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Group Description

COM-minimal (post 1, COM-ment 2) - View the most interesting photos in changing order

Every COM-panion in this COM-munity likes minimalistic views of this planet, but here we try to share not only our photos. Have at least a minimal break, a minute for contemplation and COM-munication. COMe along, we'd love to see your ideas, your COM-binations, to read your opinion, to feel your spark! We are not very COM-petitive but curious about your COM-positions.

1. Post a minimalistic photo. A minimalistic work is stripped down to its most fundamental features. See examples here. Anything deemed in fact non-minimal will be removed by admin.
2. Take a minute for contemplation, enjoy the others, rest.
3. Comment on two pictures anywhere in the pool.
4. Add the following bit of code to your comment (please, if you find the time):
<a href=""><img src=""></a>
It looks (very minimal) like:

Feel free to invite others by adding the following as a comment:
<b>Wonderful minimalism!</b> Give others a pleasure and add it to <a href="">COM-minimal</a>, if you don't mind. (It's a place for contemplation, don't fear crucial rules ;-)
It looks like:
Wonderful minimalism! Give others a pleasure and add it to COM-minimal, if you don't mind. (It's a place for contemplation, don't fear crucial rules ;-)

C O M - T E S T
Every month we're running a COM-test. You can find all the winnig photos of the previous COM-tests here.

Here are the three winners of our COM-test #25 "red"

1. place, #1 Iris_14, 26 points

4 (by Iris_14)

2. place, #9 esanatha, 21 points

Sensitive (by esanatha)

3. place, #14 Johnnyyb, 20 points

? (by Johnnyyb)

Congratulations to all winners!

Group Rules

Everybody likes comments.

This is a COMment group.
So please, be fair and comment on two photos in the pool for every photo you post.

Most of us prefer comments with personal words.

That's the beginning of COMmunication.
So try to post the code with more than a "great", "wow" or "stunning".

Everybody likes diversity.

You can post two photos per day.
Please, wait a moment before posting your second photo, especially if it's similar to the first one.

Everybody likes minimalism. (We hope so, if you join our group...)

So, please, read our discussion "What is minimalism ? - reprise" for that subject,
when you're in doubt.
An abstract or a "less is more" photo is not necessary minimal.

Everybody likes to work as less as necessary. So do the admins !

Please, follow the rules. Anything non-minimal or breaking the rules will be removed by admin.

Don't repost a photo or a similar photo once it has been deleted.
The reason why it has been deleted will be the same the second time.

Everybody likes freedom

Don't block admins, so that we can do our work.

Additional Info

  • Members can post 1 thing to the pool each day.
  • Accepted content types: Photos, Images
  • Accepted safety levels: Safe
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