Jiobbe 8:39am, 23 May 2007
Have you got a particular shot of your baby? One that you love in particular? One that make you feel so proud of? Show us your cutie here:

Post small shots if possible and if you can't decide what's your best ok let us see all your favs. :-)
JJ & Special K 10 years ago
This one was taken in my sister in laws studio,so it came out great!!

Gargattina 10 years ago
Oh! Is she a professional photographer? Very cute! :)
gotjenks 10 years ago
1995 Cutest Baby WInner
Andici Posted 10 years ago. Edited by Andici (member) 10 years ago
The KISS!!! Playing with teddy
Gargattina 10 years ago
WOW, congratulations! Your children? :)
jobee59 10 years ago
Smile Boys!
NurseNinja PRO 10 years ago

And this one, because those first smiles were so darn elusive:
*Jenny's kids* [deleted] 10 years ago
wow... I have so many favorites...
Hey cutie!


My johnson's baby

My twins B&W

My baby

Looking handsome

I know this is overposting, but i just loove this shots
Gargattina 10 years ago
ahahaha, never mnd! They are all so beautiful!!!
Jiobbe 10 years ago
I can't believe that there are not other wonderful babies in this group??!!!! naaaaaaaa
Lou's Canon Posted 10 years ago. Edited by Jiobbe (admin) 10 years ago
Well, these are my babies - is 4 still considered a baby???

Fat Cat and Little Kid
Badger Badger Studios 10 years ago
I think my daughter is running the risk of being the most photographed girl ever :o) Here are a few of my favourites (there are so many more but it would be unfair to post them all here!!)



Playing With Pegs III

Pretty in Pink IV
Groups Beta