ahead care [deleted] 3:03pm, 17 June 2009
Hello All!

Have you ever came across a Clone and thought you know which one she or he of it was to only find that you were mistaken! I have!

I wish that someone would author a "Fashion Doll Clone Identification Guide" to identify Clones! Anyways this is a topic for people with questions or information they want to share on identifying a Fashion Doll Clone!
spectacular roll [deleted] 9 years ago
I'm with you. I fell in love with clones long ago, and sometimes found grainy pictures of them in reference books or in knitting patterns.

Once upon a time Barbie Bazaar magazine said it wanted a series on clones, but only used my first article, on ponytail clones.

If we shared information and photos, we'd probably be able to put together a grand book.
vintagemimosa 9 years ago
Yes, book of fashion doll clones has been on my mind too. And the more theres is collectors sharing information, the more accurate it would be.
There should be pics of NRFB dolls and of clothing for that particular doll and of course information of the company and the time doll was produced.
More than possible with help of other collectors!

...only problem is that more we tell about clones the higher the prices will go on Ebay :D .
ahead care [deleted] 9 years ago
evil aunt and vintagemimosa

I would love a Vintage Clone guide book without values but just so I know what I have. I also have the problem in that a lot of my Clones aren't mint and have the wrong body parts on them! I have a Polly from Valentine with TNT Barbie Arms!!! Don't ask me how that came about! I was thinking though that a lot of kids in the 60's and beyond would switch parts around on a doll and it would be nice to know if the Doll was original or not!

True Vintagemimosa on what you said! No Higher Prices! Their high enough!8-O Besides I hate it when folks just have a doll for financial value and you have to make an offer and wait for an eternity for the seller to except it!
spectacular roll [deleted] 9 years ago
I'm with you on that. I hate books with dollar values, but i want to identify the dolls.

Kids switched parts on dolls, collectors switch part, and so did the manufacturers. I have a Valentine Pollly with a soft bendable plastic arm that is otherwise identical to the harder vinyl arm. Mattel useed up stock parts so even Barbies issued the same year have differing characteristics.
ahead care [deleted] Posted 9 years ago. Edited by ahead care (member) 9 years ago
I hear you on that evil aunt! No Prices! Just who is who! I read a Barbie Bazaar article or caption about Mattel experimenting with Barbie's arm lengths in the Mod Era!

I could write a book on switched parts alone or start a group here on Flicker! I also have a early mod TNT Barbie doll Body with a Wendy Bubblecut Clone head on it wearing Barbie's Quick Curl Pink Gingham Dress!! The Quick Curl Barbie Head is on a Francie Body! I don't know what happened to Quick Curl Barbie or Wendy's Bodies, or TNT Barbie's head? I'd like to know just because I'm curious I guess. Anyways I have a lot of confused and mixed up dollies!=-J
spectacular roll [deleted] 9 years ago
Here's a link to some clone id's. pages.nyu.edu/~seh1/Barbie/clones.htm
ahead care [deleted] 9 years ago
Thanks evil aunt!

Meant to thank you sooner! Been busy giving myah Francie a re-root! My Ash Blond or brown is tired of her frizzy hair so I gave her some black hair to go with her mocha complexion! She's having it set right now!
familiar income [deleted] 9 years ago
Hey guys! Just joining. Went throught my collection of dolls. Am downsizing, but want to keep my clones. Have we gotten any further with making a book? I've been searching for one forever. Going to add some pics shortly. My favs are the 90's Sandy dolls made by Totsy and the dolls Creata made. As well as the 70's Malibu Barbie clones. Thanks for the great group!
familiar income [deleted] 9 years ago
oops, 80's not 90's Sandy
ahead care [deleted] 9 years ago
Howdy Black-Balled By The B-list!

I remember Sandy! I have one myself with white hair! I love this group to and my clones! I like the 60's ones best but I also like the 70's, 80's ,90's ones too!

I hear you on the book! There should be a clone book to help folks! Shoot I'd like one just for fun to look at all the the clones out there! I think we could probably have 3 volumes if we had every clone in there or more! You should get in touch with evil aunt and a few other members and look at the pics! evil aunt is the one thinking of writing a book as you are probably aware and she knows a lot! I wish her luck with it and hope to help if I can! There are a few sites online about clones like Martha's Fashion Dolls which should be coming back up soon hopefully! She has a whole slew of dolls Clones!

Hope to see your photo's soon
familiar income [deleted] 9 years ago
Thanks geo! I did submit a few pics...pending on approval i suppose. I have been goign thru my storage all week dragging out my girls.
FORGET ME NOT!!! 9 years ago
Hi Kyle! do you have pic of Sandy?? in Mexico was a dolla called Mandy by the brand ensueño but in the head is marked Totsy, she probably was just Sandy but with a mexican box and clothes lol also the name is alike! i would love to see your Sandy´s!!!
dollcatcher 7 years ago
i have many dolls to identyfi:
You know these dolls??? by dollcatcher
lillilady 7 years ago
I've just read this topic. I have a whole book on the go about Lilli clones from Bild Lilli through to HK Lillis and others up to the more mod era dolls. I wasn't going to include Mitzi/Wendy/Marlene, etc but I have tagged an extra bit on for these but mainly it will be Bild Lilli clones ie. made in the same way as her, not so much later dolls.. It started off as a bit of fun to take photos of my doll collection and log info as I got it but I enjoyed it so much I have just kept going! As you know info on Lilli clones (hard plastic) ones is almost impossible but I hope to have a good enough book to be able to show different types from Bild Lilli, Miss Seventeen, Miss Sweetheart, Babs and more. It is taking over my life and brain! I can't afford posh photographers so I have taken my own photos, it is a wonder my camera isn't worn out over the past 4 years doing it. I have most of it done and in place but need to tweak, take out and add more things.
nicochewey 5 years ago
I have these to identify . Can someone help me please?
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