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Greens are the fields; The color of the lemon: So are the eyes of my heart.



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Winners of 20 august 2016

First place

Kingfischer by quarzonero

Second place
Threatening look by javierm18
Threatening look

Third place
Whitetail by bsujeep
Whitetail doe in the twilight bounding over a wheat field

Third place
Spotted by San Francisco Gal


From the "Gold Gallery": tipiro's Choice
By leendert3

From the "Gold Gallery": Diane's Choice
A bright, beautiful future
By chinwenyus..

From the "Gold Gallery": Michèle's Choice
A Shared Moment
By : Michael D James (Prospero56)

From the "Gold Gallery": Caroline's Choice
Harle Bièvre ♀ (Mergus merganser)
By : Annelise (Tichat10)

From the "Gold Gallery": Takako choice..
Little Confidential & Golden moment
By excellentzebu1050

From The Gold Gallery COTH's Choice
Abutilon pictum (syn. striatum)

White-throated kingfisher

For your Eyes Only...

cheetah7 (acinonyx jubatus)

One of Freya's puppies

Family gathering

Congratulations to all winners of the 2015 Yearly contest!!

First place

Male Kingfisher by Linda Martin Photography
Male Kingfisher

Polar Dream by MommaD photos
Polar Dream

Second place
Sharp-shinned Hawk by Diane G. Zooms
Sharp-shinned Hawk

Look no hands! D61_8411.jpg by Lynn Griffiths
Look no hands! D61_8411.jpg

Third place
Geai Bleu - Blue Jay * by ricketdi
Geai Bleu - Blue Jay *

Brotherly Love! by Duncan Blackburn
Brotherly Love!

Chobe Afternoon by Duncan Blackburn
Chobe Afternoon

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1 - Post only Invited photos (you own), every individual photo must have an invite.

2 - Do not nominate your own pictures.

3 - Please only invite pictures that you feel are worthy of our group.

4 - All members can invite photos to the group by using the invite text.

5 - No nudity!

6 - Humans / Self portraits are not permitted!

7 - Please tag your photos COTH

8 - When making comments on these beautiful photos in the group pool, use Colors Of The Heart codes.

9 - Comment on minimum 3 when you send a picture to the pool.

10 - Reposting photos to get more comments will get you banned.

11 - The Admin will be the last one to decide if your invited picture is suitable for the Group Pool.

12 - We do not accept VIDEOS into the group pool. This group is for photos only.

13 - Photos with size outside the normal patterns are denied.

Additional Info

  • Members can post 2 things to the pool each day.
  • Accepted content types: Photos, Images, Art, Screenshots
  • Accepted safety levels: Safe
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