Bluedharma PRO 9:00pm, 27 July 2010
The Commemorative Air Force (CAF) will celebrate the official return to flight of its Boeing B-29 Superfortress FIFI in Denver .
globemaster3 8 years ago
i have seen FIFI in san antonio texas in 2004. pretty awesome flying machine. glad colorado get to be her first stop, on the tour, after her rebuild.
Champion Air Photos 8 years ago
I just heard in a round about sort of way that Fifi will not be making an appearance in Denver. It's a bit of a letdown, but I can't says its all that surprising, given the trouble they've been having just getting her back in the air.
Hardly surprising since the it hadn't even made its first flight when the appearance was announced.

Never count your chickens.
Champion Air Photos 8 years ago
"Never count your chickens."

The lesson so many aviation organizations need to learn...
"Fifi" will not be at the air show this year.
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