RAW? What are the benefits of RAW versus JPEG?

Sometimes things go wrong. What about utter failure? How have you failed when shooting a show? Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4.

Is Flickr your primary site for concert photography?

200 Quick Tips on Concert Photography.

Is there any benefit to joining an agency?

What's been your experience working with Getty, Retna, WireImage?

What earplugs to wear? Part 1 and Part 2


How many of you are full time photographers and how many still have day jobs? 1


Did you go to photography or art school?
How do you make money doing this?


Awesome concert photographers on Flickr.

Famous/historic concert photographers


Chris Owyoung
Danny North [Warning, opens as PDF]
Daniel Boud
Fairytale Vegas 8 years ago
Thanks so much! This is really helpful.
Lalitree 8 years ago
dreadfuldan 8 years ago
Very handy.
bob_sanderson 8 years ago
Great idea.
PaulvanDijk 8 years ago
nice! some good advice there, thanks. and...more please :)
if there is a way to make this a sticky topic (stays at top of board) then it would likely save some time.
Laura | Fotografía [deleted] Posted 8 years ago. Edited by Laura | Fotografía (admin) 8 years ago
great idea! Thanks for sharing the links. I will put this in the announcement area at the top... unfortunately there isn't a sticky option for the actual message section... flickr doesn't make it easy to keep the group organized on the admin end of things.
Kathryn Yu 8 years ago
Thanks, guys.

I added some more links (thanks, Lalitree!), too.
aaaphotosdotorg 8 years ago
maybe add my link of possibly helpful advice?

Just thought I'd say thanks for this, this is a great idea. I'm going to stay up late reading through all this info tonight.
but this cuts out all of the questions... :)
Jl sarenas (Juvy) 8 years ago
why this is extremely convienient! thank you!
Minh Ngu [deleted] 8 years ago
Fantastic links and info. . . . .
lioneldetry 8 years ago
Sounds great!
I'm trying all this tonite...
Kathryn Yu 8 years ago
Added a few more links.
Kathryn Yu 8 years ago
Kathryn Yu 8 years ago
We do have it on the front page in an admin note, but you're right, it's not at the top of the list or called out in any way on the group discussion pages...Oh, well.
TwoThumbsFresh 8 years ago
Hey, not sure if it's worthy of being in here - but I started a thread covering tips/moans to help bands, venues, security etc...

100 Top Tips for Bands, Venues, Security
Wow!!! Thanks a lot, very Helpful.

On my side, there are concert photography tips on any article I have been posting on liveon35mm

andreas fotos [deleted] 8 years ago
Nice of someone to share their tips.
Kieran Ross Posted 8 years ago. Edited by Kieran Ross (member) 8 years ago
Should I be pleased my thread has made it into the FAQ?! Makes me feel like the idiot newb :p Anyway I have updated the link so it actually goes through to the right photos. As I had deleted the set with them in while I re-edited them (which has worked out great after all that advice)

Hopefully some people will gain some useful advice though, through my cock up :)
Kathryn Yu 8 years ago
Litost. 7 years ago
Kathryn Yu 7 years ago
Thanks! :)
Kieran Ross 7 years ago
Bumped for great justice and all that.
Kathryn Yu 7 years ago
PhotographN.com 7 years ago
here's a new one that I found:


hope it's okay to post it here!
Kathryn Yu 7 years ago
I'm trying to keep this post limited to discussions on Flickr or articles written by other people specifically about concert photography. That blog seems really new and generic so far.
Kathryn Yu 7 years ago
Laura | Fotografía [deleted] 7 years ago
Kathryn Yu 7 years ago
Rock Photo Star 7 years ago
Hi, Kathryn. Yes, howtobecomeaphotographerblog.com just started in Feb. However, I will be keeping it updated, currently about a post a week but will try to increase that.

Current posts are foundational and though seeming generic and obvious, as I mentioned, I would be a wealthy person if I got a dollar for every photographer, including concert photographer that didn't practice the basics I mentioned in looking like a professional.

Moreover, as soon as I figure out the software, I will be adding videos going over my gear for concert photography and answering other questions.

Thanks for the mention PhotographN.com
Kathryn Yu 7 years ago
Kathryn Yu 7 years ago
Litost. 7 years ago
Kathryn Yu 7 years ago
Kathryn Yu 7 years ago
. .

You are almost inspiring me to start

Kathryn Yu 7 years ago
Litost. 7 years ago
Kathryn Yu 7 years ago
Patri Canseco 7 years ago
thank you so much kathryn!!
Kathryn Yu 7 years ago
Kathryn Yu 7 years ago
Kathryn Yu 7 years ago
Kathryn Yu 7 years ago
Kathryn Yu 7 years ago
Kathryn Yu 7 years ago
Litost. 7 years ago
Kathryn Yu 7 years ago
The Avangelist :: Andy Parker [deleted] 7 years ago
I would love to find a blog written by somebody who actually uses Nikon Kit.
dreadfuldan 7 years ago
Danny and Cybele use Nikon. I'm sure you could find many more too.
ishotyourband 7 years ago
i think Todd uses nikon,, right?
Todd | ishootshows.com Posted 7 years ago. Edited by Todd | ishootshows.com (admin) 7 years ago
Yes, I do actually use Nikon ;-)

The Gear Guide on my page lists all the toys.

Bryan of skapunkphoto just picked up a D300 recently, and I know Carsten of Front Rows Pits and Pavements shoots with a D3, as I do. Lots more out there, too, I'm sure.

Todd | ishootshows.com/
Shotlivephoto 7 years ago
I shoot with a D2x and a D200. Moving to a D3 after the book project.
I recently have been using a Sony A700 and a Sony A200 for book purposes, but my main concert gear is mostly Nikon and has been since before digital.

Alan Hess
Kathryn Yu 7 years ago
Kathryn Yu 7 years ago
.... ....
antzpantz 7 years ago
I was going to suggest putting this as a sticky, but there are two things:

1) It's already in the stickies.
2) No one really looks at stickies. :-(

So... good on you for keeping this up there. :-)
Kathryn Yu 7 years ago
Kathryn Yu 7 years ago
macsfstop 7 years ago
wow. definitely a new favorite group. thanks for putting in so much time here to help us new folks ;)
Kathryn Yu 7 years ago
You're welcome!
I shoot shows.
Kathryn Yu 7 years ago
Valerio Berdini | liveon35mm.com Posted 7 years ago. Edited by Todd | ishootshows.com (admin) 7 years ago
is it just me not understanding why all Kathryn messages are just dot and commas?
She's writing in morse code.
cadd 7 years ago
it's a secret code that only us elitists can decipher ;)
You don't understand what she's saying here liveon35mm?

I think her posts in here are borderline brilliant.
"How do I shoot a large festival like Lollapalooza, Glastonbury, ACL Fest, Rock Ness, V-Fest? Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4"

part 1 was a topic started by me.

I had an issue with Flickr admins which meant every group post I made has been deleted. You might wanna update it to remove that link, since Flickr have deleted the entire topic.
cadd 7 years ago
we told you not to mess with the Scientologists, Stephen

laughs then realises that may have been why you got deleted, coughs into hand and walks away nervously
Thanks, Stephen, I just noticed it before reading this thread. It's taken care of.
Laura | Fotografía [deleted] Posted 7 years ago. Edited by Laura | Fotografía (admin) 7 years ago
So.....why did flickr delete the topic? or is it super top secret and you're not allow to talk about it....
Longgg (and ridiculous) story:

In some topic that was full of nonsense and sillyness, I posted a link to "Greatest HDR Image ever" - which was a rickroll - ie, it took you to the video of Rick Astley singing "never gonna give you up" - you had to click the ok button like 40 times to close it.

It fitted with the tone of the thread, but someone objected - reported me, and some Flickr admin pressed the big red button deleting all of my posts.

I complained, and Flickr said I was right, and gave me a big sack of free stuff like longer pro account, free business cards, etc.

There have been rumours of it being done because I have lots of anti-Scientology protest photos, but that's just speculation, I'm sure...
Laura | Fotografía [deleted] 7 years ago
weird.... although the rick roll bit was funny....don't try it here though, you've been warned...;o) we can all find him on youtube on our own lol
Kathryn Yu 7 years ago
Please read me!
Kathryn Yu 7 years ago
I am full of useful info!
Kathryn Yu 7 years ago
You can learn a lot from reading the FAQs!
Kathryn Yu 7 years ago
Feel free to add new questions to existing threads!
Kathryn Yu 7 years ago
A lot of interesting topics have already been covered!
Kathryn Yu 7 years ago
The FAQs cover a variety of topics!
Kathryn Yu 7 years ago
Take advantage of the collective knowledge of this group's members.
Kathryn Yu 7 years ago
There's lot of advice and tips for "newbies" and "experts" alike!
gig-shots.com 7 years ago
Did you know if you delete your "bump" messages the topic stays bumped? ;o)
Roger Krueger 7 years ago
So I'm sitting here thinking I should tell them about the deleted-bump thing, and when I scroll to the bottom I see gig-shots beat me to it by a half-hour on a thread that's been being bumped for 10 months. Too funny.
Kathryn Yu 7 years ago
Nice to know. Thanks, guys.
eystein.aarseth 7 years ago
Hm, shouldn't the FAQ contain something about earplugs? It might not be discussed often, but it ought to be here, IMHO.
(Links to this thread and that thread, for example?)
Earplugs are a must! Mine stay in my camera bag and are used regularly.

The ones I use are www.vater.com/newproducts/product.cfm?M=287 and they work very well.
Kathryn Yu 7 years ago
Thanks, I will add.
Ché Ballard 7 years ago
"Mine stay in my camera bag and are used regularly."

I forgot mine last time and had to resort to stuffing balled up tissue into my lugs. It worked and looked super cool in the process, too :\
Kathryn you are a legend

This page is awesome!
macsfstop 6 years ago
Bumpity bumper!
Such a great resource here... thanks contributors!
hybrid756 6 years ago
I am going to move into this thread! Thanks to everyone involved.
Chris[topher] Lin 6 years ago
strummers2505 6 years ago
Ok I have a question - don't jump on me if the answer's here somewhere!!

At the minute I'm still learning and shoot a lot from the crowd without any official agreements (mostly with a point and shoot btw), just to build up experience and aI anjoy doing it.

So my question is - what rights do I have for the photos I've taken in this way? With regards to selling/publishing/licencing them.

Am I completely restricted or completely free as no agreement was signed? I keep swinging my opinion between the 2! I'm in the UK if that makes any difference.
eystein.aarseth 6 years ago
strummers2505, see this thread in Photographer's Rights for some UK-specific advice.
dylanhauge 5 years ago
New to the group (Hello).

Just wanted to inform the link at the top is b0rked.

Secrets of Killer Concert Photos Revealed
CarolAnn Photos 4 years ago
Well worth a bump methinks (mainly so I can find it later when I'm not on a SLOW ancient netbook......)
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