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Greens are the fields; The color of the lemon: So are the eyes of my heart.



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Winners of November 14, 2015!

1º Place: _MG_3469-Fall Colors June Lake Area
by Bob Alldredge
_MG_3469-Fall Colors June Lake Area

2º Place: The Calm Before The Rut by MommaD photos
The Calm Before The Rut

2º Place: Gannet 710_1517.jpg by Mobile Lynn
Gannet 710_1517.jpg

2º Place: Torquay sunset by Liz Connolly
Torquay sunset

3ºPlace: Walk of sunset 2 by Takako
Walk of sunset 2


From the "Gold Gallery": tipiro's Choice
Blue morpho (morpho helenor) wings open, resting [butterfly house]
By Nancy Asquith

From the "Gold Gallery": Diane's Choice
Poised, Grey Heron series #3
By Trevor-Baker

From the "Gold Gallery": Michèle's Choice
Happy Halloween
By Diane Giurco

From the "Gold Gallery": Caroline's Choice
Yellow & Blue
By Reinhold Lotz

From the "Gold Gallery": Takako's Choice
Féérie de l'automne ! Magic of autumn !
By Michèle

From The Gold Gallery COTH's Choice

Blue Morph #1.

Des bulles, que des bulles...
By ... mamanTic...

By Gartenzauber

Brown-headed Nuthatch In Pine Woodlands With Nesting Material

Delta Yentl Fictoria ( new Born  5 nov  2015

Congratulations to all winners of the 2014 Yearly contest!!

First place

Great Egret by .lennarteedvinson Photo.

Great Egret , Courtship display at sunset. Venice Florida. Pentax 600 mm x 1.7ext. FUJI Velvia film, scanned on a Nikon scanner. The last rays of sunlight came through a treeline in the background.

Second place
Geai Bleu - Blue Jay by ricketdi


Third place
Western Scrub-Jay (San Bernardino, California) by SusieM54

Western Scrub-Jay (San Bernardino, California)

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