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PLEASE make sure that any image you submit is:

bold, bright, crazy, dreamy, energetic, happy, hip, intense, loud, manic, silly, strong, vibrant, and/or psychedelic colors. The BRIGHTER THE BETTER. ...DULL PICS WILL BE DELETED!

Although comments are not's nice to give and receive them - be nice!!!



  • Sorry

    J'ai déposé une photo monochrome par erreur et je n'arrive pas à l'enlever (...

    Catherine Halvick4 months ago0 replies

  • Fonctionnement ?

    Hi, can you explain how is it possible to deposit one photo in your groupe ? Me...

    Henri DUBUC7 months ago0 replies

  • Is this group abandoned?

    I was wondering why I saw so many pictures posted here that have nothing to do w...

    Pat Durkin OC12 months ago0 replies

  • Check out my facebook page!

    DigitalGirl12321 months ago0 replies

  • What a bright colourful world.

    There is noting more uplifting than seeing images from all over this great p...

    Daniel Jean-Baptiste Silk Art48 months ago1 replies

  • Adding images

    I've had a lot of difficulty lately posting images that I'm fairly sure meet you...

    brillianthues77 months ago5 replies

  • Postings

    Hi Have you locked this groups' posts? Can't include any. Thanks, Pe...

    Pedro174278 months ago2 replies

  • Even More Stunning Recent Posts

    Hi every one, These are some of my faves among the Colour Mania images. They...

    Pik Pix79 months ago31 replies

  • Some More Recent Stunning Posts

    Hey Colourists! Here are some more extraordinarily beautiful pictures which ...

    Hinkle Hinkle (in and out) = >81 months ago11 replies

  • Would Like To Understand Your Guidelines

    I tried to post two very colorful photos, and was rejected on both, I am curious...

    billiefromthebeach, da blonde is back and ready to82 months ago2 replies

  • Hi All.. Can't post images?

    Ok.. I was invited to join by an existing member.. I joined.. I commen...

    I am Fenicks82 months ago1 replies

  • How often can I post?

    I understand that we can post one picture a day, I posted one yesterday and toda...

    brillianthues82 months ago1 replies

  • My Gallery - Your Photos

    Hello. I am making a gallery called 'People and the Rainbow' but I am finding it...

    K-MORRIS86 months ago1 replies

  • Some Recent Stunning Posts

    Hey Colourists! I was looking through some recent posts and want to share som...

    Hinkle Hinkle (in and out) = >88 months ago9 replies

  • Posting Queue is Open Again!

    I am so excited that Color Mania is accepting pictures again! Cool! Thanks, Drea...

    Hinkle Hinkle (in and out) = >96 months ago6 replies

  • Contest --Multiple Multicoloured Objects-- The winner is... Dave's Realm

    New contest for 2010 For this contest you should post pics of multiples... (2...

    Ian Gedge97 months ago46 replies

  • Nice to be here!

    Well, I just joined flickr today and I've already found a great group. I was jus...

    Paarfam97 months ago1 replies

  • Posting and quitting?

    I can't post images, so I figure this isn't the group for me. Oddly, I can't qu...

    fangleman97 months ago2 replies

  • Can't Post: (Repost for SlaughterArt by Hinkle Hinklewith reply)

    (Yikes! As I was replying to SlaughterArt's post I accidentally deleted it! I wa...

    Hinkle Hinkle (in and out) = >98 months ago1 replies

  • thanks

    Thanks for the invite..and have a happy new year.

    rosalee3102 months ago0 replies

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