The Nawab of Pataudi 7:40pm, 24 April 2007
I can't photograph an original, for obvious reasons, but I've seen Child Protection minutes regularly produced in Comic Sans Bold.
eeka PRO 10 years ago
HA! The Massachusetts Department of Mental Health produces various screening questionnaires in comic sans. 9 years ago
The camp I used to work at needed to overhaul the Pool Rules sign. Originally, it was your standard driftwood plank with the rules carved into it. It made for a great display.

Well, when they got it redesigned, they did only one thing right: They made the rules positive (i.e. "Only walk" in place of "Don't run.")

The sign was entirely Comic Sans. I wish I got a picture of it before I left.
king_aevil PRO 9 years ago
Howdy—just discovered this group after writing a blog entry blasting Comic Sans. I work in biomedical research and often attend international scientific meetings. Can't tell you how many times I've seen highly technical presentation titles in Comic Sans emblazoned across the top of a research poster.
Broodclipje 9 years ago
i found a hologram with comic sans, and a friend of mine has a picture of a grave with comic sans.
The Nawab of Pataudi 9 years ago
Oh wow, a grave in CS. Photo please!
mberasategi PRO 9 years ago
You're mentioning some quite interesting uses here! Scientific presentations are seen too often in Comic Sans, but a grave!
JuliaRae 9 years ago
Speaking of graves, I was walking on a newly renovated area by the beach about 2 hours from where I live at the weekend. There were some new memoiral benches, so I went over to have a closer look, and wished I hadn't:
Comic Sans memorial bench
I would be turning in my grave if that was mine!
JuliaRae 9 years ago
It spoils an otherwise pleasant area...
Comic Sans memorial bench
someToast PRO 9 years ago
I had seen another use in memorial plaque... with much the same reaction.

Memorial plaque - Comic Sans
zimri_smith PRO 9 years ago
I just posted this one, which strikes me as especially inappropriate:

the Comic Sans clinic
Mad_T PRO 9 years ago
Funny are business cards where Comic Sans serif is used.
Doctors use CS a lot for signs in waiting rooms, etc.

Maybe off-topic, but what I hate most "fun mails" with comic sans serif and animated smiley gifs.

btw, great group. is there a group about "ms word art"?
Look In The Tunk PRO 9 years ago
Ugh. MS Word Art is bad. Very bad.
madsbg PRO 9 years ago
bimbeskanzler has taken an excellent photo of a gravestone carved in Comic Sans. It is even for a doctor.

Bearface! PRO 9 years ago
Well, it's not so much in real life, but check out this website about a "horrific" triple murder...
Adam Bulleid Photography [deleted] 9 years ago
my school runs on fucking comic sans

the science department is clad out in comic sans

the french department is clad out in comic sans

the geography department is clad out in comic sans

il get some pics
Linda M. Cunningham PRO Posted 8 years ago. Edited by Linda M. Cunningham (member) 8 years ago
Papers documenting the conditions that Omar Khadr, the only Canadian being held at Gitmo (where he's been since he was arrested after 9/11 when he was 15) has been living under, which include being sleep-deprived, among other things, were released today.

Notwithstanding the charges he was taken in for have been disproved, or the portions that were blacked out for security purposes, the stuff they showed on our evening news was in Comic Sans.
Where Is Bartleby PRO 8 years ago
I got all the tax paperwork back from my accountant a few years ago with a pre-addressed envelope. The address for the IRS was printed in Comic Sans. I used a different envelope, and I don't use that accountant anymore.
fundinha 8 years ago
The title of the webpage of "Design Rationale" research group at MIT CSAIL. Seeing the words "Design Rationale" in that god forsaken non-font made me cry for a little.
DJ Curly 8 years ago
a government job application. (if i hadn't been totally desperate...thank God i didn't get the job)

a government benefits application. (shameful!!)
BethOlsonCreative 8 years ago
Maybe not THEE most inappropriate use ever but... when we had teacher reviews handed out to us at the end of last term I burst out laughing in the middle of class when I saw that the 2 page long, (standard department wide) review was entirely in Comic Sans. The part that made it so funny? This is for the Art/ Graphic Design department. And I don't think it was meant to be ironic.
Zombie37 8 years ago
I just read about this group on the Wall Street Journal of all places, and I'm so glad to have found like-minded haters!
batigolix 8 years ago
The Parisian honour the Virgin with Comic Sans at the Notre Dame of Paris:

Candles,Notre Dame, Paris, December 2008
the_Craigen [deleted] 7 years ago
Address labels from the passport office. I sent them a letter (set in a nice cut of Garamond).
gogojimmy 7 years ago
I once drove past what I thought was a kindergarten or something like that since the building was red .. but no. it was a fire station. it said "fire station" with huge yellow letters in Comic Sans on the front of the building.
codeman38 7 years ago
I wish I'd gotten a picture, because the latest version is in a typeface that actually makes some sort of sense... but several years ago, the Georgia driving manual was set entirely in Comic Sans.
Colt Cooper 7 years ago
This one goes in the "Most inappropriate" pool as well:

Sex Offender Notice in Comic Sans by Colt Cooper

Sex offender notice printed with a child-like font. Really... really?
BethOlsonCreative 7 years ago
a book in the library entitled Erotic Bondage with the photo of a naked woman from pelvis to neck, in white bondage rope. Author and title all comic Sans. Sexy :/
talfonsoflickr 7 years ago
On Divine Mercy Sunday 2009, I looked at a flyer for the Divine Mercy Chaplet - in mostly Comic Sans! What the peas!?
Clive Andrews PRO 6 years ago
How's this for inappropriate?

The most inappropriate use of Comic Sans ever... by Clive Andrews
needsworksam 6 years ago
no this is the worse use ever.
0906001915 by needsworksam
thejoshcrain Posted 6 years ago. Edited by thejoshcrain (member) 6 years ago
This is the most inappropriate use of Comic Sans:

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