First Composite

Josh Sandler 11:00pm, 22 October 2005
I just tried my first composite image:
Mr. Sandler, in the bathroom, with the knife

Just wondering what people think. I tried my best to blend the images. You can see where they join together though a little bit. Any tips?
flickrchuckr 7 years ago
Something like this should be pretty easy with a tripod. Basically, take two images with two different positions. Cut somewhere in between the two positions, and then paste it on top of the other.
D. Alberto PRO 7 years ago
I actually don't see where they're joined together. It's a good first attempt.
TheDreamingState [deleted] 7 years ago
Technically it looks nice, I also can't see any bad seams.

Here is a little trick I use when combining similar exposures: Set the top layer blending mode to "difference" to show how your images line up. I believe if it is perfectly lined up itll be black. You can now re-size and move the layer, then using a mask paint out the unneeded parts.
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