"collie nose"

Beetlejess™ 8:55pm, 18 June 2008
Has anyone ever had a collie with "collie nose"? It's when it turns pink and scabby and bleeds. My dog, Sasha, had it really bad when she was younger. We got meds from the vet that were harsh, but worked, and it went away. A few years later, she's starting to get it again, but we don't want to give her the same meds as they could kill her (she's turning 10 this July).

So, I was wondering, if your collie has had "collie nose", were there any alternatives that you tried? We load up her nose with sunscreen before we let her outside and she doesn't get to sit in the sun very long or it will get worse (poor girl).

brackenblaze 9 years ago

My collie Bracken had collie nose last year, although not badly.
The vet didnt give me anything for it but told me to keep him out of the sun, and to apply vasaline (petrolium jelly) before he went outside.
Unfortunatly the sun can be a trigger and does tend to make it worse.
Sorry I cant be more helpful

kamikat2007 9 years ago
A friend who breeds shelties says this is a genetic skin disorder called DERMATOMYOSITIS very common to shelties and collies. There's no way to cure it, but it's kept under control with steroids. She also said most vets aren't aware of it until they have a patient with it. I don't know if this is what your collie has, but you might want to ask your vet if this is it.
roughcolliemom 8 years ago
My sheltie had collie nose once but a very mild case. Our vet said we could use a tiny bit of cortisone oinment, we did and it seemed to go right away.

My almost 4 yr old male collie has an area where there is no pigment on the top of his muzzle. He's been like this since day one.
I wonder if I should use sunscreen on it?
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