lucapolu 2:13pm, 19 May 2007
Hi Monkeys!!!
My name is Luca, I am 24 years old and I came from Italy: the mountain is my passion with photography and travels.
I'm a "freak climber", a boulder boy and mountaineer! eheheh
I was born in La Spezia, a little city beetween Genova and Pisa on Tirreno sea, but i live in Parma, Emilia Romagna.
Greetings from Italy!!!
Jon Gibler PRO 10 years ago
Hi from Monterrey, Mexico.
Beautiful city surrounded by mountain and places to rock climb.
1 hour from world famous "Potrero Chico".
24 years old software engineer.
Mi passion is climbing, fire and photography.
Gummi Stóri 10 years ago
Hi, I'm Gudmundur from Iceland where there is rock climbing in the summer, ice climbing in the winter and glacier climbing all year round..
And to top it all,, the island is surrounded by hundreds of nice mountains (but no higher than 2111m)
Love climbing, hiking, photography and boxing!
Jonas Wiklund 10 years ago
I came from northern Sweden to Japan, in september 2005. ;)

Anyway, yeah. For the moment I live in Nagoya—Japan, until September at least. Then I'm moving somewhere else. Where is not clear yet, but before I decide I will go on an extended climbing trip to Utah-Colorado, and maybe California.

I've started to collect some info about climbing in (central) Japan on a blog-thingy:

On my flickr-account I have photos from Sweden, France (Bleau) and Japan.
dr. bartender 10 years ago
hi, climbers.
my name is luca (yes, like the boss...). i'm 28 and i live in Fiesole, a little city on a hill near Firenze.

i love mountain, skying, climbing...and my motorbike

i bought my first srl (canon eos 400d) two months i'm a noob :) i decided to sign on flickr to learn something about fotography , in particular climbing photography. i think this is a great place to find inspiration...

greetings 10 years ago
I'm from Seattle, WA, USA, but now live in Colorado. I'm 23, been climbing for about 5 years, photographing for 4.

I'm about to go climb a peak called shark's tooth in Rocky Mountain National permitting of course. Which will be my first bigwall climb.
JoePylePhoto 10 years ago
I'm from Iowa. Yes, Iowa. We do have climbing here and it's pretty good. Check out Indian Bluffs for some sport, or Kepler state park for some bouldering. Just got back fro RMNP and Iowa looks dull and boring.

Thanks, Joe
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